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grasshopper 2:02 Fri Jun 23
Mark Noble
How much longer are we expected to put up with him in the first team? And as Captain?

Surely there are affordable and better options out there today.

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Willtell 10:37 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
Ibiza! Nobes certainly has class for a multi-millionaire...

Andy H 10:15 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
Bumped into Noble in Ibiza yesterday, what a lovely bloke, took the time to come over and shake my hand, real genuine guy, anyway thought i'd mention that!

Banjo 10:09 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
Sydney_Iron 7:09 Tue Jun 27

Spot on mate.

Nagel 9:41 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
Scud, people have been going on about the stat of us not winning without Noble for at least a year so I don't doubt it's true.

Of course these stats don't take into account other things. It's like when Payet was out for a couple of months in his first season and we weren't scoring or conceding much (had 4 0-0s in a row I think). People said it was all down to Payet, forgetting that Lanzini was also out for much of that time, replaced by Obiang/Song which made us better defensively but less creative. Sakho was also out then and we were playing with an unfit Carroll or Jelavic up front.

Agent Scud 9:26 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble

Where did you get those stats from?

They are a bit wrong or is that a fishing trip.

Baggins 9:21 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
Are we STILL doing the Noble thing on here?

I thought after Fordy finally shut up about it we might stop.

Sydney_Iron 7:09 Tue Jun 27
Re: Mark Noble
claret on my shirt 6:33 Mon Jun 26

Does seem to be the "In" thing to do on WHO, if not Noble then Bilic or the owners are being cunted at every opportunity.

Some right moaning grumpy old cunts on this site, makes me wonder why they bother supporting us if its making them that angry, sad and sorry to do so?

Sure we all have a moan at times but FFS.

claret on my shirt 6:33 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
Oh a thread knocking a West Ham captain, well that's original

boleyn8420 6:22 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
He passed his sell by date two seasons ago. He should definitely come on though once the pace has slowed down, in injury time

Texas Iron 5:24 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
I'd say his last season as a first teamer...
His sideways...backwards 360 degree turns slow us down...and his last ditch defensive tackles almost always result in yellows...and free kicks in dangerous areas...
Good Captain...but Bye Bye Soon...

Krap not Pu 4:01 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
Decent enough to have on the bench...once pace of game has slowed....last 15 mins max

Russ of the BML 3:48 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
I love Noble. I think he has been magnificent for us down the years. I think he has one more decent season in him. But I do think he should seriously be looking over his shoulder now and if he doesn't perform we must have a replacement ready to go.

BubblesCyprus 3:23 Mon Jun 26
Re: Mark Noble
Agree with Alf on this one sadly Mr West Ham born in Canning Town has passed his sell by date with us.While Bilic persists with him as our main midfielder we are treading water and likely to flirt with relegation.

Sydney_Iron 12:35 Sat Jun 24
Re: Mark Noble
Strange icon choice?

gph 12:31 Sat Jun 24
Re: Mark Noble
Why would anyone want to buy Mark Noble, knowing that he wouldn't want to play for them?

Just look at how shit Moses was for us, when he really wanted to play for Chelsea.

grasshopper 11:30 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble

Interesting stats, but is this a red herring, like the stats on snodgrass before he came to west ham.

If we are ambitious and aiming for top 6, i wouldn't expect to see noble in the side - would you?

Iron2010 11:04 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble
V 5.25

Packing stats demonstrate this. They also summarise that Noble is shit. A championship player at best whose negative instincts stifle Bilics counter attacking system. If we didn't sign another player and "Nobes" left it would be a positive window as Fernandes would play more. Have we ever had to fight to keep him ?

joey5000 10:48 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble
He will be a starter unless the Berks sign someone better than him, but I don't fancy them to.

Pub Bigot 10:07 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble
I think Noble will always divide opinion. But a lot of players like him never get the recognition they deserve, such as Carrick. The amount of bollocks written about Carrick is unbelievable. Unless you're an all action box-to-box midfielder, goal scoring midfielder or tackling great at breaking up play, you're deemed as shit in our league. Noble's no Pirlo, but he's a good player.

BetterthanKaka 6:23 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble
Noble will continue to be the first name on the teamsheet and hence another season of "treading water" or flirting with relegation again awaits

This is the thickest thing you've ever said Alf, and this is saying something.

Sir Alf 6:22 Fri Jun 23
Re: Mark Noble
He has been a terrific player for us in a series of mediocre and poor West Ham teams over the last 10 + years. But if we want to progress we need a better midfield option alongside Obiang. Noble will still play but is IMO at a tipping point where his lack of pace and height and physical strength will become too big a problem as he enters his early 30s because he will start getting even slower. In short he should not be a guaranteed starter. So then what are the other options? Kouyate who IMO lacks good technique with a football as shown with his passing accuracy and first touch / control. He also does not work hard enough and drifts out of so many games for long periods. He gets away with it because people recall a long busting run from time to time. The other option in the middle is one from Cullen and Fernandes. Both young and learning the game. Fernandes is inconsistent as is often the case with younger players and Cullen well we do not know if he can make the step up.

So we really do not have much depth do we in the all important central midfield. Add to that the club suggests they see no need to improve in this area.

Noble will continue to be the first name on the teamsheet and hence another season of "treading water" or flirting with relegation again awaits.

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