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andyd12345 7:07 Sat Apr 22
Played well I thought - was a constant threat. Pretty strong in the air as well. If we could snap him up for anything less than £10m we'd have got a bargain.

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Elpojohn 7:22 Tue May 16
Re: Calleri
The Guy is Useless , hope they send him packing soon , He has been given enough chances to impress, Gutless performances so far. Not costing much to run , that's why he,s in the squad.

Private Dancer 10:39 Tue May 16
Re: Calleri
B - Turn it in, mate. He will never ever be at the required level.

Rossal 10:13 Tue May 16
Re: Calleri
I dont really see what youve see of Calleri thus far to think that he will adjust over the summer to prem football

Trevor B 9:34 Tue May 16
Re: Calleri
Over 20 I think, but then again Calleri hadn't been voted south american player of the year for three years in a row before joining us. I wouldn't been upset if Calleri was with us as 3rd/4th choice next season, some players take longer to settle and adjust, especially into a team that has been as poor and disjointed as ours this season.

BubblesCyprus 9:28 Tue May 16
Re: Calleri
How many games was it Tevez played for us before scoring ??

gph 6:48 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
Could have loaned a good library book instead.

Mart O 6:46 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
Shockingly pointless excuse for a footballer. I don't care how hard the cunt tries. Is there a less effective centre forward currently playing in the PL ? Not that I've seen.

And let's not pretend that injuries to Carroll and Sakho were anything other than entirely predictable. It's a fucking disgrace that we'd had to endure display after display of abject ineptitude from this no hoper.

Next level ? Righto.

Eddie B 6:40 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
So when he bottled at least three 50/50's yesterday, that was being honest, was it?

Blunders 6:02 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
"He is an honest trier"

Really? It's amazing that you think he could actually try less!

jimbo2. 5:41 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
We have written off much better players than him, after almost no
Playing time. If he hasn't come good by now, he never will. He is an honest trier, but that's not nearly good enough to succeed in the Prem!

dealcanvey 5:32 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
From what I have seen Fletcher is quicker, stronger and better technically. What Bilic sees is beyond me.

Give Fletcher a start in our last game. I fancy him to score.

terry-h 5:29 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
I didn't like Calleri when I watched him in last summer's Olympics playing for the Argies. My opinion of him has reached rock bottom since,as he is clearly not up to premier league standard,lacking pace and frankly speaking,the necessary courage a striker needs to go in where it hurts at this level.
Has anyone calculated Fletcher's minutes on the pitch for the first team? It's far too soon to judge him with his lack of opportunities offered by our manager.

Eric Hitchmoe 3:32 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
If by a miracle Calleri scores up at Burnley (if it bounces in off his arse of something) then we are screwed as it will only warrant him a new deal.

El Scorchio 3:27 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
It does seem silly in retrospect that we farmed Valencia out at the start of the season

Sven Roeder 2:17 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
I thought the £1m fee for Fletcher was agreed with Man U a couple of months ago just before it was meant to go to a tribunal.

Calleri is rubbish and Fletcher is a long way from being ready if he ever will be. Maybe handy as a 4th striker .... either him or Martinez maybe.
Carroll & Sahko are shot to pieces and need to be replaced by two actual footballers.

Grumpster 2:06 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
The bloke is clearly average and not up to the physical demands of the English game.

Unfortunately I don't think Fletcher is the answer either and it's embarrassing how we even let ourselves get in this position of having to rely on either of them, which sending Valencia out on loan.

I mean I know he's average, but is Messi like compared to Calleri.

Willtell 1:45 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
I seriously see Calleri as just another aberration from Bilic and his weird judgement of players. Only a fool keeps doing the same thing (picking a useless player) and hoping for a different outcome.

If Fletcher ever got a chance and did well it would show Bilic to be a right idiot so he probably won't start the final game...

El Scorchio 1:43 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
Eddie B 11:33

My only thinking why he'd continue getting games ahead of Fletcher is one of two reasons.

a) We wanted to give him as much game time as possible in order to assess whether we should buy him or not- every chance to prove himself.

b) There is some truth in this rumour about that we can pay far less for Fletcher if he played less than a certain amount of matches for us this season, which would explain why he was left out of the team so often.

Blunders 1:37 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
I'm struggling to think of ever seeing a more disinterested looking cunt than this cunt. Absolutely stunk the place out.

At least Fletcher is OUR player, this cunt is just on loan. And yet he still plays ahead of him every fucking week.

Just completely flummoxed why the idiot Bilic keeps playing him.

Maybe Sullivan makes him play him, because he's definitely a Sullivan signing. It's the only explanation I can possibly think of.

Fifth Column 12:17 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
I reckon he'd be lethal in the Spanish second division

Eddie B 12:15 Mon May 15
Re: Calleri
At least he didn't have his usual missing an easy chance

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