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greek hammer 10:35 Wed Aug 16
Hart or Adrian?
Adrian any day for me...

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scott_d 3:39 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?

The only top (ish) club who really need a keeper are Liverpool. After that we are probably about as good as he will get in the Premiership - if he stays in the Premiership.

So if he has a good season there is every chance we can sign him permanently.

Let's just hope he has a good season anyway. I'd rather have that problem then see him perform shit all season and go back to Man City as that would probably mean the club have a shit season.

Alex V 3:38 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Well the £2m loan fee is nothing. We made a profit with Randolph's fee. I agree the wages might be the biggest issue, but I don't know what they are. There was some talk that Man City were paying some of them. I think the club felt they were getting a top keeper, and we'll see over the season whether they're proven right - I just don't have much of a problem with that.

Sniper 3:32 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?
The thing with hart though is that, yes he's an improvement in Randolph, but he's come at a large price for a year and chances are he won't be here next season - he'll be elsewhere if he succeeds, we won't want him if he doesn't.

The loan fee and wages could have been better spent elsewhere - green couldnhave come back on a free and we could have loaned the polish chap from psg who looks set for West Brom on loan instead

Alex V 2:59 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?
I just don't see the point of the debate really. Hart is a much better keeper on paper than Randolph. So the position has been unquestionably strengthened - that's always a good thing. If bringing in an International keeper hurts the balance of the dressing room there's something wrong with the dressing room.

The only problem was Sullivan's comments, which rightly upset Adrian. But that's not Hart's fault. Who plays should be decided on merit of course.

Westside 2:14 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Adrian for me. Although his decision making can be rash at times (Stoke at home last year say) he has an uncanny knack of getting something in the way of shots. Saves a lot with his legs and countless times I've thought that's lucky, but it happens so often, he's making his own luck. Hart a lot of times, lets in a lot of "not complete howlers but could have done better goals". Especially in recent internationals against Scotland, Iceland and Wales.

BournemouthHammer 2:07 Wed Aug 30
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Adrian. Hart does not come of his line. He is a goalkeeper massively lacking in confidence.

Mattys Greyhound 9:27 Tue Aug 29
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Theres talk of us getting another goalie in - you have to wonder what Adrian has done so wrong.
If you ignore the fact that Hart has a higher profile in the game on ability alone I dont see the benefit of Hart over Adrian, when Austin had that last minute penalty I just thught I wish Adrian was in goal because I would have fancied him saving it.

Sniper 2:33 Tue Aug 29
Re: Hart or Adrian?
They were discussing this on radio 5 live last night, when trying to figure out if us or palace had had a worse start

One point that was made was that Adrian is immensely popular in the dressing room (the pundit, possibly Chris Sutton, said he's one of the top three loveliest footballers around) and that signing hart may well have had a impact on morale if it's unsettled Adrian.

Admittedly the same pundit also said Randolph had a good season last year so obviously doesn't watch much football, but also pointed out that goalkeeper wasn't really a position we desperately needed improving on compared to elsewhere and the hart signing was very odd

I'm still inclined to agree for the money we're spending on loan fees and wages without a purchase clause at the end - we lose either way

Honest Hammer 1:10 Tue Aug 29
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Hart hasn't really been at fault for any of the goals.
The defence and what's in front of it as a unit has been a disgrace.

You can't even just blame the back 4, full backs with no protection. Being asked to play a high line against pace.

All stupid Slav tactics.

teddyp 5:15 Mon Aug 28
Re: Hart or Adrian?

jfk 9:58 Mon Aug 28
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Adrian is a much better keeper than Hart.

master 9:47 Mon Aug 28
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Clean sheet against Cheltenham where they should've scored at least 1.

Hart or Adrian, it doesn't matter. The defensive aspect of our game (midfielders and defenders) is piss poor and any goalkeeper would let in goals with zero protection. Open your eyes.

Sven Roeder 9:45 Mon Aug 28
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Goalkeeping is the least of our worries

greek hammer 9:39 Mon Aug 28
Re: Hart or Adrian?
10 in 3 now

Razzle 12:41 Fri Aug 25
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Adrian has a clean sheet under his belt.... Hart has conceded 7 in 2.

cholo 12:39 Fri Aug 25
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Re: Hart or Adrian?


kirok1 12:10 Fri Aug 25
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Both are decent keepers and both are likely to be looking worse due to our godawful tactics and weak defence.
We did well in Slav's first season because we defended as aunt and attacked on the break - everyone did their hit.
Now we seem to have a midfield which is disconnected from the defence and rarely drops back.
Coaching and ideas are more of problem than anything else at the moment. Sadly, that's the manager and his coaches rather than the keepers.

greek hammer 11:20 Fri Aug 25
Re: Hart or Adrian?
glad to see that the majority here are actually in agreement with my view..
Hart was an unnecessary signing...

Willtell 2:44 Mon Aug 21
Re: Hart or Adrian?
I have yet to see a pro keeper just stand up as a huge number of pens go straight down the middle. Including that first one where Hart dived out of the way...

He might have got the 2nd too if he had dived later.

SJS 2:36 Mon Aug 21
Re: Hart or Adrian?
Swiss. 12:59 Mon Aug 21
I'd have saved that first goal. Hart was rooted to the spot and dived late. I'm yet to see evidence he is an improvement.

Chopper Toshack 2:02 Mon Aug 21
Re: Hart or Adrian?

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