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Tomshardware 9:10 Wed May 24
Europa league final
BT sport are showing it for free on Youtube.

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Takashi Miike 3:25 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
it'll get even worse in the summer, griezman on his way for £90m + £300k per week and possibly bale for even more money. a chimp in a tracksuit could do his job

Sven Roeder 3:00 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Yeah great coaching
Jose: I'll take the £90m midfielder that we sold for nothing
Ajax coach: I'll play a 17yo and the rest mostly 20yo's cos we haven't got any money

Oh and the Manchester bomber was a Man U fan
Fuck 'em

Mart O 2:55 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Grumpster 1:30 Thu May 25

I don't give a fuck about all that. Yeah of course I want us to win, but if it's at the price of churning out Mourinho-style anti-football you can fucking poke it.

I hate that shit, and all the cunts who practise it. If we got to a cup final against a superior team, I'd have no qualms about us playing like that. If that, however, was to be the extent of our ambition and we churned out shit like that non stop, fuck that.

Mourinho doesn't play like that because it's the best way to win, he plays like that because he doesn't know any different. He's got no idea about how to animate a team in attack. He's only half a fucking football manager, 2/3rds at best. He's a massive fucking cunt.

Grumpster 2:00 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
The point was more that we'd happily watch a season of utter shit if it ended up with a trophy.

Difference with Sam's boring compared to Jose's boring, is at least the Portuguese tosser tries to win games, even if it is with boring tactics and it would appear that last night he beat Celta with a tactical masterclass.

Obviously helps that he had Zlatan for the majority of the season.

Baggins 1:41 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Grumps - They were, and are, boring.

Comparing them to us is utterly ridiculous and misses the point entirely.

Takashi Miike 1:38 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
grumps, the money they spend on transfer fees and wages, they're entitled to win trophies

Grumpster 1:30 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Got to love WHO.

Mancs have won as many trophies this season as we've won in 42 years while also qualifying for the champions league and they're slagged off for being boring.

Yep, bet their fans who went last night had a proper shit, boring, miserable time in Stockholm or wherever it was held.

Baggins 1:03 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Five - Man United used to won trophies AND play half decent attacking football. After spending 400 million in three seasons, I wouldn't be too over the moon watching them go about games as they did last night.

Those tactics are also one of the reasons they finished outside of the top four, which BT Sport seemed to be ignoring last night. I doubt their fans will be happy watching it for too much longer.

Northern Sold 11:47 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Good luck to Jose'... wish there was more managers like him that went balls deep for the cups... give the supporters great days out that's what it's all about... not finishing a shitty 4th place...

Russ of the BML 11:22 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Ajax were hugely underwhelming. Almost bordering rubbish at times.

Fivetide 10:39 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Perfect tactics. That's two trophies, the shield, CL next year and a place in the Super Cup. Would love us to even approach that level of boringness ;)

Baggins 9:31 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Awful final.

Man United have spent 400 odd million and play like an Allardyce side. How is it possible to spend THAT much and end up THAT dull?

Ajax though seemed completely bewildered by Man Uniteds tactics and tried, again and again and again, to go through the middle of the Mancs nine defensive players. Utterly bizarre.

Had they not seen how Man United play this season? Not watched videos? When the first tactic of attacking the middle didn't work (unsurprisingly) would it not have been a good idea to try going wide where there was a bit more space?

Let's hope the Finals in the next couple of weeks are a bit more entertaining.

Willtell 9:14 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
at the end of the day though Mourinho out-coached the Ajax lot with tactics that BFS would have been proud of and indeed when he was Cjelsea manager, Mourinho called BFS's tactical set up as "pre-historic" iirc...

Sven Roeder 9:10 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
And the Ajax team cost £40m
About 1 Juan Mata or less than half a Pogba

Willtell 9:08 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
One interesting fact from the commentator that tickled me was that since the 2nd world war (over 70 years iirc?) Ajax had spent about €350m on transfers.

Man Utd have spent €455m in the last 3 seasons and have debts of more than €500m...

Mart O 8:50 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
16 goals this season, looks about 10 years old. Had a fuckin mare.

Sven Roeder 8:43 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
The centre forward Dolberg mentioned pre match .... not sure he touched the ball and didn't seem to know where to go to present himself.
Kid had a nightmare

Didn't realise the other impressive player Traore is ANOTHER bloody on-loan Chelsea player

Rossal 8:36 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Thought the two Ajax CB's were both outstanding

If want a new CB then either of them two please

Sven Roeder 8:12 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
As I said. Mourinho wins trophies.
But it's an effort to make such an expensive team so deadly dull.
But that's his thing. Effective & dull

I presume they will get Griezmann and lose Rooney & Ibrahimovic ( & maybe DeGea?) but he will need to shift a lot and spend a LOT more.

Johnson 2:41 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Ajax are young which showed.

Mancs have won 2.5 trophies and finished 6th. Good start I'd say.

Alfs 2:24 Thu May 25
Re: Europa league final
Sven Roeder 11:17 Wed May 24

Apart from winning two trophies.

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