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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

AlvinMartinAllen 1:10 Fri Jul 14
Bilic confident on transfers
Slaven Bilic takes training in Austria

Slaven Bilic says he is confident of adding one or two influential new players to his squad in the very near future.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan and Head of Recruitment Tony Henry have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to capture the manager’s primary targets and, with a month to go until the 2017/18 Premier League campaign kicks off, Slaven is happy with how things are progressing.

“We are pretty close, but I prefer not to talk transfers, I prefer to work transfers,” said the Hammers boss.

“Make no mistake, we are working hard every day, but it is not easy. Some clubs, like Everton, are signing a lot of players, some are signing a couple of players, and some haven’t signed any.

“But that doesn’t mean they are not trying. I’m sure everybody is working, and everybody is trying to sign players.”

Slaven also emphasised the approach of the Club in this summer’s transfer window to place quality above quantity, and the need to remain patient in order to ensure that any new recruit is right for West Ham United and will improve not just the squad, but the starting line-up.

“It is important to remember that, towards the end of last season, we played without nine players who were injured, and still to be fair we did quite well, points wise and performance,” he said.

“So we have a squad. What we want is to bring in the quality that is going to improve our first 11. We have Pablo [Zabaleta] and I am really expecting to add a couple more soon.

“Everybody is talking about a striker, but it is very hard to find them,” added the Croatian. “We are working on it, but we are not going to get someone that we are not sure about.

“Especially as we are not looking at bringing them in to be just in or around the squad, or expect them to come good in a couple of years.

“We want someone to come in, put the jersey on, and play. And we are going to do it. We are working very hard, especially the chairman, but we are going to get someone that we really want.”

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franksfat&slow&wank 8:13 Sat Jul 22
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Bloke on kumb referring to us saying I thought we were addressing pace

I don't consider Chico and Arnie as slow ?

Private Dancer 5:11 Sat Jul 22
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
With 5 weeks still left and with a net spend of only around 35 mil I'm sure there will be 1 or 2 more coming in, and 1 or 2 more going out, Fegs being one.

Things are shaping up nicely.

Johnson 3:49 Sat Jul 22
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
This window so far assuming Arnoutawhatever and Hernandez is going well with the Hart deal too.

For once I couldn't give a fuck what that shyster Sullivan did or agreed to for Hart, it was the sort of signing that matches the gob about how we're now on the next level.

I'd say the signing of the current England number 1 is the next level to be fair, regardless of what some people think - especially the absolute mongoloids on here - Hart is still world renowned.

That should make other top players see us in a slightly different light hopefully.

One thing I will say though. Mexico sports news is going into one about Hernandez coming back to England.

THAT is better than the fucking bullshit London badge they trust on us claiming it'll make us more well known.

As I said at the time signing player people know and winning stuff gets people interested in your football club.

I hope this spree continues, I'm hearing it might...

normannomates 12:43 Sat Jul 22
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
The difference in his demeanour this pre season to last is pretty evident.
Maybe..just maybe..the club are becoming more like how they should be.
The players recruited could and should have been brought in last summer..but they went cheap..not that any of said players are mega expensive or at all...Hart on loan...Zabaleta on a free.

Romfordboy 9:25 Thu Jul 20
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Big season for bilic if he wants a contract renewal he is going to have to deliver a top 8

steveiron64 9:23 Thu Jul 20
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Hernandez, Arnautovic and Hart - blinding transfer window so far. Going to enjoy my first full season ticket in over 40 years.

Swiss. 6:59 Thu Jul 20
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Actually a lot of holes. Still slaging off Bilic?

Swiss. 6:58 Thu Jul 20
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
So for the moaners

Goalkeeper> Adrian a liability sign Hart
RB> not filled properly sign Zabaleta
Forwards an issue. Sign Arnautovic and Hernandez

I think thats fixed some holes from last season

goose 3:28 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
outside of the 'big boys' we are the biggest net spender over the past few years?

not a trend i see continuing this summer. something is going on..............

AlvinMartinAllen 3:21 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
So to summarise.

You list players who cost between £7-20m and label the fees "peanuts" but you're moaning that a free transfer and two loans is a "costly mistake".

And you say we didn't bring in enough quality and list players who have played international and European level from Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A,, then suggest we should sign players similar to the ones we signed from the Ipswich, Nottingham Forest and Al Jazira in order to get a "HOME RUN".

I think you managed to contradict every one of your thoughts within 40 characters or less.

Infidel 2:52 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers

We have never been big spenders.

Ayew is the club record at £20M. It's peanuts in the PL these days.

You don't need to spend big. Antonio and Lanzini cost peanuts. Ditto Payet.

You just have to be good at spotting talent. We seem to have lost our mojo in that respect....

goose 2:22 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
the closer we get to deadline day, the more people will realise that we are short of cash (relatively speaking).
i dont know if its the lack of 'pay day' loans from Tabor, or maybe they are trying to buy the stadium. either way the net spend will not be big.

Infidel 2:17 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers

It's not my job to recruit new players for the club. We have highly paid professionals whose job it is to scout and identify talent for the senior team.

Like any professional, they should be held accountable for the results they produce, which means finding players who make an impact on the first team.

That's why we are entitled to ask what went wrong when players like Nordveidt, Callieri and Tore end up in our squad. The club's process - whatever it is - isn;t rigorous enough and we are making costly mistakes.

Equally they have had some major successes: Antonio, Cresswell, Lanzini, Ogbonna. They deserve credit when they get it right.

But those four are not recent signings. Antonio signed for us in Sept 2015, Lanz in July 2015. Cresswell signed in 2014.

My point is that (a) it's been two years since we had a 'home run' signing and (b) none of last year's signings was a first XI quality player and (c) several of last year's signings were complete duds.

None of the most recent signings has improved our first team. I think that's beyond dispute.

At best we have strengthened the bench with Ayew, Byram, Fonte and maybe Feghouli (although I am not a fan of his). At this level you have to keep moving the squad on and making it ever better - because the league gets harder every year. That's the job of our scouts and of the management team - and they need to stop making errors.

BillyDe7 11:32 Mon Jul 17
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
AlvinMartinAllen 4:28 Sun Jul 16

On The Ball 4:40 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
David L 1:01 Sun Jul 16

And the £25m they agreed to pay for Zaza, had he been any good.

AlvinMartinAllen 4:28 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Infidel 3:47 Sun Jul 16

You said 'They are nowhere near the level required.' I pointed out they are Internationals. They have experience of European competitions and even a couple have won trophies. Zaza has joined Valencia, a club that has more European competition experience than us. Nordtveit could be playing CL football with Hoffenheim next season. That IS the highest level. I'm not sure what 'level' you expect and think we can attract but you're going to feel a little let down if you expect a lot more.

The reason I mentioned a couple had played at youth level in England for top clubs wasn't just about ability either, it was about having lived and settled in this country before, so should have been a positive when deciding on recruiting them.

Zabaleta has played at the highest level and won trophies. It doesn't automatically mean he'll be a success here either. So do you feel he is the sort of level we need or are you going to wait until the end of the season and point fail, claiming we need better if indeed it goes wrong? I'm willing to bet you never similar about any of the four you mentioned when they signed.

Infidel 3:47 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers

"What utter rubbish. 3 of the 4 are all Internationals. Tore and Nordtveit had experience at youth level in England at top clubs in London and Tore had previously played under our manager."

So if I understand you correctly you think that a player who has played for his country is automatically good enough for West Ham?

Do you want a list of internationals who have failed at our club? The list is too long but let's just start with Gary Breen and Julien Faubert shall we?

As for 'experience at youth level', don't make me laugh. That is irrelevant in the senior game at Premier League level. Most of the youth team players are released when they reach 18.

Take a look at the full list of INS and OUTS each year at Premier League clubs and look at the sheer number of young players released because they're not good enough. It runs into the hundreds.

The Premier League is very, very demanding. Even if your aim is to just to stay in the league you need to recruit well. We are bigger than that. We have a realistic ambition to challenge for a regular top six finish and maybe win the odd trophy and we are not going to do that with players who are out of their depth at the highest level.

BubblesCyprus 1:45 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
David L 1:01 Sun Jul 16 So who sanctioned the 20M for Ayew ??

David L 1:01 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
It's not hard to find strikers Slav, unless you're the West Ham chairman who won't bid above 15m for anyone

terry-h 10:42 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Meanwhile down at the Austrian ranch, Carroll and Sakho are complaining about the odd twinge or two.

cornish 10:24 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bilic confident on transfers
Lee Trundle,I think Coutinho could do that to most players.

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