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toadinthehole 10:56 Tue Apr 18
Champions League
cracking games on tonight!

can't believe Ramos just scored an own goal to level for Bayern

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Northern Sold 11:57 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
How did that little drug cheat Messi get on last night??

* looks in paper *

Oh... anyone heard if Jimmy T has blown his own brains out yet??

Side of Ham 11:55 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
Sometimes it's good to see a team stop a club that basically has the best frontline you could dream of, against possibly the best defence you could dream of.The defending from the front was immense and for me great to see executed.

About time someone showed how to perform an all-round defensive team performance against the tippy happy cunts and when they wasn't getting their way the true latin mincey behaviour kicked in and Juve wasn't even dirty as they knew blocking them mean't they'd fall like flies.

Football is about variety and to be honest Barca's perfection of the tippy happy bores the shit out of me.It's like watching a python strangle it prey and swallow it, no fun, just natural and routine but it's deemed entertaining when i want great match up's, and they got one this round.

w4hammer 11:41 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
I thought Juve were brilliant, again last night. Anyone who thinks that Juve sat back and blocked missed the first 15 minutes of the game where barcelona barely had a touch of noite and Juve spent most of the time camped out in the barca half and had three good chances.

They blew barca away first match however even then Barca had multiple chances to score but didnt

Pass completion, ball rentention of Juve was off the scale. Very little cynical fouling or timewasting. A complete unit working like a fucking machine.

As the outlet Cuadrado ran the show as the outlet for Juve- superb game and Barca just couldnt match him

What I wouldnt give dor a Dybala, Veratti or Asensio-type player at West Ham- EXACTLY what we need - young, goes past players like they are statues, tackles, pace--oh and all finshers in the 15 + goals a season too - dont tell me we cant compete - Asensio was bought for €3.5M!!

We'll get Wilshire for £30 million, no doubt..

Rossal 9:30 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
Hoping for a Madrid v Monaco final

That Monaco side is the most impressive and unexpected side ive seen in years

Fair play to Juve last night, but i agree it was a shit game to watch. Barca trying to break down the wall as is the case with most games at the nou camp. Its boring as fuck to watch. End to end action far better viewing

Mex Martillo 12:36 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
, Please tell me you do not need those stats explained?
Thats what happens when you go for all out attack and have your centre backs blown up in off side positions

Can you really prefer defensive style?
You are west ham!

I have to say, if you are neutral it can be difficult to pay close attention. At the end of the day, two such opposing teams comes out a bit boring. But for me, juventus and teams like that are an example of all that is wrong with fooball. I support west ham because i firmly believe we will and never have be like that, even in the dark days of BFS

, 12:25 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
I am deadly serious. I really enjoyed a team beating Barca over two legs, a team that scores three unanswered goals at home and then does not concede away from home.

As for slowing the game down and cynical play look no further than the likes of Busquets and Suarez for your benchmark players.

What arrant nonsense about exciting, intricate 1-2s too. Barca had one shot on target to Juve's four. One needs to ask what right had a team with ten men alledgedly behind the ball putting four more attempts on target than the team who needed to score?

Mex Martillo 12:13 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
Sven, It is a very difficult problem how to score when a team takes the position to just defend, especially when they are fucking good at defending. It is something Barca are continually facing and never give up trying to overcome. The front line of Naymar, Massi and Suarez took this to new levels, but Juventus have taken defending to new levels. Not sure what the answer is, give them the ball and draw them out of position! Go out of shape and attack with all players in one area! Crazy, but I would like to see it tried.

I do enjoy the spectacle, but not for the defending! I enjoy to see how such anti football can be over come. However, it has to be said, it is far more enjoyable, when Barca meet a team that is prepared to play football.

Sven Roeder 12:09 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
I'm saying it was a 2 legged football match for the Champions league not an exhibition match
Juve earned the right to turn the lights out on the tippy tappers in the Nou Camp by smashing their piss poor excuse for a defence in Turin.
They dealt with Messi, Neymar & Suarez by neutralising them and challenging them to do something special to beat them.
They couldn't

Sydney_Iron 12:02 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
How dare Juve go to the Nou Camp and not let Barcelona play like they want to……………….boooooooooooooooo

Mex Martillo 12:02 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
, are you serious
You are saying you preferred to watch the juventus players blocking runs, intercepting passes, acting injured to slow the game down, making cynical fouls that the ref could not quite give, compared to a team that had most of the posssesion, made most of the passes, many very exciting intricate 1-2s, tried desperately to break down a 10 man defence

Sven Roeder 12:01 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
I turned over and watched Dortmund in the second half because Barcelona were cooked.
Ran out of ideas trying to dribble through the middle and Juve held them comfortably
Over the 180 mins they were by far the best side and NEUTERED a team that scores 120 goals a season.
Wouldn't have scored if they'd played til Friday afternoon

, 12:01 Thu Apr 20
Re: Champions League
Oh look we're playing Barcelona, now don't forget chaps it is our duty to roll over and let them win. By the way if they have trouble making chances and or converting them the referee usually intervenes on their behalf to change the course of the game.

Mex Martillo 11:55 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
Come on Sven, their passing and constant attemps to break through a 10 man defense deserves some respect

I would be embatessed to support a team that plays like Juventus

, 11:55 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
I watched tonight's game and I have to say how much more I enjoyed it than 90 minutes of catalan tikka takka.

Sven Roeder 11:53 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
Barcelona couldn't attack a FISH SUPPER and scored nil goals in 180 mins
The boring cunts

Mex Martillo 11:52 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
No respect for juventus, it is shit football

Mex Martillo 11:51 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
Football is about attacking, passing the ball and scoring goals
Defending with 10 players, pretending to be injured to slow the game down is shit, that is not football

Are you west ham or what?

stepney hammer 11:50 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
You mean for once the semis aren't Real, Barca, Bayern + 1 other?

Well I'll be fucked.

Sven Roeder 11:49 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
Juve played all the football in the first leg
Second leg was just about closing the tie out.
Like proper professionals. I wish we would try it once in a while.

To be honest Atletico Madrid are a much more brutally efficient team. Even allowing for brilliant players like Griezmann

Browno22 11:45 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
So people don't appreciate the art of defending anymore?

Browno22 11:44 Wed Apr 19
Re: Champions League
Champions league is the best competition in the world leonard. Grow up and start a new thread with your empty life TALK TO ME

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