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ornchurch ammer 1:55 Thu Jul 20
Jack Wilshere
Or typical a West Ham spending money on a crock?

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jack flash 8:47 Wed Sep 5
Re: Jack Wilshere
I've never been a great fan of Jack Wheelchair even though he was a free transfer & apparently an out and out hammer

We needed a central defensive midfielder or two & he isn't one. We have plenty of players who can play just behind the strikers

I fail to see the point of signing him, even on a free. Next thing you know, he'll be injured again

Russ of the BML 12:06 Wed Sep 5
Re: Jack Wilshere
Wilshere is class. End of.

But he needs to be sitting in a more advanced role with two holders behind him.

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:12 Wed Sep 5
Re: Jack Wilshere
Hermit Road 8:57 Mon Sep 3

Bang on what I was going to write.

Eddie B 5:48 Tue Sep 4
Re: Jack Wilshere
boltkunt 3:35 Mon Sep 3

Good point. We spent a shed load of cash on him, though.

Percy Dalton 10:08 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Just waiting for the latest photos of him on the piss and having a fag.

aldgate 8:06 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Makes Ian bishop look like pirlo

Krap not Pu 5:29 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Heard a fellow fan claim "more than a touch of dwarfism about him*" and I can only concur. Just praying he comes good....been gobsmacked how ruddy slow he is.

boltkunt 5:16 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
What a fucking idiot you are, Texas.

Texas Iron 5:14 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Thanks for info...
Glad he's on games played remuneration...

scott_d 3:55 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Texas Iron 7:29 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere

We should have got him on a loan or pay as you play deal...


How do you sign him on loan when he isn't contracted to a club?

boltkunt 3:35 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
We didn't buy him, B son.

Eddie B 3:34 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
We've been sold a pup

LeroysBoots 10:28 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Pedestrian even !

LeroysBoots 10:22 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
We have no attacking intent, it's all so slow and pedastrian

southbankbornnbred 10:14 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Likewise, mate, great to hear from you. Hope you're keeping well.

Yes, they look utterly directionless at the moment. In addition to that, the players are making awful individual errors.

I can only hope that Pelle has a system in mind and it is taking a while to bed in. But I have to say it does not look like that at the moment. It all feels very Avram Grant.

Italian hammer 10:10 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Overrated english player.

LeroysBoots 10:03 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Good to hear from you mate, been too long !

I took my partner and her mother, 81, who is over from Austria

She enjoyed the game but even she was bewildered by us.

Whatever the coaching staff had "drilled" in to them just went out of their collective heads as soon as they set foot on the pitch

southbankbornnbred 10:00 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
I wouldn't play Jack in goal, Leroys.

Know what you mean: Flappyhandzski did OK on Saturday. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he had another solid game, yes. At least we all know which position he played in.

LeroysBoots 9:57 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Keeper ?

southbankbornnbred 9:38 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
My honest assessment is that only two players emerged from Saturday with anything like some credit: Diop and Arnie.

Arnie got almost no service throughout, but has the ability to make something out of nothing - as he showed when he cut inside and forced a decent save from their keeper. He puts in a shift, even when the side is struggling. Diop seems to read the game well.

The rest of the team were utterly awful. I have no idea where several of them actually played in that system.

southbankbornnbred 9:33 Mon Sep 3
Re: Jack Wilshere
Jack's way off the pace at the moment. He looks out of sorts, and more than a little clueless, playing in the role currently asked of him.

I visited the athletics stadium on Saturday. Forgot he was playing, he was that anonymous. Mind you, the entire game was a non-event. I genuinely couldn't tell what formation we played - we were just a shapeless and directionless mass.

Wilshere's a fine player if he can find his best form. But we can all see that he's nowhere near that at the moment.

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