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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

J.Riddle 12:24 Thu Aug 10
Mutiny at the Lane
With Kyle Walker gone to Man City for £54m on £130,000 per week, looks like Levy's 80k wage cap is being tested. Harry Kane is quoted to be on £60k per week? Thought Snodgrass gets more than that? Now Danny Rose has spoken out, love this bit "I don't know how much longer I might have at this level". Will be tough to pay more what with the new stadium costs. Looks like the wheels are coming off, let's hope they do a Leeds!

c&p Standard
Danny Rose has warned Tottenham he will ensure he is "paid what I am worth" amid interest from Manchester United.

The Spurs defender signed a new five-year deal worth around £70,000-a-week in 2016 and has developed into one of the best left-backs in the world in recent seasons at White Hart Lane.

Rose, who moved to Spurs from Leeds in 2007, has said he will play up north again before his career is out and knows he would earn a substantial pay rise if he moved to a Premier League rival.

Manchester City made an attempt to sign the 27-year-old earlier in the window, while United boss Jose Mourinho is also a long-term admirer and Chelsea are tracking the situation.

"I know my worth and I will make sure I get what I am worth. I don't know how much longer I might have at this level.

"Anyone who thinks this is primarily for money, that is not the case. But I know what I am worth."

And Rose believes the entire Tottenham team is underpaid.

He added: "As with anyone else in my team, in my opinion, I am worth more than I am getting.

"I am not speaking on behalf of other players, but that is my view."

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Infidel 4:09 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

I agree with all of that.

I think sooner or later paying well below market rates for top players will blow up in their faces.

Either Kane et al will demand more money (as Payet did with us) or they will put in a transfer request.

Some quick maths: Kane is reportedly on £90k a week, but Kyle Walker got £130k a week by moving to City.

If Walker is worth £130k a week then Kane must be worth £200k.

Ditto Dele Alli.

Adding £100k a week to Kane and Alli's salaries adds £10m a year to Tottenham's wage bill.

And that's only two players. What about Eriksen, Dembele, Wanyama, Aldiweireld, Vertonghen, Lloris, Dier...? If Kane and Alli get more they will want more too.

As I said they can rip up their business plan.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:11 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
Would be funny if building their NFL stadium ruined them. I can't see them coping like Arsenal did.

eswing hammer 3:03 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
I would hate Tottenham's wage bill to rocket ,throwing their business plan off track I would also hate to see them relegated and have to sell their underpayed stars ,what with the new ground and all that and especially if they had to open the new ground with the top tier shut llike Vila or Leeds ,even though they all laughed at our relegation(s) I would not enjoy it at all!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:55 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
So, it looks like Tottenham will receive loads of transfer fees to be able to afford loads of mediocre players who will earn what is within their wages structure and in return they will lose half a dozen really good ones who are not prepared to do that.

Happy days!

Russ of the BML 2:51 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
"That could cause Tottenham's wage bill to rocket - which means they can rip up their business plan."

That's the big problem for them isn't it. If you want to start playing in the bog boys playground you have to pay for it. The time has come now where the players are continuously delivering and ensuring they stay in the big boys playground but are not getting the same money as the other big boys.

Sooner or later it was going to come to light.

And right now that is the last thing Levy needs. His business plan for seeing them through the new stadium build will certainly include percentage rises year on year but it will absolutely not be able to absorb a wage revolution.

If Spurs want to stay in the big boys playground then he will need to sit down with his calculator and start doing some new calculations...... Or, of course, you sell your assets, live in the wilderness for a few seasons and then go again once the stadium is built.

Either way I see them royally fucked. And if they don't click on the field January window will be ruthless for them as Kane and Ali are probably already reading what Rose has said and looking at the beautiful shade of green the grass is over in the other field.

Then we will see what Mr Tottenham is all about.

folkestone iron 2:09 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
notice Moose on twitter saying that he (Rose) has apologised

Swiss. 2:01 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
They have been fortunate last 2 season with few injuries. With the move their home form will suffer and indeed the season after. I can see them and hope they implode this season.

scouse kid 1:27 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
I feel bad now. I assumed this was some kind of shylock dig from 97 mde but it wasnt.

Northern Sold 1:18 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
Oh tell a lie the only other thing I have ever posted about them on here is WHO's obsession with that club... I mean sometimes there are more THFC threads on here than WHUFC ones.... like I said it's not as if they are our proper rival either.... but you keep carry on being obsessed with them MDE ... and me...you absolute fucking stalking plank

defjam 1:14 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

Johnson 1:08 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
I concur with Northern Sold, I have only ever said their purpose built fit for football stadium will be better than our rented athletics arena.

I haven't commented favourably on any other business dealings they've done although I may have said £50m for Walker is a lot but that's not bigging them up.

How's about you stop making stuff up and trying to be clever you disgusting West Ham fan hating grass.

Bullet 1:02 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
The rags will be all over this. I see Rose has been quoted as preferring Chelsea to Man Utd although all offers will be considered, but going to Chelsea for £50m.

Erickson in talks with Barcelona for £54m.

While Conte has previously said he would love to have Delli Alli's team mate Kane.

While Toby Alderweireld still not signed a new contract.

Crassus 12:59 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
I meant to post this link btw

I really easy to read club by club breakdown


Finally, something of an eye opener to the financial might of Manchester Utd - as a percentage of turn over, the single deal that represented the highest amount was that of Rio at £30m, picked that up elsewhere

Crassus 12:54 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

Thanks for the response, made interesting reading

Couple of points, I included the interest more as an indicator of director loans as opposed to any thing else. On WH and director debt, I take a different view, my supposition is that their return on investment is good plus as a debt, should the club be sold they will be mitigated before their enforced share of profit. Theoretically their loans will not require settlement, mere servicing, Spurs are in a different boat, starting in four months.

Granted we are seeing last year and I did emphasise that but by way of club comparison, our position will have improved and theirs worsened.

I agree thatthey are unlikely to do a Leeds but their situation is not as secure, at least their onfield performance, as Levy tried to suggest recently and sits along side those individual press releases I mentioned before.

Will be interesting watching this all unfold.

Thanks again.

Northern Sold 12:33 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
11MDE 11:41 Fri Aug 11

Errrrr... the only thing I have ever bigged up about THFC is that they did and will have a better FOOTBALL stadium than we currently have... sorry if that does not fit into your agenda you absolute spasticated limp wristed grass....

11MDE 12:32 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
Johnson 11:42 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

Well you usually are very pro THFC and all their business dealings/stadium etc.

And no, I'm not satisfying your nerdy little mind by trawling back through loads of threads to prove this one way or the other. Your original silence was proof enough that I am correct.

Infidel 12:15 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

As well as being out of date these figures are not the whole story.

The interest payments are trivial given the clubs' turnover but we do not know what the capital repayment schedules look like. Servicing the interest on a loan is one thing but at some point the loan needs to be paid back.

Generally it is possible to refinance the loans when they reach maturity, and if so it doesn't really matter what the repayment schedule is.

For stable top half clubs whose future in the PL is not in doubt, refinancing should be straightforward - but even a single season flirting with relegation might make refinancing more difficult. So it's more of a problem for us probably than Tottenham or Southampton. That may be why we have more loans from our shareholders rather than banks.

That said Tottenham's balance sheet will look very different now. The debt will have rocketed - the stadium is rumoured to cost in the region of £700m - and there will be hefty capital repayments periodically through the next ten years.

Tottenham needs to set aside cash for these repayments. The club will increase gate receipts by £25-£30m with the larger capacity so that will help, but they still need to be prudent with their wage bill and transfer fee spending.

The way banks look at these things is very different to the way shareholders (or fans) look at them: shareholders have an appetite for risk that banks can't afford. Banks don't care that Tottenham has a great team and has finished top four several seasons running and is a contender for the title.

The way they look at it, the club is a few injuries to key players away from a relegation battle which, if not successfully navigated, will plunge the club into insolvency and cause a potential write off of the loans.

The fact that big clubs like Leeds United and Chelsea bankrupted themselves by over-borrowing against future receipts underlines that no club is immune from bad fortune (and bad management) on the field.

Banks generally require a cushion against the risk of failure in the form of what is known as loan covenants. These are terms written into the loan agreement requiring the club to maintain specified ratios of cash flow, interest payments and profits to debt.

In other words Tottenham can't firehose money at transfers and wages because it needs to stay comfortably within the loan covenants. The penalties for breaching the covenants are typically severe and to be avoided at all costs.

I have no inside track on Tottenham's accounts but they are a business like any other, and they are entering a delicate and nerve-wracking perod. Making a very large capital investment financed with debt is the stuff of sleepless nights, especially for the first few years.

If results start to go against them they will be in real trouble. And now they have a new threat, in the form of Rose's bombshell interview, which could cause a wage rebellion among the star players. Kane and Alli have been made to look like mugs who play for half the wages they could get elsewhere.

We saw this with Payet - players decide they are underpaid and the club is forced to pay up.

That could cause Tottenham's wage bill to rocket - which means they can rip up their business plan.

They have a wealthy owner so let's not forget they can always use equity as a last resort to shore things up - they are not in danger of going the way of Leeds as long as Lewis supports the club with cash if needed. But they are trying to run the club as a business and that means they will make decisions based on their newly acquired debt profile which cannot but impede their league performance.

Alwaysaniron 11:47 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
11MDE 11:41 Fri Aug 11

And at 11.42 the dynamite fishing paid off!

RBshorty 11:46 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
The only reason any of them are sticking around is working for Mr Concertina. The moment he leaves for one of the European Elite the rest will want out.

Crassus 11:42 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane

That's around £60k a week, can you smell a 'i'm not paying that retarded ball kicker more than me' attitude going on?

Johnson 11:42 Fri Aug 11
Re: Mutiny at the Lane
Why do I need to comment on something to do with the Ys, mde?

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