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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Spandex Sidney 2:26 Sat Apr 1
Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!

Jinxed should be along to confirm in about six weeks.

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Spandex Sidney 6:57 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Very decent in the Championship

Sir Alf 6:37 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
better than we got but high wages and no sell on value. Another short term stop gap.

Mind you , as mentioned, wont play in the Championship.

goose 6:31 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
just what we need - a defender with pace!

oh hang on.........

saw a slow mo video of Oggy doing his rehab today - even in slow mo he was quicker than Fonte.

Russ of the BML 6:25 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
I like this guy. Bags of experience. Very good player. Always been impressive.

Little bit like Fonte.


Biggie Biggs 6:17 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Another shit signing , not that he'll join if we are relegated

Stranded 6:13 Thu Apr 6
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!

Don;t know how reliable this City Watch is?


City Watch‏

Pablo Zabaleta has agreed a three-year contract with West Ham and will join the club when his City deal expires in June. [TMW]

Spandex Sidney 4:38 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
I'm warming to Byram. He always has a card in him but he loves to get forward. He's not a RB though, he's a WB.

The players we have are more suited to 3 at the back as things stand. Which is why Bilic doesn't do it. Even with Reid out we could have had Kouyate in a back 3 yesterday.

Iron2010 4:28 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
I'd rather save the cash and give Byram a proper run with Antonio in front of him.

Signings like this are shit.

Northern Sold 4:21 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Well that is the thing gents ... unless it's a home grown good un' then unfortunately the likes of a 25 year old Zabaletta is always going to play for a Man City/Chelsea/Man U etc... not rocket science is it... what is he now?? 32...?? Easily get a decent couple of seasons out of him,.. fuck me was only about 9 months ago that the majority on here was turning heir snozz's up at Walcott and Benteke when they was linked with us... it's almost like everyone really believed that when we moved into our rented stadium that we had the divine right to sign any player in the world... laughable..

theaxeman 2:27 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
We're always linked with the old cunts with nothing to play for other than retirement. Start looking for some young hungry players who want to achieve something!

collyrob 1:26 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Past his best ✅
Unmotivated ✅
80k a year at 35 ✅

Classic West Ham

Private Dancer 1:04 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Can even a coach improve a player? Maybe on positional sense etc, but ability wise? A coach in my eyes organizes and instructs sides/players...not sure about making a player better.

Alex V 12:18 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
>>> IMOCan teach Byram the trade.

You'd think a coach might be able to do that.

BubblesCyprus 11:53 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Good signing if true...................................IMOCan teach Byram the trade.

Rossal 11:25 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Another one on the way out. Big wages, rather get a younger rb to cement the spot for years to come. Zaba is temporary fix

Willtell 11:08 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Don't worry. Zabaleta's probably changed his mind now...

eusebiovic 5:40 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Alvaro Arbaloa was good once upon a time as well...Before his legs went anyway...

Northern Sold 12:22 Sun Apr 2
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
The times he has played this year he's looked pretty good still... if true would be a good signing

Alex V 11:51 Sat Apr 1
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Stats broadly seem to show a definite decline over the last couple of years. I'd be nervous of this one. As a one year deal on a free then yes it's a decent stop-gap. On a three-year contract? It's borderline absurd imo.

NEVER SAY DIE 11:44 Sat Apr 1
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
Byram can't defend so pretty pointless playing him at RB, same for Cresswell at LB who has become a shadow of himself following the injury this Summer, scared to tackle, slow to react, looks nothing like the player that broke into the England squad.

mattyolmes 11:37 Sat Apr 1
Re: Zabaleta (nearly) DONE!!
good player - no doubt,
big wages i'd wager.

byram might as well shove off in the summer,
i think i'd have preferred to let byram develop and spend the money elsewhere - striker perhaps???

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