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madeeasy 1:41 Sat Aug 12
View from the Opposition - Man Utd
The new season is back and after a long summer it was good to see the club learn from last year and buy early. Not only did they buy early but they bought players who were first team starters and improved the squad whilst letting fringe players go. I won't get into our transfer policy but our net spend is still low and I would like us to dip again and strengthen the squad especially with our injuries.

Up first we have Manchester United and I would like to thank our late recruit for answering the questions as the one lad who said he would do it hasn’t bothered replying to any messages.

So sorry it's late.

What do you make of your summer transfer dealings as well as ours?

I think that we have bought sensible and like you replaced in areas that needed sorting. I hear you lot think you have kicked on and have wet yourselves with excitement about singing a load of old Manchester hasbeens but for West Ham overall I think you have done good business and should stay up a bit more comfortable this season.

A season in under Mourinho, his football as dire as his monotone voice in his interviews, so do you feel he will get you challenging for the league again? And do you think he will bring you back the “Fergie years”? Grumpster

He isn’t the most exciting man in the world is he. I am not sure where his charisma has gone since he first arrived at Chelsea, but all we are wanting are results. We won 3 trophies last year and if we can win another couple this year then we will have had a good season. I think the league is a possibility but do feel we will struggle in the Champions league as have most English clubs the past few year. Although we won one a European trophy. How shiny is that inter toto cup?

Pogab or beetamax video player – what’s the worst investment? Pee Wee

Seeing as beetamax aren’t around any more then I will opt for Pogba.

If football was fairytales is Paul Pogba the emperors new clothes? Troy McClure

When you see the prices of some players this season then I feel if we had bought him this year for that money then there would not be such a spotlight on him. He is a talented player there isn’t much doubt about that. I am hoping this year we will see a bit more consistency with him though.

true or false, Zlatan Ibrahimovic could smoke a cigar in the rain?

True, he even rolls them in a storm from dry leaves. I hope we sign him again this season when he gets fit.

Do you think that any of the players in your current squad will go on to become Man Utd legends? Infidel

That’s a nasty question but a good one. We have had such good legends that it is difficult for someone to break in and call themselves a legend amongst Charlton, Best, Cantona, Giggs, Scholes the list goes on. Your lot still count “dicksy” as your last legend and he didn’t even make the England team regular.

What are your memories and thoughts on Hernandez?

Great player who should have stayed. We have never had that regular small in the box player for years and doesn’t suit our style of play but always liked and rated him. He will do very well for you this season.

In terms of relative cost vs probable return, who is better value? Hernandez for 16 million or Lukaku for 75 milion? Bearing in mind that if Hernandez scores 10 goals, it's highly unlikely Lukaku is going to score 50. El Scorchio

Both players will do well for both clubs I feel. Seeing as Lukaku is going to be scoring winning goals for us to win the Premier League and some cups and Hernandez is going to score just to keep you up, then it depends what you class as success.

What was your opinion of Mourinho when he was Chelsea manager and has he done anything to change it? Sven Roeder

Cocky, arrogant winner, now he is a miserable winging winner.

With reference to Jose's talent spotting ability, who do you think is the next Romelu Lukaku waiting to be shipped out of your squad ? Mace66

Haha, looks like he will continue to buy proven players which now seems the norm, managers don’t get the opportunity to bleed in young players at top clubs. Who was the last player out of the famous academy? Noble…. hahaha

Do you think Mourinho has a contingency plan in case Mike Dean isn't referee, or can he count on the fact that all the others will favour Man Utd too? Brussels Sprout

The referees head office has been moved to Old Trafford, we will be fine,

You take the moral high ground, when the scouse fans sing the "Munich" song to you. Do you think this status has been diminished, now you sings about Hillsborough, to our scouse chums? Westside

Both are as bad as each other really aren’t they. Don’t you lot sing about a millwall fan? At least you will get to sing it to them next season if Hernandez gets injured and doesn’t score your goals to keep you up.

What happened to that AFC team you started up in protest at The Glaziers? Are you now starting to accept them as owners ? Mallard

I have always been loyal to Manchester United so don’t keep up with their progresss.
How cold is it living in City's shadow? JonWHUFC

We will continue to keep warm by polishing all of our trophies in our cabinet that we have accumulated over the past 60 years, not the past 6.

Considering your recent managers and form, Do you think Man U can compete with West Ham at playing open attacking football? Mex Martillo

How many trophies did you win last year? I think we won more trophies than any other British club.

Are you conceding the title to West Ham along with your manager ? Watford

See Jose does have a sense of humour……

If it was a matter of life or death, do you put on a liverpool or city shirt?

That’s like choosing what one of your kids you love the most.

What is the best service station on the M1, M6 nowadays? Eswing hammer

I will stop at whatever one you are after the game so I can smile watching you crying and listening to all of your excuses.

I've been to the Old Trafford 3 times can you beat that? Saul Bollox

Season ticket holder for 15 years so yes. A more interesting statistic is that I have been to 3 Champions league finals.

what problems do you encounter on your 400 mile round trip to your home ground? Trevs Header

We do have a few that travel up from all over the country, but my round trip is less than 10 miles. You must see it with all the tourist fans at your new Lego stadium.

What are your thoughts on West Ham and our fans?

I have had some great times and some bad against west ham. That last game of the season at your old place when Ludo was like a cat on heat was not a high point, but watching Rooney get a hatrick after you lot celebrating like you had won the league at half time when 2 up before getting taken apart second half was quite amusing.

Your fans seem like a good passionate bunch that have a sense of humour and can give as well as tae it. I don’t wish no harm on west ham or it's fans.

What Player do you have that would make our first 11 and what west ham player(s) would you like to see in a Manchester United shirt?

Apart from our starting 11 we have a few decent reserves that would make your first team. The only player that I feel would be good to see in a United shirt is Antonio, however I don’ t think he would fit in with Jose style of play.

What are your favourite crisps?

Mccoys Steak flavour

FA Cup win and 5th or no cup but 4th?

Fa Cup win all day long. Silverware is what counts.

Up next we have Southampton, what question would you like us to ask their fan?

Why do all of your players leave?

And finally your prediction for the game?

I hear you have some injuries and your starting 11 against us won’t be the same as what it will be the end of September, so I am pleased we have got you as our opening game as joking aside I think you’re in for a good season. 3 1 United.

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Saul Bollox 4:31 Sun Aug 13
Re: View from the Opposition
"Season ticket holder for 15 years ...."

That's a fucking lie. Bet the cunt's never been near Manchester and wouldn't know where to find it on a map

BRANDED 10:46 Sun Aug 13
Re: View from the Opposition
Madeeasy's opposition fans are good value and this thread or series of theeads is one of the best things historically on this site.

Good work.

Queens Fish Bar 9:40 Sun Aug 13
Re: View from the Opposition
Thanks madeeasy

Mr Kenzo 11:04 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
Great read but i think the questions could have been a bit spikier
Missed opportunity to dig those cunts out

Pee Wee 10:13 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
He came across exactly as you'd expect a Man Utd fan to.

Cheer ME

Mart O 9:46 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition - Man Utd
Nice one madeeasy, good read. He gives as good as he gets, which is fair play.

Well, he would do, if he could read or write properly. The semi-literate, inbred, backward, northern monkey.

gph 5:24 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition - Man Utd
"Cocky, arrogant winner, now he is a miserable winging winner."

I hope he tries to wing it tomorrow, could come unstuck...

Or do you think he meant "whinging"?

Keep dreaming 3:58 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition - Man Utd
Throw him off his high horse the cunt, and who kicked my question about being in ManC's Shadow?

Enjoyed that, thanks

madeeasy 3:48 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition - Man Utd
Thanks to the mod that sorted.

Fwiw I feel he took a d gave back a d gave a decent enough set of answers.

Let's hope we get 3 points tomorrow

Vexed 11:07 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
Not bad, bit chippy in places but what do you expect from a northerner? Good work.

bruuuno 10:54 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
What a prick, I hope he gets aids of the anus

icwhs 10:24 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition

The end of you're reply cracked me up

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:21 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
icwhs 9:59 Sat Aug 12

I think opposition fans are supposed to respond:

'Hallelujah - I've seen the light! My chosen club is both shit and despicable, as are all its fans and past and present players and managers. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me. I will join with the witty, friendly, hard as nails, handsome, virile chaps who have posed these questions and start supporting West Ham immediately - even though I will always be regarded with loathing and suspicion as a turncoat cunt.'

That would satisfy most, although some would still insist on immediate suicide.

For me, the test of these responders is if they show a modicum of humour and lack of a particular dislike of West Ham. This bloke passes both tests for me, albeit the sense of humour one only marginally - the whippet-fancying, pigeon racing, wife-beating, tripe-eating, flat cap-wearing, ignorant fat northern cunt...

El Scorchio 10:16 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
He's alright for a Man U fan. Good banter. Cheers madeeasy!

Infidel 10:08 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
Excellent read, good banter.

Cheers madeeasy, really enjoy these pre-match threads.

icwhs 9:59 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
People who get pissed off when ask an obvious loyal local fan piss taking questions is ridiculous.

I thought he took the banter, and gave it back, surely the meaning of this.

cholo 7:53 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
I thought he was ok, I'm not sure how people think an opposition fan should respond to obviously piss taking questions, take the piss back is surely the only response?

Apart from him saying they have reserves team players that'd get into our first eleven, like Fletcher? Obviously nonsense.

Anyway hope we stuff those cunts.

fraser 5:04 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
What an absolute thundercunt

Saul Bollox 4:13 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
"" I think you’re in for a good season. 3 1 United.""

So he thinks we will win eh?

Saul Bollox 4:13 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
"" I think you’re in for a good season. 3 1 United.""

So he thinks we will win eh?

joe blob 4:08 Sat Aug 12
Re: View from the Opposition
Typical arrogant Man Utd Cunt, bragging about the trophies the fuckers have bought. Probably the worst set of responses I have read on View of Opposition threads, but on reflection as every Mam Utd fan I have ever met has been cunt, what should I have expected.

Bet the fucker has never been near the ground.

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