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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Sven Roeder 5:58 Sun Aug 6
Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
SS1 4.30 k/o

Josh Cullen starts and Reece Burke on the bench for Bolton

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Trevor B 4:47 Fri Aug 18
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Oxford picked up an ankle injury, was supposed to be back for this weekend though I think.

ludo21 4:40 Fri Aug 18
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
The link is Phil Parkinson who had both Cullen and Burke at Bradford and has now moved on to Bolton.

Hopefully one or both of Collins / Fonte can be moved on in January to a struggling club looking for an experienced CB and the two lads can come back and play a part.

Certainly going very well at the moment for them.

I think Oxford is injured over in Germany at the moment and hasn't featured yet?

Sir Alf 2:13 Fri Aug 18
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Hopefully Fernandes will make way for Cullen and Fonte or Collins will make way for Burke in the squad from Jan onwards.

Based on the preseason games, Fernandes should have been the one out on loan not Cullen IMO. Cullen is a busy player and always on the move and gets involved in every game while Fernandes shows the odd moment of quality but is mostly anonymous and physically wanting IMO. He does not have a work ethic and that will hold him back. He seems to want to be a play maker not a grafter.

I suspect Bilic will rue his lack of faith in 2 players that shone in preseason. It was easier to ship them out on loan than tell established squad members they would have to look for another club or loan?

Trevor B 6:04 Thu Aug 17
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)

Burke got injured, came back to West Ham for treatment, and then back to Bradford. That's why he didn't play a full season.

Oxford only went out on loan in January, the reason he didn't play was that Stam wasn't impressed with his attitude and overall fitness.

Mart O 6:00 Thu Aug 17
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Some great reading on Eggbert and Alan's posts below.

andyd12345 5:55 Thu Aug 17
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Gary - it's probably more likely that the club are trying to learn from the mistakes they made last year. Oxford and Burke were both sent on season long loans and ended up barely playing. This is probably a way of trying to counter that

Trevor B 5:41 Thu Aug 17
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)

tbf it could have been a season long loan for both, we could've recalled them in january anyway. i don't think it signals anything, apart from maybe that bolton didn't want to be saddled with two season long loans if the players weren't performing.

however, if they do well, and if we are in a position to give them game time, i hope both will get exactly that in the new year.

Gary Darkness 5:17 Thu Aug 17
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Most promising thing about these loans for me is that they are until January, which makes me think the club are intending to ship out two senior players then to make way for Cullen and Burke - who based on their Champ displays so far are more than ready.

andyd12345 2:45 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Very promising that our youngsters are now doing it in the Championship.

Finally we seem to have a conveyor belt of youngsters that could really have an impact in the first team. Looks as though Burke could take Collins' place in the squad next season, and Cullen could take Noble's

Eggbert Nobacon 2:40 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
And from twatter

Lee Hemmings @Leehemmings91
Also I'm so on board the Burke and Cullen bandwagon #bwfc
1:26 AM - Aug 16, 2017

Matt ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ @BKDismyhero
Burke is a new version of Gary Cahill. Elegant, good on the ball, great burst of acceleration, reads the game well. Top class tonight #bwfc
12:19 AM - Aug 16, 2017

Dale @dalewetter
Wheatz's injury proving to be a blessing in disguise for #bwfc. Reece Burke is a class act.
10:37 PM - Aug 15, 2017 · Hindley, England

Dale @dalewetter
Solid performance, with Burke & Cullen on another level. I'd like to see Will Buckley feature more - he's Wanderers' matchwinner imo. #bwfc https://twitter.com/bwfcstats/status/897560940220219392 …
10:31 PM - Aug 15, 2017 · Hindley, England

Liam Hatton @liamhatton
Cullen MOTM for me. Burke a close second. #bwfc
9:57 PM - Aug 15, 2017
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Luke... @luke_bwfc
Burke and Cullen were class tonight
9:55 PM - Aug 15, 2017

Ben @bwfc_ben97
Mad to believe Cullen and Burke are 20/21 years old. So good both of them. West Ham have two stunning players on their hands. #WHUFC
9:51 PM - Aug 15, 2017

⚒ Dagenham Dave ⚒ @PartnerAlex1
Replying to @OfficialBWFC and 2 others
How was Burke and cullen

Jake Hayes @BwfcJake
Burke class. Can see why you're so excited about him. Future England player. Poss even captain. Cullen good but still settling.
9:45 PM - Aug 15, 2017

Lee Hemmings @Leehemmings91
Rhys Burke and Josh Cullen are serious players. Big futures #BWFC #WHUFC
9:22 PM - Aug 15, 2017

Alan 2:34 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Some quotes from Trotters fans after last night:-

Could easily have won this tonight. Burke and Beevers excellent. Cullen and Karacan everywhere.

Thought we bossed the games defence and midfield were superb the 2 West Ham lads settled in a treat think Cullen is the new Ray Train.

Karacan was superb and Burke looks the business again.

Burke is pure class

Madine was an absolute Trojan while Burke really is a class above.

Karacan & Cullen were much, much better, covering all the pitch closing Brum down, tackling everything & used the ball well,
M-O-M, by a long way, Burke. Strong in defence & good on the ball. Outstanding

Impressed by Burke, very calm.

Burke's anticipation is unreal and he just looks so comfortable on the ball.

Burke looks the best of the centre halves from what I've seen of him

We're all raving about this West Ham lad, Shame his loan expires in December, be plenty of clubs after him if he carries on like this

dealcanvey 12:59 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Nice to see them holding their own in the championship. Hopefully they both get a full season under their belt playing most weeks.

Pub Bigot 12:53 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
I really, really want them to be a success. Imagine in a few years time a team including Matinez, Rice, Holland, Quina , Burke and Cullen.

Footballers should always come internally and we're a club with a rich history and proud tradition of doing so.

ludo21 10:13 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Played again last night 0-0 at Birmingham. Both getting rave reviews on Twitter from Bolton fans.

Sven Roeder 12:58 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Bolton manager was saying that Burke was ill before the game and at half time at Millwall but insisted on playing and staying on.
Could have done with some of that spirit at Old Trafford

Eerie Descent 12:45 Wed Aug 16
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Bit late on the draw, but apparently Burke was clear MOTM in their draw against Millwall on Saturday, Bolton fans raving about him.

Probably West Ham's best centre back.

Pub Bigot 4:01 Sat Aug 12
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Looking at Live Score, shows our lads starting against Millwall. Couldn't give a fuck about Bolton usually, but since they have two of ours and they're playing the enemy, good luck to the Trotters.

wansteadman 6:48 Wed Aug 9
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
The loan system was very odd at Chelsea. They loaned players out like lukaku and he scored goals wherever he played,you'd have thought he would come back and play for Chelsea but all we heard was mourinho moaning he had no forwards and he never started a game. Then he buys him for £80m when he didn't do anything at Everton that he wasn't starting to do at west brom

Dr Moose 5:30 Wed Aug 9
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Billic will not risk untested youngsters in the final year of his contract as it will impact on whether he gets a new contract or will leave at the end of the season, popular opinion is he will more than likely get the boot if we have another poor start.

Its a bit like you being a project manager at work and being told by others to have a load of apprentices working on the project, you are not going to do that as the project it likely to fail due to inexperience.

Jasnik 5:17 Wed Aug 9
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
Have we given them permission to play in the cup game tonight?

Eerie Descent 7:57 Tue Aug 8
Re: Bolton v Leeds United (Cullen & Burke)
I don't know for sure, but Southampton don't seem to loan loads of their players out, and they seem the most successful at bringing young players through. They'll give a lot of them a start every now and then, and always seem to bring them on in games.

Not that I'm massively against the loan system, but I really do think that Burke and Cullen could be useful for us this season, Cullen to cover and get time in midfield as we're weak there, and we could've sold sold one of our old centre half's to blood Burke.

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