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David L 11:20 Wed Jul 19
Anti Bias training
Had to grit my teeth and smile during an hour of this insufferable shit today. All about unconscious bias, and not saying good morning to someone is a good example, resulting in that person feeling excluded.

What a load of old cunt.

Anyone else had to go through this or offer life draining training?

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Vexed 8:54 Fri Jul 21
Re: Anti Bias training
Don't be fooled into thinking that anyone thinks that these courses are useful or worth the money or that any cunt gets a thing out of it - it's a box ticking exercise, often a prelude to fucking some people off.

Mike Oxsaw 8:34 Fri Jul 21
Re: Anti Bias training
Westham67 10:45 Fri Jul 21

Got to agree with all that - it's one of the main reasons I consult rather than cower.

Current bunch are trying hard to " include" me in all things corporate and I basically ignore them.

Craziest thing is that they always moan about a lack of time to get things done, then spend days fannying about on one of these puke-inducing jaunts.

Inevitably get a few "You should have come"s, which get bounced straight back with a "Well, while you were out of the way..."

SecondOpinion 11:22 Fri Jul 21
Re: Anti Bias training
Yeah we got shit like this going on all the time which I refuse to attend.

I do hear conversations after they have taken place from women who still insist that only they can multi task and that they are more sensitive to people's needs.

No bias there of course.

Westham67 10:45 Fri Jul 21
Re: Anti Bias training
I hate companies who think paying you a wage allows them to intrude on your private life I never attend any company do's anywhere.

Malaysia has a regular weekend "Family day" I never went to one in 6 years. The weekend is when I forget about work and do what I want.

Controlling peoples "Bias" Is also bollocks what right have they to determine how you feel about someone or something. I'd rather lose my job than to comply to the employer's demands

Razzle 10:19 Fri Jul 21
Re: Anti Bias training
Another example of unconscious bias is calling someone in the work place a cunt when actually you can be more inclusive and use cunts.

Jim C 9:27 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Well I am covered there as I always walk in and greet everyone with a "morning all".

Oh shit hang on, what if someone has not arrived yet, I have excluded them from my morning greeting. I better get myself on one of these courses.

BRANDED 10:22 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Good morning David L.

Dr Moose 10:19 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training

In CS this crap is done online, had to do many when working for them. You just skip to the questions which are common sense, get 95% (always get one answer wrong) and a certificate to print and they don't bother you for a year.

Chigwell 10:18 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
I went on a compulsory anti-discrimination course at work. The first half was on racial bias: the presenter kept asking one of my colleagues, a black Nigerian, for examples of how he had suffered from prejudice in the UK. It was very amusing later on when the topic was homophobia, because the Nigerian showed himself to be extremely hostile to gay people, especially what he called "the act itself".

Hammer and Pickle 10:17 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Working on the non-PC bad-arse version.

It's called Anti Miserable Selfish Cunt Training - that ought to tick boxes you never knew existed.

frank marker 10:10 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Well, I did this training and it worked for me.

By the way, good morning everyone.

riosleftsock 9:52 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Yep, I worked at a firm that used to send us away for re-programming regularly - didnt work obviously but it ticks boxes.

Feed Me Chicken 9:44 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Cunts won't be happy until their workers are all robots!

Mike Oxsaw 6:21 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Ah! The sort of non-productive crap that so helps make the national debt what it is today.

irons1979 1:22 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
I work for a training company that sells stuff like that. Unconscious bias becomes a buzz word and everyone thinks they need it.

It has some relevance when it comes to recruitment but treating everyone in the office the same way is near on impossible.

There will be a new fad soon

Westham67 12:43 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Anti- Bollocks training

Sven Roeder 12:29 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Will have to send our CEO on some Anti Bias training ..... we have two new interns doing work experience this week

CEO's daughter (NO LINK)
CEO's daughters boyfriend

wurzel 12:20 Thu Jul 20
Re: Anti Bias training
Can't stand the 'training sessions ' our firm send us on. 4 hours being taught how to suck eggs, etc. HR staff don't live in the real world or work in the everyday workplace.

Crassus 11:49 Wed Jul 19
Re: Anti Bias training

My bloody eyes went all fruit machine reading that - do you work in the civil service mate?

Cunts would have a bundle of fun with me .....

DagenhamDave 11:32 Wed Jul 19
Re: Anti Bias training
There's nothing like an hour long course to reprogram millennia of hard wired behaviour.

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