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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Thames Ironworks 2:29 Mon May 8
Owners valued at £1.5bn
Not seen it posted, but read this on C&H.

Seems they are doing alright out of the club, wonder if those coffers will make their way in to investments in the club. Compared to the big clubs we feel we can compete with, we are still some way off.

Time for a cash injection?

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terry-h 11:44 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Side of Ham
'Floating like a turd in the big league'

I like it.

Any Old Iron 11:32 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Trevor B 5:45 Mon May 8

That's total bollox. After spending almost £100 million a year since he bought Chelsea, Abramovich is now going to spend somewhere north of £500 million on a new stadium.
That will take his spending on the rent boys to at least £1.5 BILLION. That's right, £1.5 BILLION. And he doesn't expect a penny back.
Not what I'd call self funding.

Side of Ham 8:25 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
SnarestoneIron 5:42 Mon May 8

Snarestone, you want to be a floater i can understand that, but Jack Walker gave Blackburn fans a good few seasons of history that people there and the history books will look back on with fondness. Floating like a turd in the big league is not going to keep a 55,000+ stadium full or even half full is it?

They've gobbed off that they are going to turn the club into CHALLENGERS of some sort.If they had stayed put at UP and just nicely built a squad and in the main achieved little more than mid table, then i wouldn't even entertain high expectation of our support at all.

......but they haven't have they......

hornchurchsteve 7:42 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Time these two got their fingers out and started delivering on all the promises made.

, 7:36 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
When they talk about the next level it's to do with their Lodge.

Sir Alf 7:34 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
No problem with their wealth etc just their expectation setting.

They need to stop being pretentious and fishing for compliments and adoration from the fans... Moreover, stop talking about going to the next level, challenging the "big teams" and constant self aggrandising and self promotion. Finally, stop trying to sell me West Ham clothing all the time. At my age, its all too tight and modern looking. A pair of West Ham braces and long johns is enough for me.

Willtell 6:24 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
That was true Trevor B but like yourself I haven't looked at it recently because I don't have a problem with the owners being paid or taking interest payments.

As you say the Glazers used Man Utd's money to buy the club and have run up debts of €540m - the biggest football club debt in the world by more than €200m!

Russ of the BML 6:21 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Willtell 4:33 Mon May 8

Trevor B 6:19 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Compare that to the Glazers who had mortgaged the future of their club over and over again, even to buy the them in the first place, and take out regular 'dividends'.

Trevor B 6:17 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn

Nothing I believe, unless it is wages, and if they do take wages I believe it's quite minimal. I didn't think they took anything out of the club based on the financials I've seen published. Tits McGhee is paid a tidy sum though. The loans and interest are not payable until the club is sold I believe. Although tbf I'm not the font of all knowledge on this, others will likely know more. Obviously they stand to make a very tidy sum when the club is eventually sold.

Bernie 6:05 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
I'd be very interested to find out how much they've made out of the club regarding these loans and interest accumulated.

Especially considering Gold's statement that 'we will never talk a penny out of the club'

ornchurch ammer 6:03 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
How much have they made out of the club?
How much richer are they now, thanks to loans at 8% according to an earlier post, than before they took over?

Northern Sold 5:46 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn

Trevor B 5:45 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Football club owners rarely put their money into clubs now, unless it's to save them. Even Chelsea is run on a self funding basis, as it manchester city and united, albeit some of these clubs manage to bend the rules slightly and obviously i term of man utd have massive debts against their future.

SnarestoneIron 5:42 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Side of Ham 3:39 Mon May 8

Where are Jack Walker's club now? I'd rather we had some stability and stay in the PL.

Willtell 5:40 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Quite right Side of Ham but it is hypocritical to call for the owners to give the club £millions then moan when it's their turn...

BRANDED 5:39 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Which owners of what sports teams would you bum Jonson?

Side of Ham 5:37 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Season Ticket holders are THE only people who can moan about having to put more money in and then not getting quite the quality of football at some of the bigger clubs charging the same sorts of season ticket prices.

Those that don't have much of a financial commitment to West Ham should keep their contributions on this subject to a minimum just like their financial commitment to the club.

Willtell 4:43 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
I read it earlier too mate. I don't care either but I do get fed up by all the silly comments about the owners spending more. I'll bet when the moaners season ticket price increases they will be moaning like fuck about putting more money into WH themselves...

1964 4:35 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Willtell 4:33 Mon May 8

I know.

I'm just telling you what it says - take it or leave it I don't care.

Willtell 4:33 Mon May 8
Re: Owners valued at £1.5bn
Do you have more cash in your pocket because someone values your house at more than you paid for it?

These are just valuations by journalists taking educated guesses at what everything is worth.

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