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LeroysBoots 1:35 Mon Mar 13
Worrying Signs
So, a summer of expectations will soon be upon us.

Hoping, praying we learn from previous summers of promises not delivered on.

That next level striker

That elusive right back

So what are the early noises re our latest recruits ?

A permanently injured striker ( Sturridge ) to replace a permanently injured striker...you know who

A free transfer RB...or 2 ( Zabaleta and or Sagna )..to replace .....!?!

Dont get me wrong, I rate or rated Zabaleta and he was a quality player...but is he still ?

A worrying repeat of what's gone on before seems to be the West Ham way

The value of a transfer...a player...

Will our club ever get to this next level with this attitude ?

We are in dire need of good fast gifted players to excite the fans again

We are a pedestrian team that needs a massive overhaul

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Alex V 2:21 Thu Mar 16
Re: Worrying Signs
I disagree about last season - we were great at springing forward on the break. Payet's early form was a big part of that of course, but Kouyate was also a big factor galloping forward from midfield too. I think it's more of a balance in selection - too many creators in midfield right now, not enough willing runners. It's one of the reasons I think Snodgrass was a mistake, just adding to that problem rather than offering something different. I think pace up front is key as well - it's the Carroll problem again.

LeroysBoots 2:10 Thu Mar 16
Re: Worrying Signs
Every successful and winning teams have pace throughout their squads

What pace do we have ?

We are a 1 dimensional pedestrian outfit filled with over hyped and under performing misfits

Its not enjoyable to watch...its shocking in fact

We were slow last season as well...in fact I cant recall the last time we had a team full of fast players

The modern game is totally about speed of thought and fleet footed players , we play a dark ages style of football...hit and hope to the big man with the expectation he brings the runners in

Crap football

13 Brentford Rd 10:30 Wed Mar 15
Re: Worrying Signs
That is NOT a plan.

Darby_ 10:07 Wed Mar 15
Re: Worrying Signs
All this is nonsense as far as I'm concerned. Of course they have a plan. I might disagree with it, but suggesting that they don't have one is silly.

Their plan was to have this season a smashing success after last season, so all the buys have been short-termist. For them the idea was to have a memorable first season. For me there was always a risk that if the Daves over-hyped and over-promised at the beginning of the season, expectations would get too high and there would inevitably be a backlash if we under-performed.

The problem for me is that I'm not convinced by Bilic and never have been. Before he was appointed, people like me brought up the disaster in Russia, but most people wanted to ignore that. This season has just been another Lokomotiv: a squad worth a huge amount ompletely underperforming. Just write it off and hope we improve next year.

Should Bilic go? Not for me, but he's largely to blame for this season, and the attempts to redirect blame are pretty silly.

WHUDeano 9:33 Wed Mar 15
Re: Worrying Signs
They might as well start bidding £50mil for players...Sullivan knows they won't join, it just builds up hype and pushes season ticket sales up. Top players want champions league, also if you're not going to pay the wages, signing on fees etc the player won't join. They've done the same since we arrived - what's the percentage of marquee signings have they made in comparison to the names Sullivan or his kids have hinted at? Goes back to Beckham, Henry, Van Nistelrooy etc when they first arrived.

Now it seems all about signing 29+ year olds...short term bollocks, treading water until they get 100% of the sales profits four years from now.

Spandex Sidney 7:53 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
13 Brentford Rd 5:25 Tue Mar 14

Serious, genuine question. If they have a number of £30m+ bids accepted by clubs (and confirmed by those clubs, not ours) but the players turn us down, like last summer, will you still view them as 'chancer spivs'?

Because this is what happened last summer.

I wonder this point because the FACTS do not support a position that the board won't spend appropriate money when they can? They do however support a position where they do not trust a manager with the Friday Starbucks run money?

I am just not always not sure that the facts support the notion of a club that won't spend it's money? It seems to descend into 'Bilic is the best manager ever' and/or 'the board are chancer spivs' without any actual FACTS to back it up?

Plus I don't defend the board, I just don't agree, after looking at what actually happened last summer, that they are 'chancer spivs'

J.Riddle 5:44 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Can't see any decent players wanting to come and play for Bilic. They need to get someone in who knows what their doing, but they just want the cheapest way so will stick with Bilic until he takes us down next year.

LeroysBoots 5:28 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
They wouldnt spend that sort of money on a training ground as they would use the excuse that fans would be gutted if they did that rather than on a player.

Same old argument was with Gold when someone asked him why we couldnt operate a cheaper ticket system aka Bayern Munich

Golds argument...we would get relegated

Short sighted and greed

13 Brentford Rd 5:25 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Not sure you are correct Spandex, even if you are then our profits would have risen too.
Stop making excuses for them.
I expect us to spend appropriately in the summer and will not accept anymore bullshit from the chancer spivs.

neilalex 5:16 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
I'm not suggesting it's realistic for us to compete with Man City for the moment, but fuck me you should see their facilities. On another planet. Unlimited dough, which ironically will produce very few first team players in all likelihood.

I do agree that we should spend a lot more on our facilities. Rush Green is only flattered by comparison to Chadwell Heath. It's hardly likely to impress.

Spandex Sidney 5:08 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Lowestoft Hammer 2:53 Tue Mar 14

The Man City is an Academy Complex, not a training ground, it's an entire fucking city where 600 (yes SIX HUNDRED!) players all live and all sorts of shit. £150m, not even the most optimistic West Ham fan would expect our owners to build a 'World Headquarters' like they have

Liverpool have a new training complex coming, it will also be state of the art and is much more in our price bracket at £50m


Bearing in mind we bid £42m for Lacazette, I'd rather that sort of cash being spent on that sort of training complex rather than a £50m player. If you stuff it full of the highest calibre support, medical, coaching and scouting staff we might find those £50m players when they are still £5m players and actually convince some of the more expensive players to actually come because the training ground doesn't look like a series of day care nursery cabins and corporation park pitches

Forget spending £100m on players, let's spend £50m of this stuff. That gives a club of our size a much more sustainable, long term future future

LeroysBoots 5:02 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Spandex, we spent 3 million on Rush Green

How do I know ?, the Sillivan kid told me when I asked him

Also...he was bigging that up as if its a mighty sum and a sound investment

That is exactly why we will always be small time with these clowns in charge

threesixty 4:55 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
I think it should be written in to Bilic's contract (or whoever is in charge of recruitment) that we need to produce at least 2 new 1st players from the academy every season.

I just think its a priorty for a club our size. you've just got to grow your own. We are mid table so this is the ideal opportunity to put in a 5yr plan.

It amazes me that clubs like Ateltico or Southampton can make players, year after year with limited resources but we dont. What happened? Is there anyone from our development squad that has made it as a regular 1st team player in a decade?

RBshorty 4:01 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Man City training ground was knocking on the door of £200 million+. Back in 2014. Fuck knows how much more north of that figure it has risen since.?

Still who wants a Johnny foreigner spend that kind of money on us. When we got guiding us to the promise land.!

Lowestoft Hammer 2:53 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
I'm pretty sure Man City's training ground cost a lot more than £30m.

I still agree with what you're saying though.

Russ of the BML 2:46 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Spandex Sidney 1:54 Tue Mar 14

Great post.

claret on my shirt 2:36 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Reports we're going to back in for Defoe, why are we going for all thes old guys who can give us a year or two at best. We're supposed to be building a team for the future not a old people's home

Alex V 2:31 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Spandex Sidney 1:54 Tue Mar 14

Excellent suggestions. Those are the truest test of the owner's commitment to taking the club to challenge the top tier.

LeroysBoots 2:00 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
Russ of the BML 12:47 Tue Mar 14

We will have to wait until August for this, as the OS and the club in general will make any signing we make the greatest talent since Maradona in his pomp..................sadly come the season we will all see that it is again utter b/s

Spandex Sidney 1:54 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs
13 Brentford Rd 8:53 Mon Mar 13
Re: Worrying Signs
Yes correct but our turnover doubles now we've moved. So regardless of investment we should be able to double our spending.

Means nothing. You can only spend based on your profit, not your turnover.

Plus I don't buy this we MUST ejaculate as much money as possible for me to have the orgasmic release of what may be a great or a shit player. Does money really dictate how good they are? Plus what if we could buy £50m players but £50m players TEND to expect Champions League football? Lacazette, Bacca and Batshuayi, we all agreed fees for these players but they didn't want to come to a mid table side? The board can't do anything about that? Arsenal have a legitimate complaint because the top players will go there, they could have had Draxler but didn't. But these players won't come to us and even if they did it would be 100% for the money, do you REALLY want that?

Where I would like to see the money spent is in the playing staff infrastructure:

1) New Training Ground - Apparently the new Man City training ground is the best, most state of the art in the world. It cost them £30m. Which is what we sold Payet for nearly. Portakabins in Romford or Rush Green just won't cut the mustard when trying to sign better players.

2) Invest in PROPER coaching, medical and support staff. One of our most senior first team coaches failed at managing Grays Athletic and clearly hasn't got a scooby. He is tarnishing his image as club legend. Plus what do the likes of Jurkovic of whatever he's called bring? Other than be one of Bilic's mates? You could replace the entire staff (except the manager) with much higher calibre staff to work in our new training ground for about half of Tore's loan fee every year and that would probably be the gross position. Maybe spending another mill or two a year on TOP backroom staff must be worth it when we happily pay £5m loan fee for SHITE

3) Completely revamp our scouting network. You can't knock a coconut down everytime but I'm sure we could actually give Tony Henry a professional team to scour the globe? Another Mill a year, TOPS!

These are the things I would like to see it being spent on, not moody south americans who don't really want to come. Remember the Bacca debacle? Humiliating yet there was still people on here desperate for us to be parted from our £30m plus wages for player that had turned us down FIVE TIMES already.

RBshorty 1:23 Tue Mar 14
Re: Worrying Signs

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