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longford 1:18 Sun Jul 30
Think we should keep hold of him this summer, constantly being linked with a move away.

I reckon off the bench we could win us a few games, and thats always a real value to the squad obviously.

The boy has talent , we just aint seen much of it yet..

Stick with him , or fuck him off if the price is right ?

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onlyoneclydebest 10:16 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
out of his depth

pdbis 7:58 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Wasn't under any pressure at Hull.

gph 7:52 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
BubblesC - we should only buy players who look decent for Burnley, Villa or Scunthorpe...

Dan M 7:49 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Yeah, Paul Hilton looked BRILLIANT as those ten goals went in...

Athletico Easthamico 2:11 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
A general problem that we have that I've stated before is that we have too many players that look up when we've got the ball and see bugger all movement in front of them.

Then it's pass for passing's sake.

Snodgrass would benefit from a fit Carroll and Sakho in the team to get on the end of his passes/crosses/set pieces but they have strangely turned to shit as soon as he joined us.

I really hope Hernandez doesn't get isolated up front.

Northern Sold 1:56 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Trev... everyone knows my stance when it comes to players stats... if it's a competitive game it counts... you can shove your EPL STATS ONLY stance right up your Japs Eye....

.. oh and cheers for the `have a nice day' ...

Russ of the BML 1:43 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
I was always impressed with him when he played for Hull and Scotland. And I was happy with his signing. I genuinely don't believe a player can go from a big fish in his domestic side and an international (although Scotland) to being as bad as he has been.

I am sure if we give him some more time and a few more chances we will see what he's about. And also, if you have players like Snodgrass on the bench then that's decent enough for me.

Trevor B 1:05 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass

That's not what I said though, is it? I said that I (me) preferred to compare PL records as it's more of a level playing field. Stats are often useless unless interpreted properly.

Bit of an odd reply from you though, never took you for a petty drama queen in the style of Brenty.

Enjoy the rest of your day mate.

BubblesCyprus 12:58 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
One of those players who when playing afainst us looked a player,put him in a Claret &Blue Shirt becomes shit. Zaza Hilton etc the list is endless.

Northern Sold 12:52 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Oh OK Trev so ALL Cup goals to be ripped from players records then OK?? I'll give Sir Trev and Alan Taylor a ring and let them know the bad news...

Trevor B 12:48 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
I tend to prefer to look at PL stats only as you know the level playing field, cup games can often lead to stats looking better from playing inferior oppo.

Northern Sold 12:40 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Trevor B 12:11 Mon Jul 31

Taken from the D/T FFL.... although they call them KEY CONTRIBUTIONS rather than assists.... his other 2 goals came in the Cup... So I imagine they are included yeah??


Trevor B 12:31 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass

i disagree, he has worked hard in the pre-season games so far, his interview after the game on saturday he said he was enjoying linking up with arnie and looking forward to playing with chicharito. i think you're looking for something that isn't there mate.

Crassus 12:25 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass

My theory is that he had a good game against us, so we bought him, irrespective of his being now deployed totally differently

Laughable as that sounds, he would not be the first, doubtless not the last - remember Paul Hilton?

Swiss. 12:18 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Trevor B

No one is going to say he's unhappy in an interview. He's body language on the pitch is like he doesn't give a toss.

franksfat&slow&wank 12:16 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
It's almost like we bought him based on stats alone, fucking strange how shit he is

Pee Wee 12:15 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
when you bring a player off the bench to change things, how exactly do you see Snodgrass doing that?

Skills - non existent
He has no pace
Inability to beat a man
Totally useless

Geoff 12:13 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
From what we've seen of the bloke 18 assists is probably his bloody career record.

Trevor B 12:11 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass

at Hull he quite often played in the hole behind the striker, with us he has been played almost exclusively on the wing. i think he scored 7 PL goals for them last season, 2 FKs and 2 Pens included. Not sure on what planet he bagged 18 assists though, he got 5 in the PL last season in total.

Geoff 12:10 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
Look at the level he's played at. He has spent all his career before joining us schlepping around either the relegation zone or in Divs 1 & The Championship with Leeds.
He will never be a PL player as long as he has a hole in his arse. Even in the PSF's he has been woeful. I don't see how we can be accused of ruining him when he fails to even deliver dead balls accurately.
He is crap. Correction. He is worse than crap.
Get rid.

Northern Sold 12:07 Mon Jul 31
Re: Snodgrass
just looked up his stats BEFORE we bought him...

24 Apps - 9 goals - 14 Assists

... looks like ANOTHER player we ruined

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