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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Troy McClure 2:25 Thu Jun 8
Electric Bikes
Anyone got one? nay good?

Enjoy biking to work but the shower room facilities have become disgusting. Now I'm thinking of biking in without sweating. Surely this is the way to go...

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Ronald_antly 7:19 Sat Jun 10
Re: Electric Bikes
" Just end up dumping others towels on the floor "

You're onto something there, TroySON.

Get yourself one of those big bin bags, and anything you find left in there, just chuck in the bag, and stick it all in the nearest skip.
The selfish behaviour will soon cease.

As for the electric bike nonsense, PAH!!
Tried it, didn't like it.
It ain't PROPER cycling.

Troy McClure 4:01 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
Done that Pi to no avail

We got a massive locker room but smallish shower room. But the lazy shits just leave all their crap in there. I come in and no-one's in the showers but all the pegs are being used. Just end up dumping others towels on the floor (cos I'm west ham innit)

Pi Alpha Nu 3:35 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
Don't get one as it's a bicycle for lazy fat cunts.
Have a word with your bosses and tell them to improve the shower room facilities.

les marteaux 3:00 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
I've got a folding one and I use it to go to matches. I park in hackney and ride down the river about two and a half miles and lock it up about 100 yards from my entrance.I also use it for any short journeys instead of the car.

No effort going up hills and you still get some exercise riding it.

Coffee 2:38 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
"nothing to taxing"

Another bloody politics thread.

Troy McClure 2:36 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
Yes Cheezey, still have to pedal a bit but nothing to taxing hopefully.

Bloody pricey these

On The Ball 2:33 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
Nay, nay good.

Cheezey Bell-End 2:28 Thu Jun 8
Re: Electric Bikes
They are power restricted so realistically you still have to pedal . Unless you put together an illegal one with more power.

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