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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Hammers1993 8:53 Sun Aug 13
Before this gets locked how is it unreasonable to have, on a West Ham forum a discussion about the manager in charge when we have many, many threads about players who are contracted to us. There will always be fans for and fans against an individual and a forum is a place to air those opinions, whether positive or negative, it is the very nature of a forum. The fact it was locked was poor form in my opinion.

Whilst it will be easy for some posters to say "all this after 1 loss to Man U" they are forgetting the percentage of fans that have been saying Bilic is not up to the job midway through last season, nothing has changed.

We now have the players but whilst we have that incompetent friendly friendly chap at the helm we will do well to finish 12th this season.

Make sure you make a note of this as anything better if he is in charge come the end of the season will be an absolute miracle, he is out of his depth, clueless tactically and should of been replaced in the summer.

I said it 4 months ago and I will say it again, the biggest mistake we will of made in the summer was not replacing Bilic.

Now if people have different view and opinions that is perfectly normal and I would hope this is something that is able to be discussed on a West Ham forum.

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Pedro 11:51 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Grant would have gone earlier if martin O'Neill hadnt changed his mind.

dicksie3 11:32 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Hahaha! My boring cunt stalker is back!

Any Old Iron 11:15 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
dicksie3 10:08 Sat Oct 21

Not so much a dunce, more an absolute cretin. You clearly fail to understand the simple point KZ is making.

Take another extended break and give us all a rest from your bilge.

Mart O 10:12 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
East Auckland Hammer 9:13 Sat Oct 21

Can't disagree with too much of that. Only decent thing this cunt has ever posted on here.

Oh, btw, Aussie 23 - NZ 18. How did that happen ?

dicksie3 10:08 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Net spend of £3m or whatever it is. Yeah, great ambition.

So, spending more money wouldn't have made any difference?! And I'm the dunce?!

Fucking hell.

Kaiser Zoso 9:39 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Have a fucking day off, you dunce.

They paid 28 million for that fat stroppy cunt on the left wing, you reckon a couple of mill makes any diff?

dicksie3 9:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
All of this shit about the fucking club-murderers being loyal to managers is just that; a load of old fucking shit.

The fact is that their too tight and money-conscious to sack managers. They'd rather run the risk of getting relegated in the hope that we somehow survive so they can save a few quid and then release the manager when their deal is up.

Kaiser Zoso 9:28 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Bilic legacy is horrific

No youth development

Shit style of football, worse than Allardyce

Took a top half team and after 6 transfer windows, has a bunch of cunts as a squad in relegation trouble

11MDE 9:15 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Bilic is the biggest fake in football. A decent board would have sacked him in September 2016.

East Auckland Hammer 9:13 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
The one thing that the Daves have consistently shown of late is "loyalty" to their managers.

Of course, they've also shown a complete disregard for the fans and supporters by sticking with their managers for far too long.

That, above all else, has caused a combination of disillusion, angry, hatred and apathy.

We have a decent enough squad to be putting teams like Brighton away, but we play like shit, which causes the fans who go to get a bit arsey about things (and fair enough, if I'd paid money to go and watch that shit, I'd have been annoyed too), which either causes or exacerbates the bad atmosphere at the OS, so the crowd get on the players backs, which affects their performance and so on and so on.

The owners acted swiftly and relatively decisively when it came to the OS move, and I still personally think that a move away from the Boleyn was the right move just that it has been executed poorly, but they seem to be loath to act swiftly and decisively when it's pretty clear the manager is struggling to achieve results or even decent performances, and that I find that strange.

I absolutely guarantee that the problems with the OS would seem a lot less significant if we were flying on the pitch. You can put up with a lot if the wins keep stacking up and the performances from the team are making you smile.

Be great going into work on a Monday and all anyone can say to you is "Yeah, you beat us again, but your stadium is shit". Now, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The stadium, the team, the players, the manager, the owners etc etc.

Anyone know how to get a job working for them, because you clearly don't have to achieve very high levels of success and the KPIs are probably written down on a whiteboard somewhere in a scrawl that nobody can read any more.

They absolutely have to act, and act soon, or things are going to get much worse.

Would Lanzini, Antonio, Hernandez and even players like Reid want to stick around next season for another 38 games of this rubbish?

The short to medium term future of West Ham, in my opinion, hinges on them making the right decision now and putting Bilic out of his misery (and everyone else) and bringing in someone else who can inspire the players and in turn bring the fans back to the game, keep them there for 90 minutes and send them away happy again.

And I'm fucked if I'm going to get up in the middle of the night to watch again until that happens.

longford 8:50 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
waiting for the first itk to say bilic has been sacked... mno decent info, but its 50/50, so chance to look itk

dicksie3 7:30 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
What Johnson said.

That's the sad truth and state that we're in.


Johnson 7:10 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
They can and they want him out too, they just want to force him out without paying him.

So they’ll do what they did with Grant and gamble on us scraping up - which is all they’re really interested in anyway.

LeroysBoots 6:46 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Those cunts in charge are supposed to be custodians of our great club

The overwhelming majority want the village idiot out, why cant they see that's right ?

Any Old Iron 6:40 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
I can't believe that Bilic hasn't done the honourable thing and quit. He says he can turn things around, but that is just cheap talk. There is absolutely no evidence that he is getting anything right. All the indicators are that under him everything is getting worse.

A poll on C&H has an overwhelming 84% of fans demanding that Bilic go immediately. I'd say that probably accurately reflects the feelings of the overall fan base.
It's time the porn twins took note and did what they should have done a few weeks ago.

If they're foolish enough to allow Bilic to stay until xmas then they will take us down, yet again.

Kaiser Zoso 6:37 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
If he had any integrity, and he truly believed what he said about West Ham being 'his club', he'd have already offered to leave, based on the severe thrashings we keep suffering

Hammers1993 5:27 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
“Latest news @ WHU, Unconfirmed at the moment so waiting on a more reliable source but it appears Bilic has now been Sacked
Will update soon”

“I have heard the meeting has taken place, Bilic has resigned,the players were given today off to prevent any info being leaked to the press”

Probably BS as he himself said nobody around to leak the news but positive if true.

Westham67 2:50 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Yarmouth 2:35 Sat Oct 21

I'd say if we play like we did yesterday we'll be down by March the latest. Too much money for the David to spend in the January Transfer window

If we lose at home to BHA 0-3 I cant see where we will get the points to stay up if Bilic stays

Mart O 2:48 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
The truth is we had 65% possession last night and that does not suit a Bilic team. He doesn't know what to do with it. He wants the other team to have the ball, to sit deep and feed of scraps. And he doesn't even know how to organise that properly.

marty feldman 2:46 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
Slaven bilic nice man but an utterly terrible manager . As usual Sullivan opened his mouth up b4 lasts match and he's painted himself into a corner . useless tight arsed dwarf

Hammers1993 2:43 Sat Oct 21
Re: Bilic
If they truly care about the club as they say they do then there is absolutely no reason why they would not get rid of him today.

How many last chances has this guy been given in the last 12 months alone? It obviously is not improving and changing managers could actually give the whole club a lift and as we know in football things can change very quickly. We need something sharpish and getting in a new manager would be the boost we desperatly need.

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