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Keep dreaming 9:23 Sat Apr 22
Best game for us by far, and Slaven, keep playing him in a defensive midfield postition.

How he kept tracking down Barely was impressive.

Well done!

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Fifth Column 3:55 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
To be fair to Nordveit though he hasn't had a run in the team in his correct position.

I thought Reid was shit when he joined. Once he had a run in his correct position it turns out he's really good.

Fifth Column 3:54 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Fernandes was poor against Liverpool but in general when he has played he has been good and shown promise.

Nord had one good match and other than that has shown nothing.

Mart O 3:42 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Fernandes has been rubbish. Total lightweight, far worse than Nordtveit.

Marco Boogers 3:40 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Sig and Nord are totally totally different types i've players, replacing one for the other simply won't work.

dealcanvey 3:29 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
You dont captain a Bundesliga side to the Champions League and not have something about you. He def has that class on the ball. It is off it that is the problem. I think if a better option becomes available (sigurdsson) then we should take him and sell Nordveit.

KLM 3:12 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Given the grief given to most of the players, for the abject display, one play stands out in avoiding criticism, Fernandess. I guess he must have played really well. But if so, it was different performance to what I watched.

Alfs 2:02 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
It took Reid a good dozen starts before he began to grow in confidence. I'd stick with him for another season.

Vexed 1:56 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
WHO'S very own european football expert Eerie Descent. What an absolute lunch.

Johnson 12:57 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Go on...

Vexed 12:44 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
I was reliably informed that this bloke was 'a Rolls Royce' of a player in the summer. Guess which WHO twat said that?

Crassus 12:33 Fri May 19
Re: Nordtveit
Mart - re Nordveit and Calleri

Blimey there is some optimism on here, trust me you cant polish a turd. I can't help but think that some of the posters on here have a very expensive watch, just without a movement, then wait twice a day to shriek that they knew it would come good

Now granted I missed the Everton game so never had that right twice a day moment, but fuck me, I had seen enough after 20 minutes of his pre season debut.

Now I also accept that there is something of an injury crisis and at least, for better or worse, we do own the most highly paid Norwegian sportsman of all time, so I can see the logic - apart from my preferring a youth.

No such luxury exists for that utter wastrel Calleri which leads me to conclude that Bilic too needs a new watch and in truth, as a consequence, a new job!

, 11:56 Thu May 18
Re: Nordtveit
Partnering Noble and Kouyate at home we beat Spurs their only defeat in a thirteen game run.

Partnering Nordtveit with Fernandes we lose heavily at home to Liverpool.

Willtell 9:45 Thu May 18
Re: Nordtveit
He's shite as Crassus says. Anyone that thinks this man has something to offer WH other than a profit on his free signing is an idiot.

Roeder-nowhere 6:15 Thu May 18
Re: Nordtveit
Crassus - agree entirey. Any type of midfielder can't compete if he's no pace, not these days in this league.Noble will of course go straight back into midfield and I don't want the Norwegian behin his like for like (slow replacement).
We may not have a good win ratio without Noble but when the two mentioned aren't play the midfield is faster with and without the ball and it does get moved on quicker - and importantly less frequently backwards! We just lack the obvious striker and rely too heavily on Lanzini now for creativity.
If we had the fast, box to box midfielder that would ease pressure on Lanzini and give us the drive we need rather than the lethargic approach we nearly always have.

Grumpster 12:30 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
With Calleri's diabolical performance and Ayew not exactly holding the ball up either, the midfield were constantly under pressure on Sunday which never helps.

Entire team were crap.

Mart O 12:09 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
Sunday was such a shambles from top to bottom that I'm not sure we can dig out one player.

Well, apart from Calleri. Obviously.

Your mum 12:08 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
It was pretty clear that our that our MF was going to be overrun by Liverpool, far too many injuries.

Rossal 12:03 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
Had shown glimpses recently then let himself down on sunday

I still think there is a player in there, unless a top CDM became available i'd keep him and try and get the player we saw against Everton out there regularly

OR sell him and Cullen takes his spot in the squad

Mart O 12:01 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
Crassus 9:21 Mon May 15

Braderz is right, mate. Bilic didn't have a lot of options.

TBF, the Norwegian has finally put in a couple of decent performances recently. I'm disappointed that he hasn't been better but I still think that there's something there, as long as he has the right players around him.

The Ghost of Braderz 6:00 Tue May 16
Re: Nordtveit
Crassus. RE your last sentence. See current injury list


Crassus 9:21 Mon May 15
Re: Nordtveit

What with holidays, work, domestic stuff I have not been around here as much as previous

During that period it appears the the clown Nordveit has assumed cult status and Calleri is now worthy of a bid

Well I have not changed my opinion mate from the initial 20 minutes viewing of the Norwegian coat stand. Neither Calleri - both abject and beyond any footballing redemption.

Nordveit has no pace, the turning circle of a bus, can't tackle and his positional play is dire. Calleri is just fucking rank on all fronts and frankly, life is too short to start listing his failings.

Why on Earth Bilic insists upon using either is beyond all logic and brings his judgement to near terminal question.

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