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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

stoneman 11:04 Sat Jul 8
Holiday question - Turkey
That usual time of year where I look for somewhere warm to escape to.

I had some great advice the last 2 years from WHO members and had great holidays in Kos and Protaras so I'm going for the hat trick.

What's the views on Turkey? Safe for tourists?

I'm looking for all inclusive, decent hotel with things to do for teenage kids but hopefully not full of Northerners with young kids or chavs.

It's a lot to ask I know!

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Don Ravioli 1:05 Mon Jul 10
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Been to kemer in Antalya twice and was lovely but went fethiye last time and that was much much better. Stayed at a place called hillside beach club, lovely gaff in its only little bay.
Would definitely recommend it, food was lovely, staff were brilliant and the entertainment nights were superb.
Rooms were spotless as well.

bruuuno 2:19 Mon Jul 10
Re: Holiday question - Turkey

Swiss. 6:17 Sun Jul 9

Ha, when I went me and my mrs remarked on how ugly Turkish women where.

mashed in maryland 10:41 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Gavros 8:33 Sun Jul 9

Dunno about that. The Ottomans were pretty oppressive towards unbelievers. The hangover of all that is a major reason behind the (ongoing) tensions in the Balkans which led to Europe's most recent genocides.

Although yeah you're right, kinda. Turks/Albos/Bosos are generally a totally different pan of Pilaf to Arabs.

Mart O 10:13 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Been a few times. Very friendly people, great food (although might be wise to bring some Immodium).

Of the places mentioned below, Bodrum and Kusadasi are both pretty good imho. The former has better nightlife for me but the latter is close to the ruins of Ephesus, which has to be one of the best things of its type I've visited. If you do go to Bodrum be sure to go on a boat trip (it's famous for its boat building).

Oh, and if you're into the whole 'shaven haven' thing, fill yer boots. Turkish women don't do pubic hair, as a rule. Not for me, I like a nice hairy MINGE.

cartis 9:58 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey

Reply Swiss. 6:17 Sun Jul 9

Relaxing time in Marmaris are you sure ????????

Place is a fucking pit.

I can certainly vouch for Icmeler though only just up the road from Marmaris but so much nicer, quieter and safer.

Gavros 8:33 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
The difference with the Turks compared to most other Muslims- with exception of Indonesia - is that they were never conquered by Muslim armies but in fact were the conquerors, and just happened to pick up the religion when they were there. There's a significant difference between Ottoman Islam and that of the Arabs, particularly the Saudis. Unfortunately the tentacles of wahhabism/ Salafism have caught hold there in parts just as they have elsewhere, so that differentiation is narrowing, but most Turks outside of the far East of the country still practice a very moderate sort of Islam, if they practice it at all.

Eddie B 8:33 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
We've been to Fethiye loads of times over the years. Absolutely love the place. Loads of Turks go there on holiday, so it's in no way a Brit abroad place.

HairyHammer 8:13 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey

A couple million Greeks go to Turkey every year, as I am sure you know so it cannot be that bad, and Midnight Express was filmed in Malta which with respect is a shit hole compared to Turkey. .
Before the Muslims/Turks got hold of it Turkey was the jewel of Christianity, as you very well know Bubbles nothing that much has changed apart from some Mosques and Turks, it is a remarkably beautiful country .

Gavros 7:45 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Been to antalya and side in a short trip last year. Antalya has plenty of history, side has great beaches.

Swiss is obviously a right wet blanket.

icwhs 6:23 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Swiss is right

Antalya no..

Bodrum very friendly, more "greek" feeling about the place

But I wouldn't go back

Swiss. 6:17 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Bodrum is great if you want a party place. For a more relaxing time Fetiye and Mamaris are beautiful. Food good and people friendly.

Antalya no. Bit too east and fundemental. Also a US base there. Just felt a bit heavy.

I went there with my ex whos from Kibris so I know my stuff.

Tamam bey?

Saul Bollox 2:53 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Been to Bodrum and Side. People are very welcoming, and had a nice holiday both times.

If you go to Bodrum you can travel to Pamukalle.

If you go to Side there is the Aspendos festival where you can go and see an opera put on by the national opera company

Darby_ 1:32 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Probably not, but I never went to a resort. I just chatted to people in places like Istanbul, Izmir, Selcuk and Ugrup.

mashed in maryland 1:24 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Well you're obviously not gonna choose to work in a holiday resort full of bars and westerners if you're a conservative religious type are you

Darby_ 1:22 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Most of the people you meet in Turkey are great. A lot of them hate Erdogan and fundamentalists and consider themselves more secular Europeans than Middle Eastern religious types.

Secular Attaturk followers still make up a huge part of the country.

mashed in maryland 1:03 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Gavros 12:42 Sun Jul 9

Think after the Leeds thing it became almost fashionable to hate them. Great people generally, imo. Never knew they had such a bad rep until I started posting on here (seriously) altho that's probably all HairyHammer's personal fault.

Mind you surely there's no doubt some parts of the country are a totally different world.

FruityBoots. 10:32 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Have been to Side in Turkey 3 of the last 4 years and loved it. We rented apartments with its own pool a little way back from the coast so it was a cab or bus into the old town every night although you can walk it in 20-30 mins. Eating out has been cheap and the food is really nice and of course weather is sunny and hot every day.

Charoo 10:00 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
I did an all inclusive at Lara Beach - absolutely loved it, the food, the weather, the people and it was so cheap. Plus could rent a butler serviced private day bead on the end of the pier with amazing views for next to nothing.

I'm currently in Marbella surounded by Irish and Scots but generally all very friendly and this part of Marbella (not Banus) is very family orientated and friendly.

BubblesCyprus 8:56 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Watch film Midnight Express make your own decision.See you back in Protoras for a Keo.

GBHammer63 8:52 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
Just returned from Dalyan, no problems at all, Turkey is a very different country on the turquoise coast to Istanbul and Syrian borders.

As some have previously said, probably best to take little notice of anyone who hasn't been there.

Yes, they're all trying to part you from your Lira but it's done in a very friendly and nice way. Put a smile on your face ( as well as your sunscreen) , talk to people and it's a really enjoyable holiday.

Been quite a few times over the past few years and never had anything but a good time, was getting 4.3 lira to the pound so it's great value- go and enjoy

mike hunt 2:35 Sun Jul 9
Re: Holiday question - Turkey
silver surfer 12.21

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