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eastend joker 2:03 Sat Aug 5
off to NZ for the cricket next year and doing a 3 night stopover in Singapore , please tell me this is a great idea .

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Westham67 3:06 Mon Aug 7
Re: Singapore
eastend joker 6:12 Sat Aug 5

There are 2 Uncabuncas in Singapore this is the west ham one. Still near Clark key SMRT or just jump in a taxi and use your GPS. Not far from Orchard. Area is jammed with bars and restaurants



ChesterRd 11:34 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
I've stopped over a few times, once had a couple of weeks staying with a mate but all times around Dec - Feb period and it did rain in the afternoons quite a bit but it is lovely as clears the air and it is so hot you and everything else is dry in no time.

No sure if the Jurong Bird Park has been mentioned but well worth a visit.

Joe C 11:13 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
I'm working out there quite a bit of late, really like it there but have to agree with PD about the climate - it's just a complete bastard with 80-100% humidity every day. However, have to disagree with him on the rain - spent the equivalent of a month there already this year, seen it rain three times. Albeit rain of epic proportions.

Also, the day zoo is great as Chim says. The night zoo is shit, however, if you're there at the beginning - you'll basically be going round watching the keepers try and wake the animals up. Any illusion of reality is immediately shattered.

Hawker markets are great for food, if you go to one in the downtown core make sure you have a business card or pack of tissues to reserve your spot for getting food. However, the best hawker market I've found so far is out on Old Airport Road. You can get the MRT out there.

Booze is expensive, but deals can be had - especially in the markets. Bizarrely they call buy one get one free "one for one"

And if you're there when the F1 is on, it's mental

Westham67 7:24 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
Gavros 5:09 Sat Aug 5

If that was for me

Can't remember exactly Singapore was where my bad aids symptoms started. Wasn't bad but a one bedroom condo in Sophia road was 3000sd a month I worked directly for SMRT so no usual trimmings like flight allowance, company based accommodation, and transport etc

As mentioned Tax wise it like the UK in Asia

Private Dancer 6:39 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
Good place to go for a few days but would not want to live there at all. The way I see it is it's like being in the West, albeit even more West than the West itself, in terms of how clean and sanitised it is. So if I was gonna live in that type of environment I'd rather reside somewhere like Madrid, Stockholm, Germany etc and not sweat my bollocks of 24x7 and be nearer the UK.

Also the weather/climate is awful. You could count the number of cool days a year on one hand, the humidity is outrageous and it is forever raining. There are basically no seasons there.

One thing I really did notice there is that almost everyone is dressed immaculately, some may say it's pretentious, but I thought it was a good thing, better than seeing a bunch of tramps walking along like you see in the UK these days anyway.

greenie1 11:58 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
Stayed there for 2 nights on route to Bali.
Wished I'd stayed for longer. Great place.

bruuuno 11:39 Sun Aug 6
Re: Singapore
It sounds like an oriental delight, I place I'd surely love to visit one day

Coffee 11:05 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
Briano 10:47 Sat Aug 5

What happened to that bloke called Brian?

David L 11:01 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
Chum = Chim obviously

David L 11:00 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
Exactly what chum said.

Don't forget to do Changi prison and take the audio tour. What those people went through was unbelievable.

We found Orchard Rd a load of shit. Way way too many upmarket shops. The mall at the Sentosa ferry on the other hand was excellent, as was Sentosa itself for a few days. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Briano 10:47 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
When I lived there a Dutch guy was hung for trafficking heroin, An American kid named Michael Fay got caned (despite pleas for leniency from Clinton) and a bloke called Nick that knew from the boxing gym went on the run for bringing down Barings bank

Gavros 6:14 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
not far from the towers

eastend joker 6:12 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
staying near Orchard rd 67

Gavros 5:09 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
how much did you earn?

cup of tea 4:33 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
Last time I was in Singapore Iwas on the toilet for 2 days with choccy milkshake running out of my anus (bloody prawns!)

Westham67 4:21 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
They get the West Ham table cloths out when there is a game on

Westham67 4:19 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
A lot of old faces gather there

Gavros 4:10 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
That looks about as West Ham as Stanley Park.

Westham67 3:59 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
The sun is savage there if you don't cover up at any time of the year if it is overcast still stick 30+ sunblock on

Westham67 3:48 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
What area are you staying in? Dhoby Gaunt or Sophia road are very central and then there is Orchard down the road if you want something with a happy ending,

Westham67 3:45 Sat Aug 5
Re: Singapore
Take loads of dough

Worked in Singapore for a year, there is a west ham pub call Uncabunka near Clark key which is on SMRT



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