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charleyfarley 3:55 Tue May 23
Roger Moore dead
Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced.
He played the famous spy in seven Bond films including Live and Let Die and the Spy Who Loved Me.
Sir Roger's family confirmed the news on Twitter, saying he had died after "a short but brave battle with cancer".
The statement, from his children, read: "Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people."
"With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated," they said in a Twitter post.
Sir Roger, who died in Switzerland, will have a private funeral in Monaco in accordance with his wishes, they added.
"The love with which he was surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone," read the statement from Debora, Geoffrey and Christian.
"Our thoughts must now turn to supporting Kristina [his wife] at this difficult time."

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joe royal 12:43 Fri May 26
Shame he never made a 100

zico 12:12 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Aalborg Hammer 9:11 Fri May 26

I read that too, it's a great story that.

I loved some of the interviews he did over the years. On Jonathan Ross he told a lovely story about Herve Villechaize who had quite a sexual appetite by all accounts. Villechaize told Maud Adams, who was a very tall Bond girl, that he was going to make love to her. Adams replied "If you do and I find out I am going to be very angry!"

Also on Ross I remember it was Moore's 83rd birthday or something like that. Ross got him a Pork Pie as Sir Roger loved pork pies. As Ross tried to light the candle with a lighter it burnt his finger. Ross said "Ow, the flame went up, you know how it goes up?" Moore as quick as anything eye brow raised in typical Bond tone quipped "Wish I knew!"

Such a funny and self-deprecating man. Will be missed.

Northern Sold 12:01 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Aalborg Hammer 9:11 Fri May 26

Absolutely brilliant that... what a ledge

Eddie B 9:58 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Love this Harry Enfield spoof of the Persuaders


Private Dancer 9:45 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Good tale.

Roger Moore is a fucking legend. Was as smooth as fuck in real life too, and a funny man. I saw an interview with him recently from about 10 years ago, he was asked if he ever did any of the stunts himself, like Daniel Craig does now playing Bond. He paused, raised an eyebrow and said 'Well, I did some of the love scenes myself'

Stranded 9:36 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
And The Man Who Haunted Himself

Stranded 9:34 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Cheers, Aalborg. That was a great story. And RIP the Saint, James Bond and Lord Brett Sinclair.

Willtell 9:14 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Yes thanks for that Aalborg.

Bungo 9:13 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Aalborg Hammer 9:11 Fri May 26

What a brilliant story.

Aalborg Hammer 9:11 Fri May 26
Re: Roger Moore dead
Great story from Marc Hayes..."As a seven-year-old in about 1983, in the days before First Class Lounges at airports, I was with my grandad in Nice Airport and saw Roger Moore sitting at the departure gate, reading a paper. I told my granddad I'd just seen James Bond and asked if we could go over so I could get his autograph. My grandad had no idea who James Bond or Roger Moore were, so we walked over and he popped me in front of Roger Moore, with the words "my grandson says you're famous. Can you sign this?"
As charming as you'd expect, Roger asks my name and duly signs the back of my plane ticket, a fulsome note full of best wishes. I'm ecstatic, but as we head back to our seats, I glance down at the signature. It's hard to decipher it but it definitely doesn't say 'James Bond'. My grandad looks at it, half figures out it says 'Roger Moore' - I have absolutely no idea who that is, and my hearts sinks. I tell my grandad he's signed it wrong, that he's put someone else's name - so my grandad heads back to Roger Moore, holding the ticket which he's only just signed.
I remember staying by our seats and my grandad saying "he says you've signed the wrong name. He says your name is James Bond." Roger Moore's face crinkled up with realisation and he beckoned me over. When I was by his knee, he leant over, looked from side to side, raised an eyebrow and in a hushed voice said to me, "I have to sign my name as 'Roger Moore' because otherwise...Blofeld might find out I was here." He asked me not to tell anyone that I'd just seen James Bond, and he thanked me for keeping his secret. I went back to our seats, my nerves absolutely jangling with delight. My grandad asked me if he'd signed 'James Bond.' No, I said. I'd got it wrong. I was working with James Bond now.
Many, many years later, I was working as a scriptwriter on a recording that involved UNICEF, and Roger Moore was doing a piece to camera as an ambassador. He was completely lovely and while the cameramen were setting up, I told him in passing the story of when I met him in Nice Airport. He was happy to hear it, and he had a chuckle and said "Well, I don't remember but I'm glad you got to meet James Bond." So that was lovely.
And then he did something so brilliant. After the filming, he walked past me in the corridor, heading out to his car - but as he got level, he paused, looked both ways, raised an eyebrow and in a hushed voice said, "Of course I remember our meeting in Nice. But I didn't say anything in there, because those cameramen - any one of them could be working for Blofeld."
I was as delighted at 30 as I had been at 7. What a man. What a tremendous man."

ted fenton 11:05 Thu May 25
Re: Roger Moore dead
Tributes from around the globe pouring in after the death of Sir Roger Moore. One from Vladimir Putin read: "From Russia, with love."

BubblesCyprus 4:07 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Do all ex frintonians have a private funeral in Monaco ??

Tomshardware 9:29 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
R.I.P to a gent.

alfie romeo 9:16 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Shout at the devil, i loved that film but you're right it hardly ever gets on TV these days. There was a DVD but it's heavily cut for some reason.

Nurse Ratched 9:11 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead

cholo 8:19 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Childhood memory - Roger Moore and Lee Marvin having fisticuffs in Shout At The Devil. One of those films that seemed to be on regularly as a kid but probably note only appears on movies for men once in a blue moon.

zico 2:15 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Moore and Connery were different but were as good as each other but if pushed I would have to say I preferred Moore's films with "Spy Who Loved Me" as the best.

Very funny man as well, check out his books if you haven't read them. RIP.

gph 2:14 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Should've been the star of a film that was never made - Woodentops, the Movie

Darlo Debs 2:03 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
Thiugh he wasnt my favourite Bond overall, Live & Let Die is my favourite Bond film.
Seemed like a gentleman. R.I.P

normannomates 1:58 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
No doubt he thanked his heavenly stars..and avoided a pain worse than hanging by nipple

terry-h 1:22 Wed May 24
Re: Roger Moore dead
I thought he was excellent in 'The Wild Geese' with the two Richards,Burton and Harris.
They don't make them like that anymore.

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