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Nutsin 5:12 Sat Jul 1
Fabian Delph
Probably bollocks I know, but I'd be happy if we land him. Slot him into Nobles spot and bump Noble down the pecking order to fill the void left by Nordveit departure.... Midfield of:


Looks good to me.... Bring in 2 strikers preferably Giroud and King and Iheanocho (spelling). Now we have a premier league squad........ Look for a new keeper and a new center half next year.... COYI

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alfie romeo 12:01 Mon Jul 3
Re: Fabian Delph
signing another crock. this is what we aspire to is it?

Sven Roeder 11:31 Sun Jul 2
Re: Fabian Delph
Reckon we can find an always fit, athletic African in the French league who is 5 years younger for half the money and half the wages.

Sydney_Iron 4:54 Sun Jul 2
Re: Fabian Delph
He made 7 league appearances last season, so should fit in just right with our lot!

Good player, WHEN FIT.

Rumoured city want about 12 million, given his injury record thats taking the piss a bit, but given the current money for even average players its maybe not bad, especially if he can stay fit, but its big IF.

Alex Bunbury 2:54 Sun Jul 2
Re: Fabian Delph
Always injured. Perfect for us.

toadinthehole 6:11 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph
Noble is 1st and always

backpass 5:58 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph
Injury record is appalling.

grasshopper 5:52 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph
If he pushes noble down the pecking order, i am in.

Nutsin 5:51 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph

Yes, there's an article in the Times says we are in for him... 13 mill apparently.

dolph 5:41 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph
I rate him, and sure I read the other day that he's only 27 which surprised me. Good box to box midfielder and definitely needs to leave Man City.

Have we been linked with him then?

Baggins 5:19 Sat Jul 1
Re: Fabian Delph
I know I'll be in a minority here but I don't rate him at all. Never have done and have no idea how he got capped by England.

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