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Sven Roeder 8:49 Tue Jun 13
France v England
------Jones Cahill Stones
---------- Dier -------Alli

Mbappe starts for France but not P*y*t

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Russ of the BML 12:42 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Dier was fucking laughable. He was so bad it was almost like he was doing it deliberately. I cannot see how any international player can be THAT bad.

bigfrank 12:12 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Any old Iron

Because we had a clueless owner l. Also he felt it was then necessary to move on to further his career. He showed loyalty unlike the others such as defoe, johnson, kanoute, cole. He stayed the extra season. Then we bottled the play-off final. So he had no choice except leave. But the point is i said: "thats what you get for having more then 2-3 yids in the team, i.e dier, walker. Bring back carrick in the team. Then get some melt saying he is spurs.

Trevor B 11:59 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
'the Ox'?

Please tell me you don't say this stuff to your mates down the pub???

Rossal 11:57 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
We seriously lack a midfield of some quality. The Ox and Dier were woeful....nowhere near good enough on the ball. I'm a big fan of the Ox but fluffed his lines massivly last night

Formation didnt suit Alli either

Southagates subs very questionable and no Rashford when they have 10 and he is used to playing in a front 3

Was a good french side but we made them look good in the second half. An extra man and we didnt press or move the ball with any tempo

Thoguht Jones and Sterling were our best players on the night

Still lots to work on

Sven Roeder 8:57 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
To be fair I think this is the first time I have seen Alli get a pen where he WASNT cheating.
His heels were clipped after he did well to get ahead of the defender but thought it was more accidental.
I know the rule is that its still a red if it isn't a genuine attempt to tackle but in that case I think a pen and a yellow would have been a fairer outcome.

After they went down to 10 France were the only ones who looked like scoring and should have won by more.

Saul Bollox 3:36 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Deli Ali is a fucking dirty, cheating tottenham cunt. Players like him should be made to wear a big CC on for CHEATING CUNT on his shirt to help refs with making penalty decisions.

The Joker 2:47 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Phil Jones.




Northern Sold 2:23 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Watched the highlights... i'm only going to say 4 words...

Oxlaide-Chamberlain... ha ha ....ha?

easthammer 1:39 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
If you have watced West Ham last season you should know if Cresswell is getting near to the team England are but an average side.

wd40 12:57 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Jesus ..
people actually spent time in front of the t.v watching a pointless soulless friendly football match.

Lily Hammer 12:52 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Glad I chose to go to a concert than watch that load of hairy, sweaty, disaease riddwn BOLLOCKS!

I was considering watching the match hoping for a good duel between Payet abd Cresswell, but it ti\\urns out Payet didn't even come on, while Cresswell only came on for the last ten minutes, whereas Walker, FFS, got to go on at left back at half time. Fucking hell! Southgate had been doing alright with his selections, but that one only makes me believe in some kind of conspiracy against West Ham players. What a divvy hooknosed cunt he is, after all.

threesixty 12:32 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Didn't catch the game but judging by the comments it's the same old shit.

The thing that astounds me is why so many generations of players (this is going over 35yrs that I've been watching them) play pretty much the same shitty level of football when they come together?

I just don't get it. Season after season, generation after generation. Whether there are foreigners in our league our not, the same shitty football.

Every England team is pretty much uncomfortable on the ball at highest levels. Always been like that, that's why gazza or john Barnes look like geniuses because most England players are shit in the ball. I just don't understand. Is it a curse? Crazy.

4-4-2 / 3-5-2 etc.. means nothing if you're not any good on the ball. Who's responsible for players on a 100k a week not being able to actually hold on to a ball?

Justin P 12:07 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Bilic would of gone for the throat when they lost a player!

Any Old Iron 12:06 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Wow, the things you learn on WHO. Apparently Michael Carrick began his career here at West Ham. That's a bit of a bombshell. I wonder why we let him go? Perhaps BigFrank can continue to enlighten us.

Justin P 12:06 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
Southgate got it badly wrong tonight, friendly I know.

Playing one holding midfielder (Dier) in front of a back three up against the French lot was a bad mistake, play Livermore in there and leave out either the Ox or Sterling?

Second mistake was he didn't react when they lost a player! he had Rashford and Lindeguard on the bench to come on and run at them, he did fuck all!

Third mistake was bringing on Walker at left back with Cresswell still on the bench! WTF!

Fourth mistake was he took Tripp off and Brought Lallana on, bring Cress on and move Walker to rightback you prat!


simon.s 12:04 Wed Jun 14
Re: France v England
stepney hammer 11:38 Tue Jun 13

Exactly. My bird said on Saturday, if Kane scored the winner in the WC final you would cheer, and I said like fuck I would.

normannomates 11:59 Tue Jun 13
Re: France v England
Losing to the frogs in Paris isnt a great suprise and the expected result...if they had 11 men on the pitch for more than half the game.
That performance was clueless and pathetic

bigfrank 11:54 Tue Jun 13
Re: France v England
Carrick actually started his career with west ham before moving onto spurs than man utd where he won champions league, premier league titles, league cups & Fa cups. Played with great players like davids, di canio, Tevez, berbatov, scholes, ronaldo, rooney, pogba, ibrahimovic. And he is by far our best passer of the ball in his position. Rest my case

Sniper 11:53 Tue Jun 13
Re: France v England
Radio 5 live made the very good point that France played an almost second string team and they were still all first team regulars at their clubs whilst we only made a few changes and yet a lot of players aren't even guaranteed regulars - stones, jones, trippier, the ox, Sterling have all had underwhelming and/or bit roles this season

Only way we will get more hunger and desire is by playing players who would kill to wear the shirt instead of big club players who feel entitled to it.

And when you have players doing brilliantly at club level ffs play them in the SAME ROLE at international level. It's not rocket science

Takashi Miike 11:50 Tue Jun 13
Re: France v England
DELI looks a world beater against dogshit like Hull & Sunderland, but against decent opposition he goes missing. I'm still trying to work where he plays, I'm sure his teammates similarly struggle with that

geoffpikey 11:47 Tue Jun 13
Re: France v England
Spurs' Carrick, bigfrank? I can see you like Arry. Where's Arry?

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