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Pee Wee 12:12 Tue Apr 4
Moving to Spain
It's something I'm considering doing in the next few years.

Any expats on here that can shed some light on how easy that is, both from a red tape point of view and on a finding work point of view.

Have a place to live on Costa Del Sol, but apart from that I'm really at the starting point of the planning/decision making.

Do's/Don'ts and any advice would be appreciated - especially if it relates to the subject I've asked about.

PS - To keep Gank happy could you tell me how easy it is to see the West Ham games when you live there.

Thanks for reading

.`·.Pee Wee ♥
`•.¸.´¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

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SnarestoneIron 9:23 Wed Apr 5
Re: Moving to Spain
Johnson 2:42 Tue Apr 4

With the unemployment they have, and the original poster saying he's just started learning Spanish, it's going to be tough.

Oh dear 9:13 Wed Apr 5
Re: Moving to Spain
Obviously this is all anecdotal evidence, but offered in good faith.

Be careful, make sure you have something to come home to in the event it isn’t what you thought it would be.

Most of the people I know who have gone to live in Spain have come home for some reason or another.

Conversely I also know a few who have stayed and have made good lives for themselves; however, they never went with intention of staying. They just went and never came back.

Son of Anarchy 12:30 Wed Apr 5
Re: Moving to Spain
Just dont fall into the trap of getting into the English scene out tjere. Awfull way of life

Bullet 12:27 Wed Apr 5
Re: Moving to Spain
I did it for a couple of years 20 years ago. Difficult with kids, schooling etc. Forget working unless you work in a British only area, and then you feel like your living back home with sun.

If you speak fluent Spanish you may find something or teach but even then pay will be much lower. Lots of Spanish in London now.

It's a great place to live if you can sustain yourself, even if retired I wouldn't want to live there permanently, best to come and go, best of both worlds, gets beautiful but boring in the winter when the place empties out if your used to London. Read that tourists to Spain now outnumber the Spanish.

Best quote when I was complaining about Spanish red tape to a Spanish old man was "Every day is a holiday in Spain".

Best quote from a Expat old man who was complaining to me about his car being fixed wrong and had lived in Spain for 25 years was "It is a fourth world country".

Mart O 11:57 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain

Mex Martillo 11:37 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Jobs are difficult, get one before you go or go for teaching English, Spanish are shit at English and all want there children to learn English from an native speaker. If you do that, worth to do toefl as someone said.

No problem to see West Ham especially in a British area. However, in Spanish areas there is no interest and it can be diffcult to see the 3pm kickoffs that are against normal teams (not manure etc.) as these are not normally on TV? There are the usual streams. Also can be tricky if West Ham game clashes with a Spanish game involving Barca and/or Madrid as no bar will turn the TV onto West Ham. Worth to get your own satellite Tv so you control the channel! Also not difficult to get BBC etc with a VNP if you are interested.

Good to learn Spanish so you are not stuck with the British cunts that are here. Spanish are fine, only thing I find a bit odd is they do not really standing up for their rights, but nice people.

You should get registered and a number and an official abode, not to big an ordeal and you do it with the local council.

Medical stuff, get an EU health card for now and see about getting a Spanish health card, which is easier if you have work.

Driving no problem, but officially you should change your licence to a Spanish one, also no problem to do with Spanish type "DVLC"

Life is still cheaper than UK and I love sitting in the cafes for a canya. For sure life is good here, as it is everywhere I have lived.

Spandex Sidney 11:24 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
I'd wait for Brexit to work through before committing to anything.

the exile 10:50 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Wansteadman's advice is very good.

If you are set on going, bear in mind the following:

You really need to learn the lingo, unless you want to live in some ghastly English-speaking ghetto.

Due to the fact that some of your fellow countrymen behave rather badly from time to time and act like they own the place, you will be treated with thinly-veiled contempt by most of the locals, unless they're after your money, in which case they may be perfectly civil, even friendly.

Unemployment is very bad in Spain, so unless you have a mate who can get you a job, you have almost no chance of finding anything.

You don't know what kind of rights you're going to have after Brexit so it might be best to wait until it's all sorted.


Hammer and Pickle 9:54 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
When does Polite get out if one may ask?

Nurse Ratched 9:51 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain

Don't go. We'd miss you. You're nice.

wansteadman 9:32 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Keep your property here and rent it out. Long term rental in Spain is dirt cheap so not only will you be quids in if you don't like it out there you've got something to come home to.
My mus friends moved out there 8 or 9 years ago sold their house here for £180k and bought out there for £165k. Now want to come home they have had their house up for £85k no interest and their old house here is now £300 k + so they are fucked

Holstebro Hammer 2:57 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
I've been in Spain for 8 or 9 years now. In Galicia which is very different from the South but the best advice i can give you is learn Spanish.

hammerspain 2:55 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
lived in Spain when I was 15 for 18 months, came back to UK, then moved back there when in my 30's with mrs and 2 young kids. Stayed there for 10 years, until recession hit (am a chippy), so had to come back.
My kids had a great time there, until they hit their teens, then they wanted bit more going on (lived in quite a small village)
Biggest mistake I think people made when moving over there, was to think it would wipe out all their problems and everything would be different somehow.
Unless you're loaded or retired, still have to work to survive, and Spain is not like it was in the 70's. There is lot of red tape, and its amazing how efficient the Spanish become when you owe a few quid.
Also, not really cheap like it used to be, especially in coastal areas, where most of Brits are.
Saying all that, its still a lovely place to live :-)

Johnson 2:42 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
I suspect if you have a job to go to or the ability to support yourself then you will be allowed residency, snarestone, much like anywhere else in the whole entire world.

So, it won't be that hard will it?

busheyhammer85 2:08 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
My best mate lives in Marbella.

I visit him all the time. I fucking love it.

Unfortunately not great for work (construction) otherwise I'd consider it.

mashed in maryland 2:04 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Visited Benidorm for the first time in my life last year and I'd say it was almost entirely British (mostly northern and Scottish) with a few Germans. Didn't go to the old town either and didn't even know there was one tbh.

SnarestoneIron 2:00 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Johnson 12:57 Tue Apr 4

You mean the fact that there will not be the complete freedom of movement like we have now?

If you are already there, that will be one thing, but to move after it is all completed will not be as straightforward! If you think otherwise...

Grumpster 1:59 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Went Benidorm last June for a stag do.

Would say that other than the two whores who robbed me while I was helping a mate out, I didn't see anyone other than Brits.

Probably the time of year though when every cunt is on holiday.

Northern Sold 1:54 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
Ha Ha... good ol' Sticky Vicky... the human bottle opener!!

Lee Trundle 1:53 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
I was there 2 years ago for another friends birthday. It was almost the same time of year, but there seemed to be a few Brits about, mostly on mobility scooters!

It's tacky as hell in the day time, but for a piss up it's alright. Sticky Vicky (or her daughter who took over) is no more though. :-(

Northern Sold 1:50 Tue Apr 4
Re: Moving to Spain
When was the last time you was there Trunds... it's changed a fair bit... last time I was there (about 5 years ago) I never saw a Brit... then again I never went to the Old Town...

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