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mido1k 1:26 Mon Jun 12
Sky or No Sky
Evening fellow hammers. Absolutely sick of paying the crippling cost of having sky throughout the house. Any tech people can help me out on this matter to save me a few bob. whomail me. cheers

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Dr Moose 5:01 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
Sky have said they are going to clamp down big time on the illegal Kodi's. If you're that pissed off get a recordable freeview\\freesat box (search ebay for a deal) and a now box you then pay 9.99 for movies, 6.99 for entertainment package (it includes Sky Atlantic, so you can perv the new series), 2.99 if you have kids for the kids package. Sports is still pricey at 33.00 but its all monthly and you can cancel it at anytime.

happygilmore 4:09 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
how likely is sportsnation being around in a few months time? Sky seem to be clamping down big time

penners28 3:53 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
Id be pissed off if a sky advisor gave me a detention.

Dont care if they get bonuses for it

mallard 2:48 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
Sniper, I'm pretty sure the Call advisors hands are tied when it comes to free upgrade to fibre.
You may be able to upgrade for £5 per month, but ADSL to Fibre is a huge difference in speed and performance and well worth doing

Sniper 2:24 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Download the sky services app hen call them to leave

Within about half an hour you'll have an offer on the app for 50% off!

Also when you sign back up, ask them to a credit on your account for the hassle they've caused you - the operators are targeted on detentions and sign ups, and they have a budget each on discounts they can offer and then credits they can give.

Though if anyone can tell me how to successfulkybhaggle free fibre broadband I'd be very grateful - my broadband is slow as fuck and they just don't care

Northern Sold 11:37 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
IF you want to keep all the packages you currently get threaten to leave… ask to be put through to their cancellations department… even go as far as cancelling if you are not happy at their newly proposed price… you’ll find them giving you a call in a couple of days time with a half price/60% off… etc

Trevor B 11:31 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
Sy have a package sale on at the moment, all you need to do is get through to the right person. ive had a few issues with my broadband recently so i speak directly to the executive team in scotland, they are excellent and don't have to go to anyone above them to get authorisation for any discounts. try calling them.

ooooh Morley Morley 11:28 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
We have SKY unlimited broadband, SKY telephone and full SKY Q package with 2 additional boxes this lot has cost about £100 for last 12 months or so. Which isn't bad considering how much BT were fleecing us for when we were with them for internet and phone. Just phoned SKY to say we will be leaving them completely when contract runs out and they have gone away to look at what deals they can offer me to stay and will call back later today.

We also have KODI box but it can be a pain sometimes to use plus some addons are now not working.

Coffee 11:18 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
God help me if I ever go back and want to watch TV.

madeeasy 11:02 Mon Jun 12
Re: Sky or No Sky
Download mobdro. get rid of sky and dont be sucked in to thinking you have to pay.

i had sky for about 20 years and now do not miss it at all.

get downloaded what i want to watch and it helps you not just sit there trying to find some crap to watch to kill time

Northern Sold 10:46 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Pay £22 a month basic SKY HD package that has box sets and all the docs (Discovery/History/Sky Atlantic etc)... sport I get £1 a week with Sportsmania.... films I get free through Android (Kodi)... so in all I suppose it works out to £26 for what was a £100 a month package

Trevor B 10:41 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
just got Q recently, got a good deal on movies and sports too. all in pay about 75 per month with two extra mini boxes. just a shame there isnt as much UHD content as i would like at the moment, that should improve soon.

penners28 10:39 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
sky is great value for money, especially if you can negotiate. we pay roughly £70 for the lot, but dont have sky Q though tbf. 1 multi room box though.
what thats, just over £2 a day?

tiddingtoniron 10:22 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Got Plex through the firestick - 6 months and not a single problem

GreenStreetPlayer 10:20 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Get a freesat box. Stream the other stuff.
Life will go on without Sky.

Do your bit to stop all this money going to players.

zico 10:14 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Alfs 3:27 Mon Jun 12

Being a deaf bastard it's the subtitles that are a big pull for me with Sky compared with streaming.

To the OP I agree with Marston. I was just coming up to the ends of a 12 month 40% off deal for everything. That's £50.40 for Sky, Movies, Sports and HD. Did their Live Chat to cancel and after a bit of haggling they offered me an 18 month deal at 40% off again, so the same deal. Maybe if I had quit they may have offered 50 off in a month via post but to be honest £50 a month for the whole lot I can live with that.

munkyfunk 9:36 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Google zgemma boxes or youtube It.
Or iptv as sky are on a purge encrypting their channels again.
If you have Virgin fibre Internet a zgemma h2h will do the trick.

Marston Hammer 8:51 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
If you want to keep sky the first thing you should do is get the price reduced. Ring up, ask to go straight through to cancellations, start the 30 day period, they'll either give you a big reduction there and then or ring you back in a week or two to try and entice you back.

Trevor B 8:32 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
You buy a box that records.

Willtell 7:41 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
Alfs 3:27
How do you record them though?

Coffee 6:45 Mon Jun 12
Re: SKY or No Sky
No sky for China Eastern Airlines flight MU736 yesterday, which returned to Sydney soon after take off when a massive hole appeared in one engine. The pilot's mayday call: "Engine number one fucked."

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