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stoneman 11:18 Wed Jul 19
Same gripe as the women's football, the stadium is not even a quarter full so why not have it staged at Crystal Palace and rip up the track and turn it into a proper football stadium?

Why are minority sports being forced on us?

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Long Lost 8:25 Sat Jul 22
Re: Paralympics.
Sitting in block 126 tonight. Does it normally stink of piss down here? It's constant.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:24 Fri Jul 21
Re: Paralympics.

Almost everyone who ridicules the Paralympics/whatever this one is ridicules the media, especially the left-wing broadcast media, for pretending that it is exactly equivalent to able-bodied sport.

Almost nobody ridicules the actual disabled athletes or even the events themselves. But it is what it is - sport for people who can't be good at sport.

jayjones 12:15 Fri Jul 21
Re: Paralympics.
I do not know what is wrong with some of you slagging off the disabled, I hope something as unfortunate never happens to you or yours. Shame on you.

Vexed 1:35 Fri Jul 21
Re: Paralympics.
It's not the Paralympics. It's the world para athletics championships.

I'm pretty sure you qualify stonemong.

Muggy Bonehead III 1:33 Fri Jul 21
Re: Paralympics.
I was having a good fucking laugh really enjoying this until i realised where it was and looking at that fucking running track. fuck off. lost me stiffy too

wanstead_hammer 12:57 Thu Jul 20
Re: Paralympics.
It's got its place somewhere. Gawd knows where though.
Just always seems like a bad accident waiting to happen.
Not a general spectator sport. Prob just family/neighbours support on a personal basis. And the do gooders of course.

Good luck to em with it all though.

bruuuno 12:08 Thu Jul 20
Re: Paralympics.
Who really gives a fuck about a load of raspberrys flapping around? Ffs

Norman 11:50 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
There was 9K there last night. Really poor crowd. Hardly advertised at all

Crassus 11:44 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
The spiritual home is Stoke Mandeville where it all started, that's the place

As far as bird football, well your guess is as good as mine, US? They seem to like it but then again they don't get the game either

Sven Roeder 11:37 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
The World Athletics Championships are on there from August 4 to 13 so the conversion was taking place anyway.
And back again for £8m

Send them to Crystal Palace?
Surely these people have suffered enough

Amputee Actor 11:36 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
I would give this lark a go, but I like the cigs too much.

stoneman 11:35 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
They deserve their time in the spotlight but why do it at a 1/4 full stadium with no atmosphere?

Crassus 11:34 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.

I hear you - bird and raspberry sport has it's place and fair play to them for doing what ever it is they do but sport is, and always has been, a bloke thing, by blokes for blokes.

happygilmore 11:32 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
Looks well as an Athletic's Stadium.

We should never have moved there.

End of ...

Nagel 11:31 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
You seem to realise that this is exactly the same old moan that you posted about the Women's Euros just 5 mins before, yet still did felt you had to do it?

What is wrong with you?

At least this one doesn't have emojis though, I'll give you that.

Grumpster 11:27 Wed Jul 19
Re: Paralympics.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have all of their limbs intact, so I'm guessing the use of the big stadium with a decent crowd is so that for once in their life, they can feel like a normal person and be proud.

Good luck to them, it's am athletics stadium after all.

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