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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

steveiron64 9:40 Wed Mar 8
Women's Football - Crowds

Women's game could have had crowds on a par with the men's game ....?

I disagree. Just don't think the girl's game will be / would ever have been as good. You?

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Razzle 11:33 Fri Mar 10
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
I think its great that there is womens football, maybe all the female "supporters" will bugger off and watch and support their same sex game.

What has happened to the world? Women in pubs? Women at football? no wonder the country has gone to the dogs!

wd40 11:21 Fri Mar 10
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
The way ladies Goalkeepers dive remind me of the old black & white flims of Goalkeepers back in the 40's /50's

gregan 2:26 Fri Mar 10
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Crassus sounds like that club endured the same problems loads of grassroots club share. Play the best team or equal minutes. It divides many a club, coach, parent. We actually had a boys manager call off a game because he had some trialists coming over and said it would look bad losing to a girls team.

Loads of girls playing football with boys in the playground with no issues. The problems start when adults get involved. They need to to leave the egos at home.

Spectator wise I wouldn't pay to watch non league football unless I got a free neck brace on the turnstile. Women's football isn't expensive to watch. It's a cheap option, cheaper than non league. You can't compare it to the premier league

gph 12:03 Fri Mar 10
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Nothing will persuade me to watch cricket.

Unless it was played by crickets.

stoneman 11:48 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
The women's cricket World Cup is in England this year so prepare to be inundated with adverts on the BBC and Sky about how great it is and we simply have to watch.

bertie 11:25 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
I did find myself staying up to silly o'clock watching the women's World Cup a couple of years ago.
The standard is improving greatly and play between the penalty boxes is technically quite good and some of the women are hard as nails, with no diving about. However the standard of finishing is as bad as the standard of goalkeeping and that tarnishes the spectical.
I used to work with a girl who played at a decent level and she had nothing but praise for the elite players in terms of interaction with the crowd etc.
Give it a few more years and it could find a decent following, especially as people get pissed off with the premier league.

Keep dreaming 10:22 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Leo, you still alive? To drunk to drive? Fuck off you old boring wanker

Nurse Ratched 10:08 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds


Particularly as only yesterday was International Tarts' Day.

Sydney_Iron 9:59 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Fuck me Keep dreaming! Are you a feminist as well?

Couple of tongue in cheek comments and your on your high horse about them.........

You dopey Cunt

Crassus 9:55 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Reply gregan 5:50 Thu Mar 9

Fair play if your daughters are enjoying sport - no issue there and hats off that you engage with them doing so

But don't try to preach that birds football carries any merit from a spectating aspect - it's shit

And this mixed team bollox, absolutely ruined my son's old club. Some good players there, a few went on to pro trials and play county level, some fuckwit brought girls to the side, then mothers started bitching and insisted upon a playing rota, The manager was the club chairman, really nice guy, should of told them to fuck off, didn't.

Happened around Christmas time, by the end of the season the better boys had left for proper teams, a few including my lad went to rugby, four weeks into the following season the manager quit through lack of players and a club with 40 years history folded. I drive past the pitch and clubhouse, boarded up, regularly, a total waste to the community to which it was bequeathed by a local philanthropist.

joe royal 8:45 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
wansteadman 10:29 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds

Gank runs a netball team.

Leonard Hatred 7:14 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Shut up and fuck off Keep Dreaming you boring spastic cunt

Keep dreaming 6:03 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Stupid to discuss this with people that don't even want women to vote.
Ffs and you lot hate IS? Sexist fools or just flashing your little dick in an anonymous forum?

gregan 5:50 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Joe Royal, more girls are playing from 6 or 7. My daughter started at 4. Girls teams are forming at younger age groups and more girls are playing in boys teams. Girls teams are now starting to play in boys leagues and do well upto U14 where physicality comes into it. 5 years ago there were less teams and no girls teams playing in boys leagues. 15 years ago when a lot of the current England team started out there was far less girls playing and girls teams.

Technical level. The skill level of the younger players has gone up in the last 5 years. It's very noticeable. The U10 girls team I manage is far more skillful than the U10 girls from 4 years ago. The Arsenal Girls trials are full of skillers. It's great to see and for me bored well for the future.

horrible 11:00 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
kylay wrote...

Re: Women's Football - Crowds
If it ever were as good, they wouldn't need Women's football. they would play in the premier league

Raheem Sterling ?

Eddie B 10:38 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Women goalkeepers are just great. It's like Stephen Hawking trying to keep goal.

Sydney_Iron 10:37 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Surprised they haven't started demanding the all team sports consist of equal numbers of men and woman, along with equal pay of course........

With 11 players perhaps football would allow the transgenders could get a shout? 5 men, 5 woman and a freak, Oops i mean a person with an identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex.

wansteadman 10:29 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
90% of the people running netball are women. I assume we will have men on the TV all day moaning that they aren't represented

goose 10:25 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
BBC get right on my nerves constantly pushing womens football - they put it above most other mainstream sports on their news feed.

no-one gives a fuck. their 'cup final' is artificially packed out by free tickets for school kids.

Sydney_Iron 10:11 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
They televise it here, all part of making sport equel and giving the girls media exposure to grow the game, its pretty dog shit and the crowds, well they get a few family and friends along but its basically played in empty stadiums, the commentators try and make it sound exciting but it isnt.

The woman's national team have done quite well at tournaments though, so much so, that some Woman's groups, players and feminists have been demanding equal pay with the mens national side, think the TV thing was all about giving them something to shut them up, if they got the crowds they would think about paying them more, think they knew they wouldn't and they haven't!

icwhs 8:49 Thu Mar 9
Re: Women's Football - Crowds
Women in any sport is much worse than the men's version.

Will never work what ever they throw at it.

I blame the sod who let them vote in the first place.

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