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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
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PwoperNaughtyButNot 7:41 Sat Jul 15
Bastard Ear Infection
I've tried wiping my knob on it but it just can't reach

Any miraculous cures for ear infections from yous lot?

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Northern Sold 12:27 Wed Jul 19
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Had one on and off for about a year... legacy of surfing in Cal last August... think at one stage I had about half the pacific in my head... could not clear me ears the rest of the holiday and back home got worse and worse... although not painful the black rock hard gunk I was extracting was a miracle of the natural world... tried a few times to clear it up (usual oil drops etc) would abate but then come back... then pain got pretty sever about 2 months ago then followed by dizzy spells and loss of balance... up the quacks now have a inner ear infection.... been on the AB's and now don't feel like I'm gonna topple over in the lift... off on hols in August and EAR PLUGS have already been packed

PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:38 Tue Jul 18
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I tried the colloidal silver and it seemed to work. It's clearing up well.

Read up in it and it has loads of warning from health professionals and even cases where people's skin turns blue. So whilst my ear is getting better I have been forced to live in a secret village where there is only one lady and some old bloke who wears red bossing the place. Thanks for nuffink!

One Flew 4:10 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I've got some ear drops you can have

gph 12:47 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I've had a mosquito fly into my ear and get stuck. A mm from your eardrum and it is fucking loud.

No possibility of sleep, so I pitched up at A+E. They phoned and woke their ENT man, and he recommended filling my ear with olive oil and drowning the bastard. This worked.

If I had been woken at 3am, I would have recommended sulphuric acid.

bruuuno 12:14 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bastard Ear Infection

BRANDED 12:12 Sun Jul 16
Re: Bastard Ear Infection

westhammerer 11:05 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Years ago, in 2000AD comic I think, there was a story about an insect that had got into a person's ear. It crawled across to their other ear and surgeons were obviously concerned about damage this would do to the brain. They used lazers to direct the insect so that it would not impact on the brain but slip through and inbetween the membrane. The insect eventually made it to the other ear and came out. Much to everyone's relief. But then, in a final panel of the comic, it emerged that the insect had laid a thousand or so eggs in the middle that were about to hatch and eat out the brain from the inside.

I liked 2000AD

Splundig vur Thrigg

jim@chickenrun 11:02 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I used to get ear infections all the time when I was in Spain due to swimming in the sea etc,only thing that sorted it was antibiotic ear drops,in Spain you could buy over the counter,but here its prescription only,think the jollop here was called optimize or something like that.

mattyolmes 11:02 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
* in effected ear.

mattyolmes 11:01 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Try some colloidal silver. I was pretty cynical but it fixed my ear infection overnight. One squirt uneffected ear...No antibiotics required.

Nothing to lose right?
Good luck

Sarge 10:50 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I've always found a good spicy curry clears the inner eats.

You've got to eat it obviously and not spoon it into your lugholes

Nurse Ratched 10:21 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Why are you assuming it's an infection? You could be worrying yourself unnecessarily on that score. Could be a simpler explanation, such as a pregnant spider has crawled in while you slept.

icwhs 10:03 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection

Alwaysaniron 9:20 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I'm with Spandex. Leave it until it either goes or the pain becomes so excruciating that you need to see a doctor.

ATBOG 9:08 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I' d be inclined to agree with spandex. Keep away from the antibiotics, there's enough of them in the food chain already. Every time I get an ear infection I resist the urge to scratch the fuck out of it and its gone within two days

Far Cough 9:01 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
'ark at Spandex Sidney MD*

*Massive Dope

Hammer and Pickle 9:01 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
I suggest OTC drops and an EARly night.

Spandex Sidney 8:52 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Don't waste antibiotics on stuff like this. Will probably day a day off, at best. Antibiotics are possibly the most amazing invention ever but antibiotic resistance could end up killing us all.

Alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen, they can be taken together as long as you don't overdo the 24 hour dose and get better painkillers from docs if really bad.

But leave the antibiotics alone until you are in hospital and your life depends on it.

Far Cough 8:33 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

neilalex 7:53 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection

Nurse Ratched 7:47 Sat Jul 15
Re: Bastard Ear Infection

P.s. I saw what you did there, Neil

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