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Justin P 10:44 Mon Jun 12
Joe Hart
Deserves its own thread.

Get this guy in asap, upgrade on our current two keepers!

I'd like to keep Adrian as number 2 and sell Randolph but can't see Adrian wanting to stick around as a reserve.

Joe went to my school in Shrewsbury don't you know.

Loan to buy (first Refusal) would actually make sense here on this one.

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Trevor B 5:07 Wed Jun 14
Re: Joe Hart
I hope not, I would not go anywhere near Hart with the sort of wages that he is on, no way near worth it even if Man City subbed 50%.

Dr Moose 5:03 Wed Jun 14
Re: Joe Hart

Will probably be a last minute loan signing after hopefully signing 2 strikers.

Trevor B 5:00 Wed Jun 14
Re: Joe Hart
So Pickford is going for 30m from a relegated team, but the older, more experienced, more established Butland isn't going to cost more than him and would obviously see us as a step up in his career?

Bearing in mind out transfer record is 20, and the club have already said that signing two strikers is priority, I really can't see this as viable.

Dr Moose 4:55 Wed Jun 14
Re: Joe Hart
Rossal 2:13 Tue Jun 13

Wouldn't try and sell West Ham with the line"don't have to play for a shit team like Stoke" I'd leave that out!

Stranded 10:57 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
It's offseason, it's fantasy football or the politics thread.

Athletico Easthamico 10:47 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
What makes you think Stoke will sell him?

Stop playing Fantasy Football.

Stranded 10:36 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
El Scorchio 2:06

Said at the time we should have gone after him. I'd still be happy if we signed him now, though I doubt we'd pay whatever his going rate is for a goalie. As others have said, can't be hard to lure someone to leave Stoke for London.

Athletico Easthamico 10:31 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Dives like he has lead in his boots these days.

cornish 10:23 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Jasnik,what play for Leeds after playing for QPR.

Sven Roeder 9:15 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Agree on Butland
Think he is the best English keeper and would be a major statement of intent.

Which is why it won't happen

Jasnik 9:05 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Hart will end up like Rob Green .

Rossal 4:13 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
I cant see it being over £30M

It would show ambition, sell the club to hiim....living in London.....higher wages. West Ham are a bigger and more attractive club to play for than Stoke

Big clubs would be interested but all teams have keepers., If he leaves and wants to stay in the prem unless there is departures we seem his best bet

Trevor B 2:17 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
And with Pickford going for 30m how much do you think Stoke will demand for Butland? I'm not entirely sure he will see it as much of a move upwards, and I would expect that bigger teams would then be interested too.

Rossal 2:13 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Said it yesterday but id go after BUTLAND now

All the top clubs are sorted in that area......show intent and go get him

Lure of London, double his wages and he dont have to play for a shit team like Stoke week in week out

Northern Sold 2:09 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
They was giving him (Hart) an absolute ROASTING on Talk Sport yesterday… reckon he has a shoulder injury that does not allow him to dive properly (to the left??)…. That and basically he’s a bit shit now….

El Scorchio 2:06 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
I think both will be snapped up by bigger clubs to be honest.

We really missed a trick by not signing Butland. He went quite cheaply to Stoke.

RBshorty 1:49 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Heaton a good shout. But Schmeichel is waiting for a big boy to come sniffing. So no chance there.

ludo21 1:46 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
I like Adrian, good attitude and a good team player.

Get a good young keeper in (Bentley?) as competition and spend the money on a striker or two.

Rossal 1:42 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
Too error prone, overated as he is english, big wages, poor form

No ta

Mace66 1:36 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
His attempt for the first Scots goal reminded me of some of Robert Green's dives.

El Scorchio 1:28 Tue Jun 13
Re: Joe Hart
He's been left high and dry by the stupid wages City offered him. There's only a handful of clubs in the world that could afford to pay that to a goalkeeper and I think most of them already have better ones.

He'll have to go on loan and have City augment his wages, sit there and see his contract out, or swallow his pride and accept much lower wages somewhere else.

I'd be really unhappy if we paid more than 50-60 grand p/w for a goalkeeper given our overall wages allowance and the other areas of need in the team.

I'd rather go after Heaton or Schmeichel. Neither of those players really need to leave their current clubs though.

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