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RBshorty 12:46 Sun Aug 6
That's where the experts over on 442 see us finishing in this upcoming season. Below the likes of.Southampton,Leicester,Bournemouth,Newcastle. And West Brom.

Fair. Or a bunch of Top Six loving media tosser's.?

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british is best 1:56 Tue Aug 8
Re: 13th.!
should finish top 8 but as much as i like slaven .i dont think he can organise a defence to save his life 12th .

terry-h 1:08 Tue Aug 8
Re: 13th.!
I was initially optimistic when we made those four signings,but having seen how disorganised the defence looked in all our pre-season games,and how one paced our midfield remains, I think we will end up somewhere between 12th and 15th. If we don't bring in another decent striker,I fear a poor season ahead.

Full Claret Jacket 1:00 Tue Aug 8
Re: 13th.!
From what little I've seen so far in pre-season that could well be likely but I'm hoping the Dave's will pull the plug on Bilic if we continue to be the utterly clueless and poorly prepared team we were last season.

Personally I don't think we will make much impact in the league but I'd love to see us win a cup.

Fifth Column 12:48 Tue Aug 8
Re: 13th.!
I think 13th is realistic because Bilic can neither set up nor motivate a team

, 8:05 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!

RM10 8:03 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
our defence will not allow us to finish any higher than12th. get rid of collins and fonte and bring smalling and another in.

The Joker 7:57 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
Russ of the BML 2:15 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!

No decent manager worth his salt would work for the Dildo brothers. As far as owners go, they're a total fucking nightmare for any manager to work under.

master 5:49 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
Going into the season with 1 fit striker.

No matter how good he is, I am not optimistic.

chedylan 2 5:42 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
If bilic can play a system that gets the best out of our new attacking players, and we get virtually no injuries all season then we can finish 6th or 7th.

If we get our usual injuries and play as clueless as most of last season 13th is probable.

bigfrank 4:05 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
Sounds about right with the daves in charge

Alex V 3:57 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
What have I not been right about?

Darby_ 2:18 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
It's good news that you think we could be relegated Alex since you're literally never right about anything.

Russ of the BML 2:15 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
Vexed 8:48 Sun Aug 6

Who would you like to get if Bilic was sacked? Not sure who is available to be fair. I like Bilic but I think if they sacked him I'd like that young German fella who is at Dortmund but not sure we'd be his favoured destination.

I'd like Howe as again young and got great potential.

You say two more players. Where would you strengthen? I think we need attacking midfielder to help Lanzini and also a defensive midfielder. Maybe another CB but not priority.

Depends also on Sakho. If he isn't going to get an uninjured period then we may also need another striker.

El Scorchio 2:14 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
You could make a case for anywhere from 7th to 17th, to be honest.

Form, Injuries, etc.

Dan M 1:57 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
On The Ball 12:57 Sun Aug 6

Well Brexit, that.

Dr Moose 1:51 Mon Aug 7
Re: 13th.!
Sounds about right if Billic is with us all season.

Vexed 8:48 Sun Aug 6
Re: 13th.!
We're probably a couple of players and a new manager away from being half decent I reckon.

rumford 8:09 Sun Aug 6
Re: 13th.!
I'm fairly confident that we will finish a 2 or 3 places higher given the players we've have signed in this window so who gives a shit what the experts think.

BubblesCyprus 4:42 Sun Aug 6
Re: 13th.!
Worryingly quite optimistic about us but think we are getting overly cfonfident what Hernandez will deliver.Top 10.....IMO

Alex V 4:08 Sun Aug 6
Re: 13th.!
Of course we could get relegated. 5-10% chance says the markets - probably about fair.

Darby_ 4:04 Sun Aug 6
Re: 13th.!
As geep says, the only sure thing is that we won't be relegated, or probably even be involved in a serious relegation scrap.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised if we got into Europe.

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