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Stranded 3:40 Tue Jun 13
Giroud ?


Giroud update
Posted by Hugh5outhon1895

West Ham have established that Olivier Giroud is keen to leave Arsenal and are ready to talk to the player once they get the nod .

The Hammers have also discovered that personal terms of around £100k a week will be required plus a transfer fee of around £20 million for the 30 year old who they would sign on a four year deal.

That would push the finances up to around £37 million for the player who has scored 16 goals for Arsenal in 38 appearances for Arsenal last season.

Giroud wants a permanent move away from the Emirates in favour of more regular playing time and the Hammers are keen to make it happen.

Serious talks between agents have already been held and Giroud sees the London Stadium as an ideal destination.

There is no way of the club recouping any serious sell on fee with the player’s age an inhibiting factor but he is seen as a top target with a goals record of over one in two during his time in north London

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Sydney_Iron 8:42 Tue Aug 8
Re: Giroud ?
*a nice thought all the same

Sydney_Iron 8:42 Tue Aug 8
Re: Giroud ?
Back on the table...........well according to Warren Barton it is, Cant see it myself, but anice though allthe same....................Hernandez and Giroud up front


Private Dancer 6:10 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
In 20 years I have never once been to watch a PL side play in Bangkok...saying that the main reasons for that (apart from not supporting them) is the hassle of it all with the heat and the traffic. I assume it was all a lot more stress free in Sydney.

Sydney_Iron 5:44 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
Yes I can relate to that, been to a few A League games and it just isn’t the same, so I very rarely go now, these exhibition games though are just an excuse for all the expats to re live a bit of there youth and wear there colours and get on the piss, mainly Arsenal last night but plenty of other shirts around, including my Claret and Blue.

Was funny watching balding 40 and 50 something’s going mental each time Arsenal scored, singing and chanting like they were back at Highbury, fair play to them if it had been West Ham I would have been doing similar……….

fraser 5:11 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
That was a good finish to be fair, don't often see those situations bearing fruit.

Went to a few games here some years back as I was involved in coaching and my boy got to be mascot a couple of times.

Found the melbourne Victory fans nauseating, the whole experience seemed so plastic

Sydney_Iron 1:26 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
Well I enjoyed it, was quite comical at times, Arsenal score and everyone gets up and gives them a round of applause, the ex pat and die hard Aussie gooners go mental as if they have just witnessed the winning goal in the CL final, Western Sydney score and everyone gets up and gives them a round of applause whilst the ex pat gooners sit slumped in there seats like they just been relegated.

Ticket was free, the beer was flowing, game was ok = good night out.

Oh, and the Sydney goal is worth a watch, like ping pong


fraser 1:12 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
'Good night out though, 86,000 happy clappers on a cold Sydney night……'

To be fair Sydney, that sounds like a shit night out, surrounded by clueless Aussie wannabee fans watching Arsenal.

Sydney_Iron 12:32 Sun Jul 16
Re: Giroud ?
Saw him play last night in Sydney, took his goal very well and was always a threat in attack, but did spend long spells not doing a lot, may have been a friendly but I don’t think we have missed an opportunity, sure he’s a good player, not that he is going to leave anyway, all the talk is he’s staying and wants to stay.

Good night out though, 86,000 happy clappers on a cold Sydney night……………..

13BR, do you ever see anything positive about the club, FFS?

13 Brentford Rd 9:59 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
They said they were going to keep quiet about targets this time too and work quietly away at securing them, Sullivan even said yesterday.
However the entire planet knew from May /June that our main targets were Batshui, Ineachio, Giroud and Hart, and know everyone knows we want Anoutovic as well.

Seems to have not backfired on us with Hart though.

likemydreams 9:44 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
surprised some supporters ever thought he'd end up here in the first place

Crassus 9:31 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
All this greater attraction in the LS is frankly bollox

I am minded that the atmosphere / history and grotty surrounds made UP a far bigger draw to players wanting to ignite a partisan fanbase - who wants to run about in a gender neutral, Gdansk style bowl?

I cautioned pre move that we need be avoiding a Stadio delle Alpi scenario and that and worse is exactly what we have without the European Cups - nice work G/S

claret on my shirt 9:26 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
It's pathetic if this is true, it's like taking your football in because you can't win.

I also wonder if Giroud has checked on West Ham, he probbaly knows no one here but he does play with a wanker who used to play for us and I am sure that wanker would not have good things to say about us.

Johnson 9:05 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
What a bunch of fucking weasels we have running us.

The Joker 9:04 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
In other news, I would like to place on record that I am officially ending my interest in trying to get Margot Robbie to sleep with me.

Lertie Button 7:08 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
Ha ha ha ha no longer any interest, 😉

sidneyshitcunt 6:39 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
Putting out this kind of 'strong' message pulling out on Giroud is like Millhouse from The Simpsons announcing he's not going after Lisa as he wasn't her first choice.

Stranded 5:19 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
As best as I can tell, us pulling out because we’re not his first choice destination isn’t a direct quote from anyone, and the information in the article comes from unnamed ‘sky sources.’ Not saying it isn’t true, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were never really seriously in for him in the first place, but a source-free article on the sky website doesn’t mean much by itself.

Willtell 4:35 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
Reply cornish 2:03

Quiet the opposite mate. I love my life but let's get real. Giroud thinks he is a level above WH and moving to us would have a negative affect on his France chances much the same as Payet was told that playing for a club like WH was not good.

West Ham star Dimitri Payet hits out at France manager Didier Deschamps
Former Marseille player says his continued exclusion from national squad is an "injustice"
By Telegraph Sport 13 Oct 2015
West Ham's Dimitri Payet has hit out at his treatment by France manager Didier Deschamps, labelling his exclusion from the squad an "injustice".
Payet has been one of the stand-out players in the Premier League this season, despite only joining West Ham from Marseille for £10.7million this summer.
The attacking midfielder, who has 15 caps for his country, has not played for his country since appearing in the 1-0 defeat to Albania in June.
He told L'Equipe: “I feel as if it is an injustice. It is more than a year now that I am in the best form of my career, even if I can still get better. So, for me, it is unjust not to be in the France squad.

Johnson 4:14 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
, 4:02 Fri Jul 14

Stop it, comma, talking football isn't for you.

Trevor B 4:05 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?

You're right, unfortunately we are two transfer windows behind now, had those been good windows then Giroud may well have seen us one of his first choices. The impression I get is that we had been given encouragement from his agent, but maybe he was just a touch out of reach, but there was some hope. Nowhere near as out of reach as last summer's early targets though!

, 4:02 Fri Jul 14
Re: Giroud ?
No surprise the likes of Nacho and Giroud are not keen on us after the craven way we played against their teams at the OS last season.

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