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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Hermit Road 10:43 Sun Apr 9
Player ratings vs Swansea.
Dont think I've seen this thread for a while.

Randolph - 6

clean sheet should equal a higher mark but it's hard to give more to a keeper who lets corners corners sail over his head 3 yards out while his positioning is so bad he gets nowhere near them. The clean sheet in this case was more by luck than judgement on his part.

Byram - 8

Played well. Got up the pitch in support of attacks and was in the right place to put some important challenges in. Saved us two points in the final minutes.

Fonte- 7 didn't do much wrong. Did his job, nothing spectacular.

Collins - 7 same as Fonte.

Arthur- 7 put a shift in but his positioning was questionable particularly in the fist half. He left lots of space behind him that we were lucky they couldn't exploit.

Noble - 6 so ponderous in the ball. Wasted impetus so many times when he couldn't spot the options available so ended up passing backwards. Real struggle watching him dictate our play so negatively.

Kouyate - 8 broke up play, drove forward, excellent goal pushing him from a 7 to an 8.

Snodgrass - 5. Pointless, just pointless.

Lanzini - 8. A joy to watch. Fantastic control. Finds a pass that most don't see. The only thing apart from the goal that could be termed entertainment from yesterday's game.

Antonio -7 tried hard while on the pitch.

Ayew - 5. See Snodgrass.

Calleri 3. Pub player.

Feghouli 3. See Calleri.

Fernandes- can't give him a mark as he was only in for a few minutes, for which I'll give Bilic a 1.

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Mart O 5:19 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Redeye 2:36 Sun Apr 9

North Bank 3:41 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Sven 11.25 couldn't agree more and it's one of my biggest concerns over Bilic, I can't believe that our two most effective players in their natural positions are handcuffed by be played ot of position

In the same way I feel a bit for Snodgrass, being played on the right is just hanging him out to dry

The Stoat 2:40 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Collins was MOTM for me

Redeye 2:36 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Lanzini very good but has to lose a point for that awful dive. Embarrassing.

Bouncing Ludo 1:12 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Didn't watch the game live, but was listening to talksport.

Their reporter said Calleri was so out of his depth he looked like a supporter who had won a competition to play for his favourite team, from what I saw on MOTD he wasn't far wrong.

Jam rock Ammer 12:50 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Prefer Fegs to the slow Snodgrass
Arthur given games will improve.
Fonte and Ayew given their experience massively disappointing.

Iron2010 12:44 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Redmond has improved this year but was a real one in five, match of the day player previously.

But like you say it's that type of profile we should be investing in.

tnb 12:12 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Bit harsh on Arthur, very harsh on Collins who saved us on a few occasions albeit in his usual unnecessarily last ditch style. Agree completely on Noble in fact I'd even be tempted to give him a 5 - could easily have cost us a goal and put us 1-0 down with his needless foul on the edge of the box just before Kouyate's goal and picked up a booking that leaves us another player down for Sunderland in the process.

And I don't see how Ferghouli was worse than Snodgrass. I don't even see how it's possible to be worse than Snodgrass, and at least Ferghouli tried to get forward with a bit of pace a few times. Also felt that Callieri at least gave us a bit of shape and did his job well enough in a positional sense which at this point is more than I'd expected from him. He's never going to look like scoring though so agree he's clearly not good enough, and that attempt at a header was unforgivable. Ayew looks like a good footballer in search of a position, but I didn't think he was terrible.

For me...

Randolph 6
Byram 8
Fonte 7
Collins 8
Arthur 7
Noble 5
Kouyate 8
Snodgrass 5
Lanzini 8
Antonio 7
Ayew 6
Callieri 6
Ferghouli 6

Full Claret Jacket 12:11 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Based on what I witnessed these scores are way too high. We were absolutely awful. Collins would probably get a 7 but the rest are at best 6. They are better players than this but something is clearly wrong for them to be so ineffective and lost in the games.
A good result masks an awful team performance.

Sven Roeder 11:49 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
England u21 international, scored in both games against us.
Quick, direct , skilful
Bit of a profile we should be targeting you'd think

Iron2010 11:43 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.

Agree about Feghouli and Snodgrass but not many of us on here were over struck on the idea of Redmond.
Transfers really are a lottery.

Sven Roeder 11:25 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Oh yeah, Lanzini starting from the left. Again
With Antonio as a battering ram striker.

Just put Lanzini in the centre and Antonio on the right
It's just mind blowing

Sven Roeder 11:22 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
To be clear
Feghouli is shit
Snodgrass is shit
For the cost and wages of the two of them we could have got Redmond.

aldgate 11:20 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
We must get lanzini playing higher up the pitch
He ihas the vision and skill to open defences but is having to come from far too deep at the moment

Sven Roeder 11:19 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
I thought it was Arthur's best game.
Won contested balls a few times and was very TIGERISH

Byram needs games and again was maybe his best game for us.

Randolph is a shot stopper who plays as if he is 5ft 5.
If I was the opposition manager I would crowd him as he likes crosses as much as Count Dracula did.
I can only think Adrian is being a sulky cunt who has switched off if he can't get back in the team. Or it's another brain fade by Bilic where he sees hidden qualities in SHIT players.

Private Dancer 11:18 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
So do we all agree that Fegs is better than Snodgrass?

The Ayew situation is a depressing one. What struck me yesterday with him is that this is it with him, there is nothing else to come from him, he aint gonna get any better, and going by his body langauage I don't think he gives a shit either. A mercenary IMO. Whoever decided to pay 20 mil for him needs to be brought to task about it.

Bullet 11:12 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
I was shocked to see how easily Ayew turned Fonte in our box. Was completely through more composure and it should have been a goal. He looks so slow and a complete waste of £10m and £70k per week. Southampton have pulled our pants down. Was this another Bilic signing?

Mart O 11:12 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Randolph is shockingly bad. Ginge ? More like an 8 for me. Masuaku played well, as did Byram. Callieri is fucking rubbish, I don't care what positions he get in to, the cunt.

Hermit Road 11:11 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
Just to put the comments about Snodgrass and Feghouli in perspective, I was getting bored of my own post torpwards the end of it so went for the lazy, shorter option. To be fair though, given who I was writing about at the end I didn't think it was completely out of place.

Iron2010 11:08 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
I think the opening posts mark for Feghouli is harsh. I don't really rate him but he is far more effective than Snodgrass and really opened them up when he came on.

Mad Dog 11:06 Sun Apr 9
Re: Player ratings vs Swansea.
bit harsh on Collins
bit generous on ayew

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