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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

JayeMPee 11:53 Mon May 15
Manuel Lanzini
I see in the press over the weekend that our lousy owners have slapped 'an eye watering £30m' on our (arguably) best player to deter approaches from some of the top six in the premiership.

I wonder how many of the top six would sell any of their best players for anything like that. More important rather than wave white flags to the bulls why don't the useless lot sit down with the lad and his agents and draw up a contract to ensure we keep him???

To my way of thinking, having sorted the Antonio contract, that is their top priority before they start throwing fancy names and silly sums of money around.

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Tomsdad 5:03 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Sell him!

Dan's the Man!

RBshorty 4:54 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
If a player wants to go then he holds all the cards. Regardless of being a top 6 club or not. Look a Ronaldo. (The one who might be gay.? Not the fat one.) He wanted togo to Real. ManU held on to him for an extra year. But they ended up selling. If a player is good enough. And the price is right...

Grumpster 4:42 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
JayeMPee 11:14 Tue May 16

Was more that I doubt he wants to go anywhere to sit on the bench and only someone with claret and blue tinted specs would say he's better in his position than what the top 6 currently have, with maybe the exception being Man Utd and they appear to be after someone like Rodriguez from Real.

I think he's excellent, but the other mob all have proven world class players in there already.

Coffee 4:39 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Eggbert Nobacon 4:28 Tue May 16

You'd get more truth from Pravda.

grasshopper 4:34 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to leave following the sack of shit he has been working with this season

Eggbert Nobacon 4:28 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Lanzini - "I am very happy here"


Rossal 3:57 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
1307 3:53 Tue May 16

Or paper talk as Couthinho and Barkley been linked away from the merseysdie clubs last week

Fivetide 3:55 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
If the club wants to keep the one or two decent players we do have, then it needs to prove its ambition by buying some more. Not saying we are looking at players, BUYING them. Otherwise, I don;t blame anyone for leaving, it's an omnishambles clusterfuck of a setup.

1307 3:53 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
It seems his name is linked in the papers today with a variety of clubs - Everton, Spurs, Liverpool - the only conclusion is that his agent is putting it out there as Lanzini has told him he wants to move.
Hope he stays personally but it does not look good.

geoffpikey 2:37 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
The only response should be: Say NOTHING.

Or a curt: "We have no comment to make on other clubs' dreams or targets." Roll it out. Standard response to everything.

Conducting not-intended sales and figures in public is just as bad as conducting intended-buys and figures in public.

Just shut the fuck up,please. For once??

Sven Roeder 2:14 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
The only response should be to ask them to name their price for Lukaku & Schneiderlin.

terry-h 2:12 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
'Watertight contract.'


Sullivan and Gold.


Northern Sold 2:11 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini

Alex V 2:11 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
I wasn't talking about the wording, but the implication of telling a player they are simply not for sale. I'm not sure that approach really works in the modern game. What you want is for the player to decide to stay, not to proclaim that you have decided for them.

Far Cough 2:09 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
"Payet is not for sale at any price"

Eggbert Nobacon 2:08 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
I'd be surprised if his English is up to that level of pedantry yet Alex

Alex V 2:07 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Yes I think that 'going absolutely nowhere' is bad strategy from the club. You want Lanzini to feel like his career is progressing with us, not that he's stuck here forever.

JayeMPee 11:44 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Thanks Alan, hope you are right but even so they need to sort a new contract for the lad asap.

I remember the 1960's when I queued (with many others) from 10.30am to get into Upton Park, the side was awash with talent and great to watch. In the absence of Antonio over recent weeks Lanzini was 'our talent', I wouldn't queue for ten minutes to watch the rest of them.

To keep him they must get his contract right and then bring in the top 'stars' we were promised a year ago, only then do we have a chance of getting close to a top six finish.

Alan 11:25 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini

Everton get “no chance” response on top Iron

Manu Lanzini is “not for sale at any price.”

New reports have surfaced this morning that Everton are keen to bid for our star midfielder given the likely loss of Ross Barkley in the summer.

Toffees boss Ronald Koeman is an admirer of Lanzini who has also been linked with the other merseyside outfit Liverpool .

However, Lanzini is under a watertight contract at West Ham after the Irons bought it out when he signed from Al Jazira after spending a year on loan for £8 million.

And after a story appeared in the Daily Mirror this morning claiming an interest from Everton we were immediately told: “There’s no chance of anyone signing Manu. He is on a contract until 2020 and it is watertight.

“Speclation will always arise around the best players but this is a non starter – he is going absolutely nowhere.”

JayeMPee 11:14 Tue May 16
Re: Manuel Lanzini
Grumpster - I think you are wrong, allegedly Spuds, Arsenal and Liverpool are interested and after the cretins in the boardroom floated the silly £30m price tag Everton are showing interest too. At that price there will be quite a few other premiership clubs considering a move now.

If the lousy board are considering a new contract then they should bl##dy well sort it now, as they did Antonio. They talk about us being a top six club and act like idiots who are prepared to sacrifice our best for peanuts.

Blunders 5:39 Mon May 15
Re: Manuel Lanzini
El Scorchio 3:30 Mon May 15

Said much the same thing to my mate at the game yesterday.

There were 2 occasions yesterday when Lanzini made a Coutinho-esque run straight through the heart of their midfield/defence... and when you watch other teams play, it's at that point when a little ball is slipped through to an on-rushing striker who will then be through on goal.

But he made no one to pass to so all that resulted was Lanzini either ran out of space/got tackled/crowded out/hacked over and it came to nothing.

Our strikers seem incapable of running beyond the opposition backline. Happens every game.

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