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moorethanjustananon 9:42 Thu Jun 15
Adama Traorè
According to ExWHUemployee we've got a strong interest and have opened talks with Boro.

Bet Victor also replied to a request for a bet on twitter saying they wouldn't take money on it as it appears he's on his way.

Certainly pacey, didn't see much of him last year though so not sure if he has enough quality.

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AlvinMartinAllen 10:16 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Bale did have a very impressive losing streak that saw him take a bit of stick, which almost lead to him leaving spurs.

zebthecat 10:03 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Gareth Bale was still a left back who scored the odd free kick at 21

mongo 9:57 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Not his biggest fan. End product is very off like others have said. But he is only 21 and his ability to beat a man is extraordinary. I'd willing to have a punt on him and hope we could teach the kid some end product. If he learned that he'd be one hell of a player

smartkev 9:27 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
The same stats were probably thrown at Gareth Bale when he was 21.

AlvinMartinAllen 9:21 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
I think the club need to get away from that fantasy football stats obsessed player recruitment shit most fans and media fawn over and focus more on getting the right attributes in players to become a successful sum of its parts as a team.

Couldn't care less about his lack of assists or goals at Boro or Villa but what he can do for us, which as Snodgrass proved stats doesn't always carry on at another club.

Alex V 8:39 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Here's what I actually wrote in March... concurs pretty much with what I think now.

Alex V 1:26 Thu Mar 16
Adama Traore is an interesting target. Has perfected the art of looking like an amazingly talented potential world-beater without producing anything at all.

Gibson is there too. Have to consider these two if they go down obviously.

terry-h 8:31 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Not really got the end product we should be looking for. Mind you if it means Snodgrass is on his way,he might be an improvement.
Feghuilly is better than this bloke though.

andyd12345 7:12 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
If the Barcelona coaches can't teach him how to play football, I'm not sure Slav, Julian and that homeless looking bloke have got much of a chance.

grasshopper 6:58 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
As long as snodgrass leaves i am slightly happier, but only slightly

Far Cough 6:49 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè


Lee Trundle 6:33 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Alex V

It was only a couple of months ago you were suggesting he was an interesting target and we should be in for him.

Now we are, its a sign of desperation and it worries you.

Kaiser Zoso 6:16 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
That's all he is you div

Alex V 5:56 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
I'm really surprised we've gone for him. It may be a sign of some desperation. What he has (and hasn't) got has been plain for everyone to see last season, no clever scouting required - I don't see signs that many other clubs are interested, that worries me. On the other hand, he has loads of talent, that is obvious - if we're going to throw money about, at least I'd prefer it to be on young talents who could potentially be very exciting to watch.

nychammer 4:57 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
The main difference between him and Antonio is that Antonio was fast AND banging in the goals for forest before we signed him. Traore is just fast. So joining the dots, unless Bilic thinks he can improve in the goal scoring department, I would think this a speculative signing at best.

moorethanjustananon 4:43 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè

Fair enough I guess that's from half a season also as Traorè will be the whole thing - maybe its harsh of me, just haven't been impressed with Snodgrass at all, rarely see him beat his man (only watched him at home mind you).

The idea of a bit of pace and skill might be clouding my judgement, just have a feeling this kids worth a punt as long as the numbers make sense!

Stubbo 3:22 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Moorethan...Snodgrass...2 assists in C & B...one more than Traore last season!

Stranded 3:10 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Anyone know what he's on at Boro? As if this is accurate, I pinched it off kumb, indications are he had one hell of an agent when he signed with Villa.


moorethanjustananon 1:40 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Joey Nutmeg 12:55 Sat Jun 17

Fair enough Joey, maybe I'm being harsh on snodders but how many goals and assists in the claret and blue?

From what I've seen of him in the flesh he's been ineffective on the ball and slow (the same can be said for Feg although in fairness he's notched a couple of assists, for the record I'd give him another year based on his final ball)

I'm just saying I'd rather have someone who is fast with the and without the ball at his feet, is young and needs to work on his final ball than someone who is both slow and ineffective with the ball at his feet.

If Snodgrass can reproduce his form for hull at the start of last season then it's a different arguement, and maybe he will on account of being more settled and having a pre-season with his team mates - however I fear Hull and clubs like it are his level and being the main man there suited his game. If only we had a crystal ball to know in advanced ;-)

Driz 1:15 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Him, Lanzini and Antonio on the break?

It's a massive yes from me and an equally massive wanker sign to all you moaners.

He is 21.

AlvinMartinAllen 1:00 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
I think he'd be a quality signing and wanted us to go for him before we were linked. He'd be ideal for our counter attacking football.

For those who think he was shit for Boro...


Joey Nutmeg 12:55 Sat Jun 17
Re: Adama Traorè
Moorethan - not sure that is the case mate - Snodgrass was very good at Hull scoring and assists at Hull, Traore got one assist all season. When you look at Traore's highlight reel' he has ice to burn, but little else. Even fegs scored created more.

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