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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

jack flash 9:58 Sun Mar 26
Keith Lemon
Witty compere or unfunny crude fat Yorkshireman, the next Jimmy Savile?
Personally I can't stick the bloke, he's so creepy he makes my skin crawl
So many must like him though?

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Gavros 5:48 Tue Mar 28
Re: Keith Lemon
women like him. that says it all really.

Russ of the BML 5:47 Tue Mar 28
Re: Keith Lemon
Keith Lemon as one of Leigh Francis' characters was funny.

But Keith Lemon has taken on a life of his own. I don't think Leigh Francis does anyone else now does he?

He's funny. But becoming a bit old hat now.

Dr Moose 4:49 Tue Mar 28
Re: Keith Lemon
Mad Dog 10:50 Sun Mar 26

Watch a film called "let's go to prison" that'll top your list of worst film you've ever watched.

normannomates 1:26 Tue Mar 28
Re: Keith Lemon
Have to admit the urban fox was fucking funny..you get me

Billy Blagg 2:11 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
As funny as a broken ankle

pdbis 12:52 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
Rather watch paint dry or stick pins in my eyes.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:47 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
HairyHammer 11:12 Sun Mar 26

'The greatest is Charlie Chaplin'

Nicks fat bloke's dinner.
Kicks fat bloke up the arse.
Runs away from fat bloke
Kicks him up the arse again
Walks off with fat bloke's pasty-faced bird.

Repeat for about 3,000 films.

Hilarious stuff.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:45 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
Pahhh. When I opened the thread, it showed no other replies...

Cheezey Bell-End 12:44 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
You know he's a character, not an actual person don't you?

fred flinstone 12:40 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
Comparing Tony Hancock with this wanker is like comparing Shakespeare to Dan Brown !

sand iron 12:22 Mon Mar 27
Re: Keith Lemon
Celebrity Juice has had some very funny moments, but it's long peaked & just like with little Britain it's been rammed down our throats & now on the decline. If it's timeless comedy gold your after, I'll give you Dick Emery.

The_Phantom 11:53 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
Hate the Keith Lemon character more than any other.
Immediately switch channels if he appears.

chim chim cha boo 11:43 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
I'm genuinely not doing an Alex and trying to be contrary but I also LOVED that Harry Hill film. And Pee Wee's Big Adventure for that matter.

I just watched 'Prevenge' written and directed by Alice Lowe (the mad woman in Sightseers, another great film) about a seven month pregnant woman who's unborn baby girl is telling her to murder people after her husband is killed in a climbing accident.

Strange, funny, gory as fuck and a bit sad. Very British. For example, she cuts a bloke's cock off and he's bleeding out on the carpet when his mum who has Alzeimers comes into the room. She takes her back to bed, tucks her in and asks if she'd like a hot chocolate. You don't get that in French films.

daveyg 11:37 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
Is this the guy that does Through the Keyhole reinvent?
More like fucking arsehole.
Boring Northern wanker,again

Mad Dog 11:18 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
it was on sky. I did it see all of it, but I saw enough

actually worse than the harry hill movie

HairyHammer 11:13 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
Mad Dog

Fucking hell even I would not sink so low as to even attempt watching a Keith Lemon movie, and I actually enjoy some of his stuff.

HairyHammer 11:12 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
jack Flash

You're probably right Lemon is very simple and childish and I do understand exactly why some/many find him absolutely rubbish.
Ken Dodd is a master and as for Laurel and Hardy Marx Bros and Keaton etc they are on a far far higher sphere to the rest. The greatest is Charlie Chaplin I had to get older to realise his genius, he could make you laugh and cry within seconds.

Far Cough 10:55 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
I'd rather see Meadowlark LEMON

Mad Dog 10:50 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
the keith lemon character is dog shite.

i once had the misfortune to watch the keith lemon movie. one of the worst films I've ever seen.

Can't stand celebrity juice.

JohnnyL 10:49 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
Jack .... absolutely ....l listened to a number of Tony Hancock shows the other day and read some old Goonsvscripts - as fresh and funny now as 50-60 years ago ... can't say that about Lemon

jack flash 10:23 Sun Mar 26
Re: Keith Lemon
Hairy hammer 9:09~

All the comedy you mention I find amusing (including Monty Python)

I liked Benny Hill (withdrawn rather surprisingly compared with the likes of Lemon, for being too crude/sexist!), Tommy Cooper, Ken Dodd Laurel & Hardy etc

However, I don't buy into this "Younger persons game" given as an excuse for crass comedians

Comedy transcends generations if it is genuinely good

Even the likes of Laurel & Hardy or Buster Keaton are as funny now as they were the day they were made

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