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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
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d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

northbanker 5:59 Thu Jul 13
Charlie Gard

All this money and effort to bring a brain damaged child into the world to suffer and to be requiring total care at massive cost to the taxpayer.

Are these the most selfish cunts you've ever seen.

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Mike Oxsaw 9:51 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
PostmanPissed 8:25 Mon Jul 24

The parent fought for what they truly believed in - criticise that and you criticise everyone who follows an organised religion (and if you happen to be religious AND criticise these parents you're a fucking hypocrite of the highest order).

They set an example to many of what how a parent should act once they become a parent; far too many give their kids the latest technology to get them to shut the fuck up while they - the parents - get on with the more important, grown-up business of keeping up to date with Love Island/BGT/the soaps.

lab 9:48 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
It's not what u want it's what best for that child ,do what's right for the other person , possibly the east end coming out in me.

Romfordboy 9:43 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
For me it's not the baby who needed the help life gave him little chance, the parents are he ones who need help to help them deal with this tragic situation

I wish them all the best

Alfs 9:18 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Hats off to the little lad. He became the most famous brain dead baby on the planet but he didn't let it affect him one bit.

PostmanPissed 8:25 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Must admit I got little choked at the announcement today.

As a parent I suppose you are going to cling to the minutest chance that there may be a procedure or cure that may keep your child alive, even though there is no guarantee of recovery.

I am so gutted for the parents, and have a great deal of sympathy for the staff at GOSH who have had to care for Charlie,and to those who have had to cast a professional opinion. This case has been hard to all involved.

I don't feel the parents have been selfish, they have had to deal with a situation, and make decisions that most of us will never get near to, and hopefully never will have to.

yngwies Cat 7:35 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Really sad, meet the parents when my son's football team did a fundraiser a few months back, seemed nice coupke. Pretty hard to imagine what it's like. Hopefully the money will help. Heartbreaking for them but time to say goodbye.

Chigwell 7:35 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
A sad story and one feels sorry for the parents, but they did let their emotions control their perception of what is in Charlie's best interest.

Nurse Ratched 7:34 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Social media strikes again.

ted fenton 7:27 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Poor little sod just let him rest in peace.

master 6:53 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
From the BBC - "Supporters shouted shame on GOSH"

Shame on YOU. Cretins.

Pub Bigot 6:50 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
busheyhammer85 6:29 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard

I believe I read that the parents are going to create a foundation with the proceeds to assist others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Pub Bigot 6:48 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Vexed 7:05 Thu Jul 13
Re: Charlie Gard

I think it's their right to be selfish, even if they know that the child had the slimiest of chances of surviving. I suppose that's what the definition of love is fighting every corner to keep someone they cherish alive.

I don't know too much about the illness the poor chap has, but if he could have been saved, would he really have been in pain and kept alive by machines or at the very worst, a vegetable?

Fivetide 6:40 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
I think GOSH has remained dignified throughout, and I understand the parents' motives and understandable lack of any objectivity. The truth is that sometimes no amount of money can stop tragic events from playing out. If this wasn't the case, Rio would still have his wife and mum. Nothing to be gained from raking these coals and apportioning blame - just a very sad story all round.

busheyhammer85 6:29 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Where does all the money raised go now?

Saul Bollox 6:26 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
And who do you think pays for the healthcare and the legal bill with this totally pointless venture.

wd40 6:04 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
No doubt a book out at Xmas
maybe couple of turns on the sofa on itv morning slot between the competitions phone in's
then a documentary on B.B.C 1

and don't forget the full story in the Sun.

Enjoy the mess .


Gavros 5:32 Mon Jul 24
Re: Charlie Gard
Parents have given up following new brain scan results and a change in the opinion of the american doctor in the light of them.

Sydney_Iron 11:36 Sun Jul 23
Re: Charlie Gard
Sums up were society is heading really, what a fucked up hypocritical world we live in.

Mad Dog 10:47 Sun Jul 23
Re: Charlie Gard
Understand why the parents want to do this. Even if they are wrong. Thank fuck I'm not in their situation and never want to be.

The child is suffering. Experts have said this won't make any difference. Can fully understand why the parents will desperately cling on to any hope. Even if it is futile. But for the sake of the poor child, this needs to end now.

Rent a mob aren't helping. And abusing the staff and other parents at GOSH is absolutely disgraceful.

Mike Oxsaw 9:03 Sun Jul 23
Re: Charlie Gard
"It's a very modern event. Everyone thinks they know best, refuses to listen to experts and wants what they want now and fuck everyone else. "

I'm not sure it's that modern - I recall undercurrents of that attitude when I was at school in the late 60s/early 70s.

What does appear new is that the public lave lost all sense if lead-time (from want to get) and resource requirements ((personal) effort needed to achieve).

Modern, in-your-face, advertising of stuff doesn't help, but advertising has absolutely NO effect on us clever, sensible, intelligent types, right?

Sven Roeder 8:45 Sun Jul 23
Re: Charlie Gard
I too read that Gard's spokesman statement as telling GSOH to reveal the threats as they didn't believe they happened.
As others have said they are giving no consideration to other families and children who are using the hospital.

It's a very modern event. Everyone thinks they know best, refuses to listen to experts and wants what they want now and fuck everyone else.

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