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claret on my shirt 2:54 Mon Mar 27
Claret and Hugh
Today they posted this below, it seems to me Claret and Hugh have become a part of our boards wonderful ability to spin anything.

Here is what Claret and Hugh said today "The poll backs up findings in the London Stadium survey by 6,365 match going supporters in which 72% said the board were doing an OK, Good or Excellent job with only 28% saying they were doing a poor job at West Ham

Here are ther results from the survey in question, which also clearly shows 68% of fans in the survey say they are doing and average or bad job.

Do you think the West Ham board are doing a good job?

Excellent 5%
Good 27%
Average 40%
Poor 28%

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Willtell 9:31 Wed Mar 29
Re: Claret and Hugh
Apparently Hugh used to work for Sullivan's Sunday Sport paper and was an old alcoholic soak of a journalist that has dyslexia. Hardly a qualification for journalistic endeavours unless the boss was a cheapskate...

claret on my shirt 10:37 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Slagging off the fans is pretty damn low but also a bit stupid because after that it would not surprise if some one gives him a clip round the ear.

Any Old Iron 10:20 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Takashi Miike 8:47 Tue Mar 28

Dead right, his site probably has a couple of hundred regulars and after that outburst he's likely to have less now.
I happen to quite like the "wide-boy gobshite" side of our support. Without it precious flowers like Dale wouldn't last five minutes at some away games.

Three weeks ago I also wrote to him "I think you take yourself and your site far too seriously, and you have absolutely no idea what being a true West Ham fan is". He's just gone and confirmed that.

Any Old Iron 10:11 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Trevor B 8:03 Tue Mar 28

Yes, that',s exactly what the precious twat did. Like it really matters to a blog site. But Dale is desperate for fame.

Reply North Bank 7:52 Tue Mar 28

You only have to look at his site to see that Dale misses half the home games. He does have two homes, don't you know.

Mike, yes that's exactly what he said to me three weeks ago after one of his arse lickers had banned me (again) for having the temerity to criticise one of his contributors. I hadn't used foul language, just called the bloke a pseud. As a result some cunt of a mod banned me.
When I questioned it Dale said "If you promise to change your ways I will ask my colleague to consider removing the ban".
I basically told him that as a 63 year old I didn't take kindly to being treated like "a fucking schoolboy" and he could keep his two bob site.
That's when he came back with "go fuck yourself".
I wonder what his little gang would make of that.

Johnson 9:21 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
As usual RM10 demonstrates he just hasn't got a clue.

Stranded 9:18 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Miike. I don't know if there are any documentaries. maybe French ones? I had a quick look for an article, but couldn't see any in-depth ones. This one covers it, but it's from a left-wing political magazine, so you'll have to pick the facts out of the surrounding sociology.


This is the announcement of the changes on the UEFA site, with some details and a couple of quotes.


Johnson 9:00 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
The issue is the cunts at the club encourage it as they do their bidding for them.

Trevor B 8:51 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
" they're really are some cunts now milking a living by attaching themselves to the club. they're fucking parasites, not fans"

spot on Miike

RM10 8:48 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
splitting of the support? tad over the top, the pitch is too far away from the seats. the same people who moan all the time were the ones in the bar and leaving early at UP saying its shit its shit.........

Takashi Miike 8:47 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
"We will ban without notice all abuse of that type because West Ham has had the wideboy gobshite image for far too long."

who the fuck does this cunt think he is? he doesn't represent the west ham fans in any way

Takashi Miike 8:42 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Trevor B, is that article for real? Why does he keep referring to himself in the 3rd person? they're really are some cunts now milking a living by attaching themselves to the club. they're fucking parasites, not fans

AOI, is that what he said to you? hahaha, I wonder if his bosses at LBC realise what a nasty mincing cunt he really is behind the posh facade :.)

Stranded, are there any articles or docs about the cultural cleansing at PSG? I'd be interested seeing them if they exist

Stranded 8:36 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Mart. Different levels of fan behaviour, but the same method of getting rid of people a club feels it's outgrown. Break up the sections where those fans congregate.

Mart O 8:29 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Stranded 8:15 Tue Mar 28

Slightly different in that our fans were not regularly fighting each other, and in one instance, killing each other at matches.

chedylan 2 8:27 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
"Lanzini’s big appeal to team-mates"

Read it. Dreadful spelling mistakes all over it. Is this guy a fucking mong?

Stranded 8:15 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
North Bank 7:52

The splitting up of the support during the move is very similar to what PSG etc did to get rid of their 'undesirable elements.' All part of a premeditated gentrification of the club.

Trevor B 8:03 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh

Yep that doesn't surprise me about Dale. Didn't he once threaten to sue WHO because somebody posted one of his stories and didn't give him credit?

North Bank 7:52 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Johnson again you're spot on with that assessment, when the fan sites and blogs came together at the OS to hear the new spin from our two faced egotistical Baroness we were put on the list, not by ourselves I hasten to add and then removed, Hugh Southon hates us and has blocked us on Twitter, as does the Man U supporting Iain Dale who threatened us with legal action a couple of years ao and came across as one snidey dislikable cunt during the e mail exchange, Whetstone is another lackie that will do anything to be acknowledged by the Club, he organised who went on the SAB with the direction from Brady

I have it on good authority that neither Southon or Dale attend many games which is staggering when you consider their standpoint

I believe Brady sees herself as a modern day Thatcher who despises the vociferous element that follow West Ham, slowly they are cleansing the Club and with it our soul

After holding a Season Ticket for over 30 years I'm seriously reconsidering it, the only part I'd miss is meeting up with mates from Essex and Kent who without West Ham I probably wouldn't see that often

Any Old Iron 7:50 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Trevor B 7:30 Tue Mar 28

I've just been on there and read that, and what a load of nauseating, self serving drivel it is. Completely par for the course for WHTID where you get banned for criticising other posters input - as I have been, twice. In public Iain Dale is so achingly right-on and PC that it's painful.

But Dale is also a massive hypocrite. In an email to me recently he told me "to go fuck yourself".

The way he's going he won't have too many left on his two-bob site.

Mart O 7:42 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
Trevor B 7:30 Tue Mar 28

Christ !

Nauseating, pitiful and abject in equal measure.

Johnson 7:31 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
That's a good point.

And if "close to the board" Southon is expressing that sentiment it's probably not a stretch to think the board share the same opinion.

If that's the case, then a lot of what people thought about the cleansing of fans with the stadium move by scattering the standing areas may well be true.

Trevor B 7:30 Tue Mar 28
Re: Claret and Hugh
For anyone who hasn't read the drivelling piece of shit:


By Hugh Southon

How ironic that a man once regularly described as a ‘Judas’ should be responsible for this joint statement from the owners of Claretandhugh and WestHamtilidie – Hugh Southon and Iain Dale.

But quite simply the Sunderland striker ( soon to return home to the Irons?) has shown behaviour over the last few days as caring and professional as perhaps any we have seen for many years..

Returned to the England team against Lithuania, he grabbed the first goal and was named man of the match by many with Gareth Southgate clearly seeing him as a World cup possible/probable.

But it’s none of that which brings this article together. Instead it’s Jermain’s incredibly compassionate friendship with five year old terminally ill Bradley Lowery with whom he walked out in front of the England team – thanks Joe Hart – before the little lad hugged his “very best friend..”

A CandH follower wrote this and as a result Iain and Hugh are making the call for dignity from all followers of the two sites.

“The more I read the blogs the sadder I become, why can’t people debate, or argue their point of view without lies, name calling and hatred directed towards our club?

Hugh and Iain Dale should make a new statement of respect towards our owners and board. That’s not to say do not criticise them just to do it respectfully or they are banned without notice. I won’t hold my breath as traffic would decrease by 50%. I shall take a break however so hate all you like.”

He gets only one thing wrong in all of that – neither of us care one iota how many we have to ban if the only agenda is to bring the sites into scummy disrepute from foul mouthed gobby individuals whose currency is hatred and disrespect towards the board, the owners and the club as a result.

We will ban without notice all abuse of that type because West Ham has had the wideboy gobshite image for far too long.

We are as one on this – it stops here and going forward, whilst criticism is obviously going to arise, please ensure it is respectful and considered…we move on with dignity please!

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