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Swiss. 6:09 Mon May 8
Been ask to invest in one of these schemes

Talk to me?

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sidneyshitcunt 1:51 Wed May 10
Re: Crowdfunding
You should invest in AIM or even OFEX market listed stocks, rather than crowdfunding.

Chance of success on AIM of return = c.50%
Chance of success crowdfunding of return = c.1%

These smaller markets are "stockpickers" markets meaning you get the right one like ASOS up 10,000% but more lose than win such as junior resource stock dross.

1) If AIM scares you, then crowdfunding should scare you more.

2) 'social' investing is a bad idea (investing IN a social media company like Google aside), as you make money buying against or ahead of the crowd not with it. Those people are your rivals not friends in capitalism hth.

Swiss. 6:52 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding

I'm flattered to have my own personal stalker. Makes you look the very sad person you are.

riosleftsock 6:33 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
Swiss, just send her a cheque.

Gina Nadira Singh (miller)
address: somewhere in France I believe.

Swiss. 6:27 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding


Willtell 6:27 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
Swiss making up investment projects to impress us on a football forum. You're still a cunt... Ha ha ha!

madeeasy 6:23 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
swiss what makes them different to other crowd funding companies?

madeeasy 6:23 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
Swiss it really does depend how they are going to attract all of the seed investors for the actual investments. i assume that they have a very good underwriting team in place. that's where the risk sits for long term profitability in the company.

finding the companies that are looking to raise capital wont be the problem.

Swiss. 6:19 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding

Thanks for that. It's 'niche' area and a relative small investment but it seems the need a lot of working capital initially. I guess it a long term return?

Trevor B 6:14 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding

hammerintheorient 6:13 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
Kickstarter / Indie-a-go-go

madeeasy 6:12 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
the owners of these companies are getting rich. investors getting between 5 and 8 percent.

crowd cube and funding circle owners have done pretty nicely out of it.

Wasn't someone on here's cousin one of the original investors for funding circle?

lots of companies doing it so not as high risk as 5 years ago, but then the rewards will be smaller now due to that. if its a new co and they have a decent marketing team behind them then they should still get off the ground and you will do ok...

the main banks will buy these companies up one day and kill the market.

Gavros 6:12 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
Thank for that Trev, you finicky cunt.

Trevor B 6:11 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
*You're a cunt.

Gavros 6:09 Mon May 8
Re: Crowdfunding
youre a cunt.

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