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paolo 3:48 Mon May 22
What Car?
Any car experts on here? Need to get a new runaround, will be low mileage each year say 10,000. Looking to spend about £8k any suggestions?

Looking at the following:
Mini Countryman
Renault Captur

Cheers Chaps

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Vexed 11:08 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Y'know, you've got a lot of issues.


DukeofDevo 11:01 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Well what did you end up with?

Nurse Ratched 10:26 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
They are mock tudor cars. I love them.

Far Cough 10:22 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Loads of Morris Travellers in Leysdown

Hammer and Pickle 10:21 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Morris Travellers have wooden frames and looked absolutely daft even in the 70s.


Nurse Ratched 9:50 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Morris Traveller.

paolo 9:48 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Thanks all for the input. Some interesting points!

BRANDED 8:00 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?

You know what I mean?

joe royal 7:58 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Leasing companies charge harder than a pack of elephants when you return the car for things like stone chips and scuffed wheels

BRANDED 7:44 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
When you lease there are still big obligations on costs.
As I say uts TCOO.
Do your sums and work it out.
Mostly depends on if you have tge wedge to buy.

Spandex Sidney 7:18 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Heath Hammer 6:51 Mon May 22

That's about spot on.

I have a nearly 2 year old Jaguar XF, I think was about 39 grand to buy. I've paid £2646 deposit and will pay £13230 in lease payments over three years including interest. Total out of my pocket is £15876

If i'd bought it it will probably be worth £23k tops after three years so I would have lost about £16000, about the same. But with leasing you don't need to sell or get ripped off by a trader, you simply give it back and get a new one!

The only proviso is if you don't look after your motor you will have to factor in some cost at the end to get bits and bobs done before it goes back.

Lease everytime for me. Rather the money in my pocket for three years.

Spandex Sidney 7:11 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Always lease a depreciating asset. Always lease a new car. The leasing company buys cheap and you pay for the the depreciation over 2/3/4 years.

There's normally not much in it but you will spend marginally less with a lease because cars that retain their value, like Minis are cheap to lease.

Keep the money in your pot and pay it monthly.

Charoo 7:07 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
My 520d m sport auto is £277 a month and was £1600 down - so the £8k over 2 years is better than the depreciation on that particular car.

I've bought cars and lost a fortune or had to spend a fortune on them.

Leasing predicts your monthly cost as has warranty and the initial deposit is smaller.

My missus is in the 5 now and I've tried the second hand shorter for £500 which blew up. I have a nice 3 series convertible which I can't fucking sell (hoping the sun will change that). While that's on sale or return at my mates site I'm borrowing my Dads focus estate.

I have to be honest, always been very anti ford but the Focus is a very decent car for the money. I don't give a fuck about the image anymore, would rather have the money in my pocket.

For £8k you'll get a very nice nearly new Focus. That would be my suggestion.

lab 6:58 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Avoid Renault , from what you've mentioned I'd go for the mini , however a second hand Suzuki would be decent .

Heath Hammer 6:51 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
interested as well on the lease/buy question

I am looking at new car. Will be chopping in my Evoque...rough numbers below...

Paid around 33K - valued at 18,500 - 4 years old (so cost me 15K over 48 months. £310p/m)

Quick look at select leasing and I see similar car, based on same mileage would be £2200 upfront +£252 per month - or £14,300

So cost over 4 years is 15K vs 14K.... for outright versus lease...

Am I missing something?

Hammers1993 5:14 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
Leasing is the equivalent to rent in the long run is it not?

Yes the car depreciates but if you are keeping it for say 5 years then selling on you would still get some back for your new motor and so on.

Whereas if you lease you literally have nothing to show when you give the thing back just pissed away money? Yes the car you own will depreciate but only by say 1,000 (obviously depends on what sort of car you buy)

With rates at say 200per month you have blown your depreciation out the water within the first year alone?

I will be honest I couldn't really say that lease isn't as good as buying it out right as I've never leased.

Looking to buy a new car now so if anyone can do a plus and negative for buying/leasing I'm all ears!

Fivetide 5:10 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
BRANDED 4:32 Mon May 22

Yup. But you can also factor in actually having to care about the car, the tyres, the brakes, the shocks etc etc and also the hassle of selling or the overhead of chipping it in etc... A good lease package will see Kwikfit or whoever come out and sort out tyres and niggles without you having to make any effort.

A new car sales guy and a lease sales guy will obviously have different TCO arguments to throw at each other, but the fact that for once something in life just gets done for you without having to think about it is a good bonus. Maybe.

But I do understand there are two sides to it, and that's how the industry works.

Northern Sold 4:46 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
My MATE did £180 on fuel yesterday going to Burnley and back in his people carrier... probably us 6 fat sods in the motor probably had a lot to do with the fuel consumption

BRANDED 4:32 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?

To be utterly boring.....

Its only a total cost of ownership.

So if you buy a car you need to take into account, taxes, fuel, insurance and depreciation. You will lose a little on the interest you might have got in the bank and if your are borrowing money there's an additional cost.

Its quite easy to work out and compare with alternatives.

One of the biggest costs can be fuel so fuel economy should be a big consideration if keeping costs down is an issue.

Fivetide 4:24 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
In the UK we are still buying high cost items rather than renting/leasing them because that's what previous generations did. But most countries hold to the mantra "if it appreciates buy, if it depreciates lease".

I bought my current car, but will lease my next one. You just have to make sure you are realistic about annual mileage, and remember to shell out for a no-quibble maintenance package (apparently that will make the car go around corners fast among other things).

On The Ball 4:17 Mon May 22
Re: What Car?
A bird I work with has just leased a Nissan Juke for a very small down payment and not much a month. I was amazed at how little it cost (although can't remember figures).

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