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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
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c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

claret on my shirt 8:56 Mon Jul 10
Marko Arnautovic - signed


West Ham complete signing of Austria star Marko Arnautovic

West Ham United are delighted to announce the Club-record signing of Austria attacker Marko Arnautovic.

The talented Arnautovic joins the Hammers from Stoke City, adding proven Premier League and international quality to Slaven Bilic’s forward line.

The 28-year-old, who arrives from Stoke City on a five-year contract, becomes West Ham’s third signing of the summer, following England goalkeeper Joe Hart and Argentina full-back Pablo Zabaleta.

“It feels special to me to be a West Ham player,” said Arnautovic, who has 62 caps for his country.

“Everyone knows that West Ham is a big Club, with big history and I’m happy to be a part of it now. I can’t wait to get started.

“I played against West Ham at the old stadium – I didn’t play last year at the new stadium because I was suspended – but I came to the game and I can only say it is a massive Club with a lot of fans.

“They are crazy for football and this is what I like. The Club is still growing, getting better and better and that’s why I’m here.”

Joint-Chairman David Sulllivan added: “We’re delighted to have completed Marko’s transfer from Stoke City.

“Alongside Pablo Zabaleta and Joe Hart we have brought in three players with vast Premier League experience this summer, and that was one of our key targets as we look ahead to the new season.

“Marko will bring plenty of quality to our front line and I’m excited to see him in a claret and blue shirt.”

An exciting player capable of opening up the tightest of defences, Arnautovic has caught the eye, created and taken chances wherever he has played.

After breaking through as a free-scoring teenager at Dutch club FC Twente, the versatile forward spent a season on loan under Jose Mourinho at Italian giants Internazionale before joining German side Werder Bremen in June 2010.

The Austrian produced the goods regularly in the Bundesliga, scoring 16 goals and assisting 13 more in just 84 appearances over three seasons, including a first senior hat-trick at Hoffenheim in December 2012.

The following year, Stoke City brought him to the Premier League, where his career continued to flourish under Mark Hughes. In four seasons in the Potteries, Arnautovic helped Stoke to three ninth-place finishes, with the Vienna-born forward scoring 26 times and registering 32 assists in 146 games.

Arnautovic is also one of Austria’s biggest sports stars and has been a regular for his national team for the past six years. He started all ten qualifiers and three finals matches at UEFA Euro 2016 and has scored three times in Austria’s opening six 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Everyone at West Ham United would like to wish Marko the best of luck as he embarks on a new adventure in Claret and Blue at London Stadium.

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Pagey 2:01 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
It's a squad game these days and therefore you need quality in depth. I think Ayew will play a vital part this season. He has a brilliant knack of scoring goals, even when not playing well.

The good thing is that we will hopefully have decent options before we even look at the likes of Carroll and Sakho. If they do happen to both get fit - and it's a huge if - our attacking options will be even stronger. If not, we still have quality.

Alex V 2:00 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Swiss. 1:46 Mon Jul 24

Good post on an interesting topic - I'd love to know what the plan is for how to play. Not easy at all to come up with a workable system for the players we have and are buying. Of course having a few options is fine, but I think the best approach is to play the same system in each game so the players can get used to playing together in it.

Northern Sold 1:57 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed

Telegraph have him down as a midfielder

Eggbert Nobacon 1:49 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Ayew will be cover to Arnie, Lanzini and Antonio

As well as possibly up front if we get our usual injury crisis

Hell get plenty of games that way

Swiss. 1:46 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
I guess Bilic may be tempted to play a 4-3-3 with Antonio and Arnie as wide attacking players and Hernandez in the centre

This would mean an Obiang, Kouyate, Lanzini midfeild. This will put a lot of pressure on our full backs.

or 5-3-2 ...with Arnie and Hernandez up front and Antonio at right wing back.

Anyway you look at it I'm not sure where Ayew fits in now? Strange signing that.

-[Rasta]- 11:50 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Think he is a good powerful attacking player (see what I did there) and a great addition to the squad...

Eerie Descent 11:09 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
The thread that keeps on giving.

Great signing, and Vexed being shown up for knowing fuck all about football. Excellent stuff.

Fivetide 11:01 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Well,obviously he is a forward, just not a centre forward or striker. Good addition and option. Should be effective in possession in a three. Would still like to see a classic No.9 signed, or faith publicly given to one of our younger squad members to aspire to that role this season when other senior forwards are inevitably on the treatment table.

Lee Trundle 10:47 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Do get too upset, I'm just playing your "simple" game you asked us to play by looking it up.

Here's another:
"A winger is an attacking player who is stationed in a wide position near the touchlines. They can be classified as forwards, considering their origin as the old "outside-forward" position"

In fact, most place I've looked up suggest wingers can be forwards.

Don't hate me for it, it's not me writing this stuff you asked us to look up.

Vexed 10:41 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Ok then I have questions:

Do we really think Arnie is the backup to Hernandez we are desperate for and how the club will sell it to us?

When did we play anything other than one up top? Is Antonio now a forward under the new wonky rules on here? If so then Ayew and Lanzini must also be right?

No way is Arnie a forward. Midfield. All day long.

Lee Trundle 10:30 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
You asked us to look it up, Vexed.

"In modern football, the terms winger or wide player refer to a non-defender who plays on the left or right sides of the pitch. These terms can apply to left or right midfielders, left or right attacking midfielders, or left or right forwards."


Lily Hammer 10:25 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Vexed, you should stick to just being vexed. You're having a stinker here. Do you also insist that Messi and Neymar were not forwards for Barca last season?

Vexed 10:21 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Oh we need to consult Wikipedia do we? Sad (and illustrates my point) but you might want to point your face at this little beauty quoted from your favourite site: 'In football, a winger is an attacking midfielder in a wide position.'

Oh dear Trundle. Thanks for playing.

wanstead_hammer 10:18 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed

Sydney_Iron 10:18 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Fuck me, only on WHO could the signing of a player turn into a debate/cuntfest/argument as to if a right winger is a forward or not?

Of course hes a forward, even the PL have him down as such.


Eerie Descent 10:12 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Alex Vexed has been done there.

Rossal 10:08 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed

Yeah i may be wrong, ut from what ive seen he doesnt strike me as quick. Quick for a big man maybe......but in this day and age of pacy full backs will he get round them which i think is what we need/lacked down the left last season

Lee Trundle 10:05 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
"I suggest some of you look this up if you're struggling. It's a simple game really."

Quite a few of these formations have wingers as forwards, Vexed.



Infidel 9:59 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed

"Doesn't possess great pace"


For a big lad he looks pretty fast to me.

Rossal 9:04 Mon Jul 24
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
Not convinced by this bloke at all. Seems a 1 in 5 player, doesnt possess great pace, heading towards decline, doesnt chip in with a great amount of goals

But if i say to myself we bought him for £13m + Valencia all of a sudden it doesnt look so bad

eusebiovic 9:41 Sun Jul 23
Re: Marko Arnautovic - signed
I'm not too convinced by this one but if all our forward players get around 8-12 goals each then it might not be such a bad thing...He is more than capable of achieving that


All capable of a modest return of 48 to 72 goals - not bad


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