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bruuuno 10:14 Sun Jul 2
Not had it this bad for about twenty years! Cunts! Anyone else suffering?

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deanfergi 10:51 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever

Bungo 6:38 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever
Tanglefoot 4:33 Mon Jul 3

Main active ingredient is fluticasone, a very effective corticosteroid. Also contains an antihistamine so should be highly effective for hayfever.

Other similar products in the UK include Avamys, Flixonase, Nasofan and Pirinase. All should need a prescription.

Northern Sold 5:14 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever
Get yourself a Dog….. never sneeze once when you get a hound

Tanglefoot 4:33 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever
I had hayfever like symptoms all year round until I heard about this stuff:

https://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/dymista.html (or anywhere else that you can get it, GP etc).

After 3 days use it has literally sorted me right out, £8 for 2 months worth, bargain! Literally made a small change to my life as was getting through boxes of tissues per week, nose running all day. completely gone now.

Alwaysaniron 3:19 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever
I'm the same Thames Ironworks... Got it for the first time last year and this year it's been terrible. Went to Portugal for some golf and couldnt see a fucking thing. Ended up getting some fab tablets and they have worked a treat.

Thames Ironworks 2:55 Mon Jul 3
Re: Hayfever
Never had it before but definitely getting it now, mostly the itchy eyes.

Bloody annoying

Far Cough 10:27 Sun Jul 2
Re: Hayfever
You poof, run it off

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