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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Leonard Hatred 2:04 Fri May 12
Talk to me.

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Spandex Sidney 11:08 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
normannomates 3:13 Sun May 14

Not anymore mate, I stopped vaping over a year ago. I'm just a big fan as it was the only thing that got me off the fags.

Darby_ 9:53 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
Smoking a shisha while you're waiting in traffic. Now that's cool.

wd40 9:38 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
As a kid I use to watch old men smoking and sucking on a dirty old plastic pipe- but the uses never thinking or trying to make it looked cool.

Now I watch young men smoking and sucking on a old bit of plastic thinking it looks smart.

TeVaz 8:58 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
Vaping looks so gay .

normannomates 3:13 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
You're well into this game to a worrying degree sid

normannomates 3:10 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
Brit pub
You still alive I take it.
Good days in there

Britannia Pub 2:10 Sun May 14
Re: Vaping
You're right. I don't have an extra £12k sloshing around but it wasn't about money for me. It might be an incentive for someone else though. I was just saying what information the app showed.

East Auckland Hammer 4:37 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Bungo 12:33 Sat May 13

Exactly. I'm yet to meet an ex-smoker who suddenly had a shitload of extra cash left each year.

mashed in maryland 1:29 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Also, if you've been boozing or drinking coffee, a decent menthol e-fag works as well as a chewing gum or tic-tac.

Spandex Sidney 12:49 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Yeah you don't need to look like a cunt blowing clouds out your arse. This was my set up:

2 of these (you can buy them cheaper, one of mine was a chinese knock off and was probably made in the same factory):

1 of these:

and a couple of these:

The naturevape coils are expensive but are fucking awesome. Plus they last months, my first one last over 6 months so they are much cheaper in the long run. You get a slab of organic cotton wool with each one to change the wick as often as you want to (depends on how much you use it) and it's a piece of piss to change, there's a vid on the website how to do it.

This is what I settled on after much trial and error, once you have found a liquid or two you like you're done. I used emporium vapour for mine as they were always great and it's easy to specify what you actually want.

Plus let me labour the point, FAGS TASTE LIKE SHIT! I know you don't think that when you have the cravings but they do, don't get fag tasting liquid.

Bungo 12:33 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
East Auckland Hammer 12:05 Sat May 13

Maybe if you committed to saving the same amount regularly you'd notice?

I didn't. I just frittered it away on other things.

East Auckland Hammer 12:05 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
I've always thought that the "money saved"angle was a load of shit.

It's not like you've now suddenly got an extra 12 grand in your bank, is it?

In fact, you probably don't have ANY extra.

Am I right?

Britannia Pub 11:45 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Oh...and I put a little app on my phone that tells you how many fags you haven't smoked, how many days you have been smoke free, how many extra days of your life you have supposedly accrued and, most importantly, how much money you've saved. Basis £10 per pack I have allegedly saved over £12k since I stopped smoking. That is over £6k per year which is a bloody good holiday or a half decent car (over 4 years). Or you could top up your pension to cover all of the extra life you are supposedly going to get.

mashed in maryland 11:44 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
You can get ones which give out hardly any visible vapour, which if you're sneaky can be smoked just about anywhere.

Britannia Pub 11:37 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
I had been smoking for over 35 years. I was on 25 per day (40 if I went out drinking) so well and truly addicted.

As mentioned in previous posts, make sure you get decent equipment, avoid the tobacco flavour oils, find a flavour you like and slowly lower the nicotine content over time. The only additional advice I would give is to get a spare battery.

During the first couple of months I coughed up all sorts of shit but stuck with it. Eventually the lungs cleared, the coughing stopped and my snoring (unless drunk) has all but disappeared.

For the record I have not smoked for over two years but continue to vape on 3mg oils. I can't believe that I used to smell like cigarette smokers smell to me now.

Bungo 11:32 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Westham67 5:20 Fri May 12

I actually did. When Mrs Bungo became pregnant for the first time, and the anti-smoking thing was starting to come in, I carried on smoking where I could but in the end gave up gradually as it just became too inconvenient.

I always found gathering with other smokers in the one remaining allocated place a bit gross.

munkyfunk 11:13 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Ben vaping three years now.
Went from 18mg to 12mg of tmax snake oil.
After smoking 20 a day for 25 years it was time for a change.
Feel alot better now than I did,
I'm.not after these massive clouds of vapour or huge mods just want to stop smoking cigarettes and so far so good.
Couple of tips.
Avoid tobacco flavours, get decent quality equipment and find a decent flavour and strength and stick to it.
These cheap ten quid sticks you get in tesco are ok for a week and if you get on with it upgrade to decent kit and keep going.

jfk 2:19 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Spandex Sidney 12:39 Sat May 13
Hallelujah someone has talked some sence on the subject.
I'm 50 and obviously shouldn't smoke end of but I do to a lesser extent than I did.
I use a vape indoors on occasions(it cost 65 quid) it's not one that chucks out huge plumes of smoke and I don't do it to act "cool" whoever said nicotine is a killer should get their facts right. Nicotine is the drug found initially in tobacco it's the by products that kills.
I'm just over 12 stone 5 foot 10 eat well,drink two days a week to excess.
My major vice is smoking fags.ive knocked the fuckers on the head twice but never lasted longer than a month.i smoked solid every day for 25 years and have spunked an embarrassing amount of gear up my hooter.
Don't touch the latter anymore but stopping fags is a fucker.

Alfie 1:18 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Things i truly believe about vaping:

- it will make the vaper ( vapee) look hard just like smoking snout only more menacing and burly

- a vapist looks sexy naturally

- some vaping devices look like robot sausages

- the little extendable radar device from r2d2's head ( the dwarf droid in star wRs ) is actually a big bulbous vaping rod

- some desperate vape addicts have resorted to walking round with rusty offcuts of scaffold poles sawn off to resemble chubby little fucking vaping machines. They call these ' scaffer vapes'

- during the dark years of the second world war churchill improved cockney morale and bolstered stiff upper and lower lip positioning by smoking publically a dirty great big lozenge shaped vaping tube thick as a south sea whales cock. People clapped furiously whenever he pulled the bastard out and hitler is said to have shit his wack when he caught sight of its gargantuan dimensions because it had the heft of a giraffes neck

sanfrancis-co-uk 12:51 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Too Much Too Young 5:16 Fri May 12

Been using a cannabis oil vape pen or a few years.Really nice high.It's called absolute extracts if your interested.Fuck knows where you get the cartridges from over there though.

Spandex Sidney 12:39 Sat May 13
Re: Vaping
Things I learnt about vaping:

1) This was the ONLY way I could give up the fags
2) Start your nicotine level high (say 18mg, even 24mg if you are a heavy smoker). I know you're trying to give up BUT the nicotine in vaping hits you differently to a fag, it's much more gradual, unlike a fag which is all over your brain in 7 seconds.
3) DON'T go for fag tasting liquid. It's gross. Get something you like, I got strangely attached to fruity ones.
4) Gradually step your nic level down over at least a year to 3mg. This is much easier than you think, 18, 12, 9, 6 and 3 and you'll hardly notice. Once you're at 3mg you can go out all day and not miss it and will only be doing it at home.
5) Nicotine is no more dangerous than caffeine. It's all the other shit in fags that kills you so don't worry about the nic while you're stepping down.
6) buy one bottle of 0mg nic when you're ready, bang it, and you're done!

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