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claret on my shirt 10:00 Sun Jul 23
A dilema?
In my local boozer there is this guy about 50 who about a month threatened my 20 year old son, he's that guy who always has an opinion and can't let it go. On that night I let it go about him threatening my son, about 10pm after he did his lines of coke and was pissed he threatens my boy again, my son tells me and the red mist came down and I charged across the pub and just as I am about to hit him one of my mates grabs me , the other guy gets the first punch i break away from my mate holding me and hit him a few times. It gets broken up. He has shinner and a blood shot eye and i get barred for a month. A day later i apoligise to the land lady as I was wrong and take my ban like a man. Personally i think he should have been bared as well.

Since then this guy keeps sending me texts normally i hear when he is pissed and charged up threatening me and my boy. Latest today his son and mates are going to do my boy. My Boy can handle himself but just is not interested and does not even know this kid.

My ban is over next week, what would you do, let him get pissy again take the punch that i know he will throw and let him get bared or just go in there and do him (he punches like a bird) or ................ your thoughts?

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bruuuno 9:41 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Fucking hell this takes me back, all this sounds like the soundtrack to my youth. So glad I moved away from London when I did

On The Ball 5:15 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Assuming you won't want to give the name of the pub away, what area are we talking about?

Oh, and I'd also try and talk about it - before he's pissed.

jayjones 5:11 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
At least there will be one less then though peachy75

peachy75 5:02 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Stop drinking it that pub it sounds like its full of cunts!

chiff 4:11 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
I'm with three-sixty. Great advise

Private Dancer 3:52 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Trying to pull a 'bird' who is 25 years old?? OMG, are you fucking kidding me?? I would never talk a 'bird' who is under 45, bloody cheek of it.

Interesting that that is now goose, comma and snide who have all had a personal dig at me when I only ever stuck to the topic of the thread. And they call me bitter, lol.

ray winstone 3:50 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Tell him you post on WHO, he'll shit himself, everyone's hard on here.

Gavros 3:47 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
if its something that cant be solved through being diplomatic with this bloke, then it will at some point descend to the point that the OB are involved whether you like it or not. By highlighting what's going on to them ahead of that, you are putting yourself in a good light as far as the authorities are concerned. retrospectively (as they cant do much more than have a word, as i said) they will look at fault, and you will look like the person that tried to end it peacefully. It gives you greater rein to give the fucker a good hiding once youre back in the situation where he's giving it. You can justifiably say you were acting in self defence given previous threats/ attacks.

goose 3:45 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
"Oh look, WHO looking down their noses again because a 50 year old chooses to spend his nights sinking pints and sniffing coke down the pub instead of being stuck at home listening bored shitless listening to the fat wife nag. What a bunch of cunts."

i'll let you know when i'm anywhere close to 50 - but i'm sure there's more than just two options.

you know when you have a night out and there's some pathetic 50 year old off his face trying to pull birds half his age but coming across a bit 'rapey'........... thats PD.

claret on my shirt 3:42 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Gavros 3:36 Mon Jul 24

agree with you, to much to lose for one arsehole, but you kind of feel like a grass going to the old bill it does not sit well with me even though perhaps its the right option.

Fivetide 3:39 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
All old enough to know better. Be the only grown up in this sorry tale and talk the loser down.

Gavros 3:36 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
my point is that if he were that way inclined he'd have already done it.

Ive taken the law into my own hands and come a cropper too many times to think its clever or that you can get away with it.

icwhs 3:32 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Gavvy = go to the OB

icwhs = wait for him one night out of sight of CCTV and kick the cunt out of him

Thank me later

Gavros 2:59 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
why dont you just go to the OB and show them the evidence of the threats? They may not be able to do much more than have a word, but its then on record that he's been threatening you. He either than shuts up or he keeps on, in which case given that its likely to end in a punch up youve covered yourself as far as the law is concerned.

If you think youre too much of a 'man' to get the OB involved, then you'd have already weighed the cunt out.

, 2:58 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
The most important person here is the 20 year old son. My advice to claret is get his son out of the picture completely. This is because if things escalated and the son got inadvertently caught up in things and ended up with a criminal record his life chances are more difficult.

This situation is way outside of my experiences but claret, I would urge you to ignore any advice that comes from ex pat paedos.

Private Dancer 2:52 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
360 - Yep. This either needs to be sorted out diplomatically, or you have to be prepared to take the guy out, and I mean out. Anything in the middle and you're a sitting duck.

Side of Ham 2:52 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Rather be a sad cunt than a bloke who chases their youth......and girls they could be the grandfather of.....

Spandex Sidney 2:49 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
joey5000 2:22 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Text him back some nudes, turn the situation around and have some fun. Who knows, it might lead on to something beautiful.

Ag, ag, ag!

threesixty 2:48 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
I don't normally have anything to say about shit like this but:

This is not the 80's. Young people are kind of sick nowadays. No one has "punch up's" anyone anymore and just walks off. And nothing just "ends". And it doesn't matter how big you are, or your muscles, it's about mentality. How far is everyone willing to go? The youngsters out here are willing to go to the next level and beyond nowadays.

So you should quash this now. Talk to the guy in the pub and just say, mate, I haven't got time for this , we are big men, don't need it. And thats it.

Yes you can handle the 50 yr old, but you will be inconsolable if something happens to your boy. And in his age group it is the wild west out there.

Caveat: this applies to London, If you're in some village some where maybe it's all soft and nothing really goes on. But if its inner London, you kind of have to prepare to die for this shit. Is it really worth it? no.

pride is a killer. let it go.

claret on my shirt 2:46 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
jayjones 2:11 Mon Jul 24

He thought he heard my boy say some about him when he was talking about something else, he's an opinionated CFC fan who can't handle his beer, add the coke to it and bingo you get a mouthy prick who thinks he is hard

Private Dancer 2:31 Mon Jul 24
Re: A dilema?
Oh look, WHO looking down their noses again because a 50 year old chooses to spend his nights sinking pints and sniffing coke down the pub instead of being stuck at home listening bored shitless listening to the fat wife nag. What a bunch of cunts.

I wonder if he still wears jeans? OMG.

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