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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Hammers1993 8:53 Sun Aug 13
Before this gets locked how is it unreasonable to have, on a West Ham forum a discussion about the manager in charge when we have many, many threads about players who are contracted to us. There will always be fans for and fans against an individual and a forum is a place to air those opinions, whether positive or negative, it is the very nature of a forum. The fact it was locked was poor form in my opinion.

Whilst it will be easy for some posters to say "all this after 1 loss to Man U" they are forgetting the percentage of fans that have been saying Bilic is not up to the job midway through last season, nothing has changed.

We now have the players but whilst we have that incompetent friendly friendly chap at the helm we will do well to finish 12th this season.

Make sure you make a note of this as anything better if he is in charge come the end of the season will be an absolute miracle, he is out of his depth, clueless tactically and should of been replaced in the summer.

I said it 4 months ago and I will say it again, the biggest mistake we will of made in the summer was not replacing Bilic.

Now if people have different view and opinions that is perfectly normal and I would hope this is something that is able to be discussed on a West Ham forum.

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normannomates 12:16 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Stewie griffin
The coaching of these players is a disgrace.
And that is reflected in the performances of these players..
A properly drilled side make few mistakes...that is down to Bilic et al

nychammer 12:08 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Has he gone yet? I expect to see the word SACKED in bold red type next to the subject line of this thread very imminently

chedylan 2 12:02 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Just saw dwarf fool interview.

We arent talking about the contract to clean the toilets you fucking bell end.

This cunt is gone.. broken AGAIN

Make the decision you weak midget.

gpike 12:02 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Brighton were everything we were not motivated fit etc. The players have a easy life with this cunt. They look like a horrible performance will noy get a bollocking that any manager who has some balls would give them. Hope before it is too late he goes but G&S will try to carry on as they look at their bank balance and laugh at us

normannomates 11:58 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Stats don't lie..they do my head in sometimes..but every stat you look at tells it own story with bilic.
Highest red card tally...yids have had ONE to our TWELVE ffs.
In 39 games where we conceded first..we lost 24..only winning 5..on and on it goes.
He should walk tbh..but you know he and the cunt owners are both happy to let it carry on ill his contract runs down..win win for both

normannomates 11:51 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
You can't defend the manager tonight..if you do...that's called blind loyalty and burying your head.
Tonight was up there in the worst I've seen over the yrs.
You think about some of the names we had on the pitch..unacceptable.
Fonte .zabeleta look absolutely shellshocked.

westhamlegend 11:49 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
The players don’t look fit and there is zero urgency. Some of these players get paid every week 3x what army guys get in a year. It should be fucking boot camp down at Rush Green but instead it’s like a fucking holiday camp

stewie griffin 11:49 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Sadly it's almost certainly time to go, as much for the lethargic way we started the game as anything else. No problem with the selection, but coming out of the blocks that slowly he has to be accountable for.

The goals, I'm afraid I won't be blaming on him. Obiang for the first, obiang and Hart for the second, zabaleta for the third. All cunts. I don't care who your manager is and all the other ridiculous over analysis in modern football, they're just shit goals you'd be disappointed with on a Sunday league pitch that come down to individual responsibility and I'm sick and tired of managers at every club carrying the can for these overpaid wankers. As far as I'm concerned they should all be fined a weeks wages. What they did was every bit as costly as what Carroll did last week

I'm not going to join in booing and turning on him as I don't think he deserves that but I don't see how it can be turned around from there.

Other random thoughts:
None of us like it, but quite simply we are a MUCH better side with Carroll

Couldn't care less of his legs have gone, noble in a wheelchair is better than obiang and kouyate

That stadium. Fucking hell

Can't be arsed to go 1 to 11, but I wouldn't be in the least bit bothered of none of them start next week

VirginiaHam 11:49 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Please leave; my son's U14 team can play like that.

swindon hammer 11:43 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
The worst manager in the premier league.

Fucking leave and take the bonehead who puts out the cones and the rest of the back room staff with you.

Amer 11:41 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Bilic is clueless ergo needs to walk. End of.

Hermit Road 11:38 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Just 11 people randomly thrown together on a football pitch with a few random changes thrown in mid game.

Biggest difference between the two. They attack and defend as a unit in numbers. We didn't. That's tactical and reflects very badly on the manager

Swans Of Never 11:36 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
After watching that sack of shit something has to change.

Private Dancer 11:34 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
When I get up tomorrow I hope this useless bag of shit has shown some professional fucking pride and walked? Nice bloke?? Do me a favour.

He should be totally ashamed that he sent that side out.

nickyorkshirehammer 11:34 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
I have been a supporter since 1966 and that was utterly embarrassing. Bilic needs to fuck off and take his assistant and coaching staff with him.

chedylan 2 11:33 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
It doesn't matter who's in charge???

Only defense for that comment is the current cunt owners

onlyoneclydebest 11:29 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
It doesn’t matter who’s in charge

mulle91 11:28 Fri Oct 20
Re: B
So will they have the balls to sack him in the morning. Done is done. He is so out of his depth.

chedylan 2 11:28 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
Where is Stoneman. You fucking coward

zebthecat 11:22 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
He's toast now - no coming back from this

Hammers1993 11:18 Fri Oct 20
Re: Bilic
I dare anybody to defend him.

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