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daveyg 10:04 Sat Mar 25
Parking Eye ticket
I received a ticket from Parking Eye when I went into a Morrisons store car park.
Been reading on the net etc but who pays these tickets?

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violator 12:12 Thu Apr 13
Re: Parking Eye ticket
Got one the other week, parking is free up to 3 hours, was there for 20 minutes as per the ANPR shots, now I'm being done for overstaying paid time, thick cunts can do one.

ted fenton 12:07 Thu Apr 13
Re: Parking Eye ticket
Blimey I've just come back from shopping at Lidl & Aldi so what kind of fine should I get :-) I love em !

Spandex Sidney 12:20 Thu Apr 13
Re: Parking Eye ticket
I think you deserve a fine for shopping at Morrisons.

daveyg 12:00 Thu Apr 13
Re: Parking Eye ticket
Good news
Two weeks ago last Saturday I woke up and had a bit of a brave wave. I called up the store in question and explained my situation. The manager told me don't worry about it as he will cancel the ticket by emailing Parking Eye.As I was a regular customer and held a Morrisons More card I was not the sort of person they were trying to stop using the car park if by accident I obtained a PCN.
I went down to the store gave my PCN whilst also producing my More card and latest receipts.
The manager informed me that Parking Eye would write to me explaining the PCN would be cancelled. As of yet I have received nothing from Parking Eye. I guess they just can't be bothered .

Here in lies the lesson of going to the Store themselves ,they will not want to lose your custom if they can help it

bruuuno 12:20 Wed Apr 5
Re: Parking Eye ticket
How long do the fines take to arrive? My miscreancy was a week ago and not heard anything yet

ted fenton 7:26 Tue Apr 4
Re: Parking Eye ticket
Rusta 1:22 Tue Apr 4


Have you contacted them or signed for a letter ??

If not you never received anything did you !!!!

Fake 4:24 Tue Apr 4
Re: Parking Eye ticket
For Morrisons, email 'donotreply@morrisonsplc.co.uk', kick up a fuss but politely request they get the 'invoice' cancelled. If you have a receipt by any chance even better, scan it and send.

Fake 4:17 Tue Apr 4
Re: Parking Eye ticket
"Until late 2012,Parking Eye didn’t follow through with the threat of court action, and this resulted in increasing numbers of tickets being ignored. As a consequence Parking Eye needed to change the perception of their tickets, and started to make county court claims. Since 2012 Parking Eye have issued as many as 1,000 per week. Faced with real court claims (and thoughts of County Court Judgements on their credit record), a good proportion of people pay up, whilst others have fought their case in court with mixed success.""

Rusta 1:22 Tue Apr 4
Re: Parking Eye ticket
I've got one of these and have ignored it so far but am getting edgy now. Last letter said it's up to £160 and if I don't pay I'm gonna get a CCJ

I think I'm gonna break and pay it

mr so & so 10:43 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
If it's old bill and council pay it. these are just invoices nothing more nothing less you don't have to pay if you don't want to. I've had a few of these in the past never paid them got the usual letters from some dodgy solicitor company. Then it all goes quiet.

bruuuno 9:37 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
I don't disagree FCJ but bear in mind that's a sweaty court

Full Claret Jacket 9:35 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
This in the news today.


Bit extreme in that she repeatedly parked and ignored fines but private firm took her to court and won. My guess is if it is worth their while to take it to court then they will and you will end up paying. Personally I wouldn't ignore. That's old advice that isn't in line with the losses in the court room happening.

penners28 4:24 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
As Ive said on the thread previously, my firm constantly gets taken to court over these. the companies are starting to do this so i would advise if you ignore, then you take the risk. sometimes they'll go away, sometimes they wont...

, 3:40 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
I know of someone who discovered they had a bad credit rating and when investigated found it was due to not paying one of theses "fines".

Had one heck of a battle with Experian to get good credit rating restored.

Hermit Road 3:36 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
It's Scotland. Different law up there.

Westside 3:26 Mon Apr 3
Re: Parking Eye ticket
Different slant on things.


bruuuno 11:20 Tue Mar 28
Re: Parking Eye ticket
I think I got one of these today for using a holiday inn car park as a cut through when I was busting for a shit. Will report back (on the ticket not the shit)

Kearley 5:52 Tue Mar 28
Re: Parking Eye ticket

Was it a fair cop? Had you gone over the allowed time?

If so, surely it's not worth the ag of disputing it? Just pay what you owe. No one likes a welcher!

SnarestoneIron 3:39 Mon Mar 27
Re: Parking Eye ticket
How far over were you? You're allowed a 10 minute grace.

This also might be useful:-


Dwight Van Mann 11:47 Mon Mar 27
Re: Parking Eye ticket
had a few of these. They eventually end up threatening court action but they just gave up in the end.
Not sure if it's still so easy to get away with.

penners28 11:25 Mon Mar 27
Re: Parking Eye ticket
i find the best way to avoid these is to not ignore the parking notices in car parks, but that's just me...

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