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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

BennyJay 4:38 Mon May 15
2016/17 Squad list
A quick guide as to who we keep or lose for next season..

Adrian Squad
Darren Randolph Sell
Raphael Spiegel Squad
Winston Reid First Team
Angelo Ogbonna First Team
José Fonte Squad
James Collins Squad
Doneil Henry Sell
Aaron Cresswell First Team
Arthur Masuaku Squad
Sam Byram Squad
Álvaro Arbeloa Sell
Sam Westley Loan
Cheikhou Kouyaté First Team
Havard Nordtveit Squad
Pedro Obiang First Team
Mark Noble Squad
Manuel Lanzini First team
Edimilson Fernandes Squad
André Ayew Squad
Michail Antonio First Team
Sofiane Feghouli Sell
Gökhan Töre Sell
Robert Snodgrass Squad
Diafra Sakho Sell
Andy Carroll Squad
Jonathan Calleri Sell
Ashley Fletcher Squad

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SJS 11:15 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Is it true Carroll has missed 100 games since he joined West Ham? Unbelievable..

RM10 11:02 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
i would also sell Snodgrass.

Lertie Button 10:49 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Not entirely sure just releasing the Wesley's is sufficient punishment.
Something more permanent is required.

Vexed 10:40 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Diafra Sakho
Andy Carroll
Jonathan Calleri
Ashley Fletcher

Stab and bury.

Rossal 10:31 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Agree with the OP

I'd sell Carroll, Snodgrass and Byram if we can too

Leaves us with the following to fill

2 x RB
1 x RW
1 x LW
3 x CF


Ideally want another CAM and Winger on loan too

Russ of the BML 10:23 Tue May 16
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Mart O 6:37 Mon May 15

Oh fair enough. Cheers mate, was unaware of that.

The Ghost of Braderz 8:17 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
It's all well and good saying you want to sell a player but if you can't guaranatee he's replaced then what's the point?

For me Sakho and Carroll have to be sold to the first bidder. You can not plan a squad around them, let alone a first team. I'd have Fletcher and Calleri alternating than rely on those two. Calleri doesn't warrant a 2nd year with us, but unless we're signing THREE good strikers, I'd have him as 3rd / 4th choice.

Other than that I'd say most is agreeable accept for letting Feghouli go. We have no idea what manager is gonna come in, but I'm pretty sure it won't be Bilic. Some managers want 4 wingers, some don't need any. But if we are gonna 2 on each side then Feghouli is more than capable of challening and pushing Antonio next season.

terry-h 7:34 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Agree most with following exceptions:
Spiegel: release
Doneil Henry: release
Swap Cresswell round with Arthur.
You can't sell Arbeloa as his one year contract is almost up.
Sam Westley: Release,along with his father.
Nordtveit: sell
Tore: end of one year loan. Don't want to see the cunt again.
Sakho and Carroll: get rid of both,settle their contracts if necessary.
Calleri: not ours to sell. Tell him to find another profession.

tnb 7:25 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Sell one of Adrian and Randolph. Ideally Randolph, but certainly one of them to make space for a better first choice keeper. If both want to leave, I wouldn't be too sad but then we definitely need two new keepers as I can't see Spiegel being good enough any time soon as he's been at the club forever seemingly and has never been considered close to an appearance. In fact, probably time to cut our losses on him too and free up that spot for a young keeper who we do think has a career ahead of him.

Keep Reid, Ogbonna, and probably Fonte as we only just bought him, which means Collins has to go. Frees up space for Oxford and Burke to hopefully be in and around the squad next season which is no less than they deserve. We will lose both if they are shipped out on loan again, and I wouldn't blame them for that at all.

Henry is just a waste of a squad place and seems to have been completely forgotten about. Sell, release, whatever.

Ideally keep Cresswell and Masuaku. If one wants to go, I'd rather it was Cresswell - and even if he doesn't, if a decent offer comes in I would consider it. If so, bring in a young left back to challenge Masuaku but he deserves to be first choice from now on.

Arbeloa has been more myth than man anyway and clearly needs to go. Byram can stay as second choice but again, if an offer comes in I'd seriously consider it, and if he says he wants to leave for first team football then fair enough. But he's not good enough to get it with us. Bring in a decent right back, which we seem to be doing already, to be first choice, Second choice can be Byram if he stays or maybe that's an opportunity for Burke to get a few games if he goes.

Westley, Fuck off. Even more of a waste of a squad place than Henry. He should be banned from entering the premises again for fear of arrest or torture.

It goes without saying that Lanzini to stay, although we also need cover/ competition for him in that number 10 role. Noble can stay as a squad player if he wants and if no one else wants him, but it may be time to move on if someone is interested, Sad but true. Nortveidt could perhaps be a decent squad player but if anyone wants him, so be it.

Keep Kouyate and Obiang, but both to be expected to fight for their places against a new, top drawer, defensive midfielder. Fernandes is not good enough to start games yet, and maybe a loan would even be helpful. Cullen to be around the squad hopefully, at least for the cups.

Ayew. Seriously, take £20 for this clown. He is an embarrassment and keeping him around in the hope he suddenly stops being one is only going to make things worse.

Antonio to stay, without a doubt.

Snodgrass to go. Another we need to cut our losses on and admit it didn't work out. Ferghouli can probably stay as a squad player but I'd take a decent fee for him. He certainly shouldn't be starting games.

Tore - already gone, already forgotten.

That leaves us needing two left wingers, plus cover for Antonio on the right if Ferghouli goes, so that is another potential reason to keep him as we need enough coming in already without creating extra gaps.

Sakho needs to go, whichever way that can be achieved. Carroll can stay as an option from the bench, as I think we all know he's not going to miraculously become fit every week and challenge whoever we bring in up front consistently. His wages are a joke for a squad player, but we're stuck with it. If someone wants him, then cash in - but who the hell would?

Let Callieri go back (or go out on loan again elsewhere, given the situation of his parent club). Fletcher can go too, unless we do change managers and the new boss likes the look of him. Under Bilic he is never going to play regularly and so what is the point of keeping him around.

That leaves us needing two or three new strikers (Two new top drawer ones, Carroll as third choice, Fletcher or another new addition as fourth choice) although at a push if Everton don't want him I'd maybe consider keeping Valencia for that fourth slot. If we're paying him, we may as well make some use of him until someone does come in.

So, all we need is a keeper, a right back, a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder, two left wingers, and two strikers.

Plus maybe another keeper, a left back, a right winger, and another striker.

Simple eh?

Lertie Button 7:11 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Westley is 23, kick the fucker out the door.

What's the point of keeping Carroll when he!s never fit when you need hin

Time to move Noble on

Spiegel is worse than Randolph

Arbeloa, Tore and Calleri are loans aren't they

But the issue is who the fuck we bring in and who is going to find them

Mart O 6:37 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Russ of the BML 6:29 Mon May 15

I think he's injured mate. He must be, he'd definitely make the bench if not and he didn't on Sunday.

Russ of the BML 6:29 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Mart O 5:28 Mon May 15

I;m actually surprised Cresswell has got back into the team. If I was Masuaku I'd be royally fucked off. He's stronger and faster than Cresswell. Knows how to position himself defensively and looked better offensively when he came in.

He will probably get sold now for more playing time. Shame.

BennyJay 6:05 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Yes for the more studious, Gorkan and Calerri can go back to their clubs. All those with sell is clearly hypothetical but to be honest personally I take circa GBP10-12 mln for the lot.

zebthecat 5:55 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Raymond Reddington 5:23 Mon May 15

plus two are here on loan and one is only on a one year contract

Mart O 5:34 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Fair enough. He surely can't play any worse but he should be on the bench till he starts to perform.

BennyJay 5:32 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
You Have a point about Cressers but I still think theres a England player in there. Maybe Im being naïve but I fancy him to be back to his best next season.

Mart O 5:28 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
I'm always surprised that there are still people who'd pick Cresswell over Masuaku. He's had a shocking season.

Lily Hammer 5:27 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
*5(FIVE) new first teamers, I mean.

Lily Hammer 5:26 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
I count 6 first teamers there.

Will our owners buy 6 new players good enough to go above all the squad players to be listed as first teamers?

That would certainly represent next level spending, if they did.

Raymond Reddington 5:25 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Same goes for Carroll, we'll be lumbered with that waste of space till he's contract expires probably

Raymond Reddington 5:23 Mon May 15
Re: 2016/17 Squad list
Of the 7 you've put down to sell I doubt you could give 5 of those a cunts away.

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