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penners28 6:35 Mon Jul 10
Sonos speakers
I've searched for an answer online but not good at shit like this. I have a sonos 1 but want another one to put in another room, but play the same music.

Anyone know if I can just buy another one, and the link them up, without having to splash out for the amp thing?


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chim chim cha boo 5:21 Tue Jul 11
Re: Sonos speakers
Ilford Hammer 10:05 Tue Jul 11

Fair enough I suppose. I've watched salesmen saying it's the best sounding thing ever and it's just another clever marketing ploy as they (to be fair, Hi Fi shops do it too) pick cleverly chosen music that doesn't make the speakers work too hard.

Ilford Hammer 10:05 Tue Jul 11
Re: Sonos speakers
I don't think anyone's saying that Sonos is audiophile level equipment. But the sound quality is still very good - certainly for 99.9% of the population.

And if you want a multi room wireless set up that's easy to put together and doesn't break the bank - there's nothing that comes close to it.

chim chim cha boo 5:32 Tue Jul 11
Re: Sonos speakers
I'm surprised you've got a Sonos speaker, Claret, my boy.

A Linn Sondek and a Sonos speaker?

I remember you thinking I was a bit of a pikey with my Linn Axis (bought 30 years ago when I was 19 and an Axis was a serious financial stretch- plus the fact I've not used it for at least 10 years).

What other skeletons do you have in your cupboard, anything by Bose perhaps?

I'm not judging anyone else's Sonos stuff- I'm sure you like it but Claret loves his Hi-Fi and Sonos is definitely NOT Hi-Fi.

Claret Badger 4:59 Tue Jul 11
Re: Sonos speakers
ive got one

and yes you can

Norflundon 12:05 Tue Jul 11
Re: Sonos speakers
I've got Sonos
Yes you can

Ilford Hammer 11:55 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
The new(ish) Play 5 is a lovely looking and sounding speaker. It's also the only model that has a Line In connection so you can connect your turntable or hi-fi to it and play your vinyl and/or CD collection through Sonos.

Keep dreaming 11:50 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Penner's, joeC is right. Today you can hook your Sonos 1 speakers directly to your WiFi without using a Sonos bridge. I didn't know that until now. Thanks joeC.

threesixty 11:36 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
I used to think chromecast was a cheap solution and what Sonos was doing was too expensive. Until I actually tried chromecast! It doesn't sync anywhere near as accurately between speakers like Sonos does.its like galloping horses going from one room to the over!

Sonos is seamless. You go to one room and then the other and the timing is perfect. Chromecast was all over the place when I tried it.

Sonos is expensive because no one else can actually do what they do is good as they can.

Joe C 11:19 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
No - I have 4 different speakers and don't have the bridge. It used to be a requirement, but not any more.

Also, if it's near your router, you can plug it in via Ethernet and that unit becomes a bridge anyway.

penners28 11:15 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Like i said, im shite at stuff like this.

So do i need this bridge thing then?

PistonHammered 11:07 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
This amp thing? Do you mean the wifi bridge?
One bridge runs the show and every Sonos speaker has it's own built in amps.

As mentioned by some and as you already know they are great for the money. You can also set the two speakers up in a stereo format if you wished.

The Play series are amped speakers but they actually do sell an amp thing that you hook your own speaker to, but that not what you have.

Vexed 10:37 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Hark at the audiophiles on here slagging off the Sonos but probably playing shitty streamed music through their 'high end' systems like it's going to make a difference.

Sonos is perfectly adequate for the shit quality streamed music people listen to these days. If all your music is CD or FLAC then high end will be the way to go.

Nobody likes an audio wanker.

CasualKen 10:26 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Biggest arse ache for me with Sonos is you can't link it up to the BBC radio player. I do like downloading the odd essential mix to blast out but it's not on there list of music services. Tune in Radio is but that only plays the live radio. Had a look on the chatrooom and Sonos seem to blame the Beeb and visa versa. Other than that it's the bollocks

Keep dreaming 7:34 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Branded, we arent talking High end with either Chromecast or Sonos. But audio for the money is good.

What would be your choice?

BRANDED 7:28 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
Sonos is the arse end of audio. Get something decent.

Keep dreaming 7:26 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
As long as you have the Sonos Bridge you can add as many separate speakers as you like (as long as they are within the wifi reach). You can group them up, or set two in stereo mode. Quite smart!

Newest Spotify app can stream directly to a Sonos speaker. Thats much better than being stuck to using Sonos's own streaming app.

Before i went a bought another set of Sonos speakers, i woudl look into Chromecast Audio. Cheapest options there is (if you already have a stereo or a wireless speaker lying around)

Gavros 7:19 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
No problem.

penners28 7:14 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
cheers all. very helpful

Ilford Hammer 7:02 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
No. The only other thing I bought is the Boost (£99) which creates a separate Wi-Fi network for your speakers. I'd recommend getting it, though it's not a definite requirement.

I have a Play 3 plugged directly into the Boost, a Play 5 in the lounge that has my turntable connected to it and then a Play 1 in the conservatory that's just plugged into the wall socket. They can all play the same music at the same time, or different songs.

It's a piece of piss to set up really.

icwhs 6:58 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers

You don't need the amp thing for 2 separate speakers 🔊

Beckton Bill 6:57 Mon Jul 10
Re: Sonos speakers
No amp needed. they all link up and can play separate or the same music.

Im thinking of getting 2.

Gav - what streaming devices do you recommend?

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