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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

REALGSA 2:56 Thu Aug 17
Can you furnish me with top places to eat and visit with kids in Mykonos. Staying on the south west side of the island.....


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B6NY B 4:21 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos

BetterthanKaka 3:50 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Not sure I could pull off the ATTIRE, Ball son

On The Ball 3:26 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Are you in for Eurovision next May then, Kaks?

BetterthanKaka 3:09 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Oh and do this in the day, it's near Agios Sostis beach.


Brucies_Star_Prize 3:09 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Went there on a stag a couple of months back. Wasn't nearly as expensive or gay as I was led to believe.

Spent a fair bit of time at the Tropicana Beach Bar which was nice. Old Town likewise.

BetterthanKaka 3:08 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Just back from there GSA son, stayed at the Rocabella. Unbelievable hotel. Their restaurant is lovely, ReeZa.

In town, we went to a few great ones.


Very WINDY place but top drawer

cornish 2:44 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Nurse,thankyou and yes I have at least two,I will be waiting!

Nurse Ratched 9:01 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
You are now my mortal enemy, Chigwell. Go over there and sit with the others. 'Induction' is at 9am. Keep the noise down.

Chigwell 6:39 Fri Aug 18
Re: Mykonos
Nurse to be fair he did write "eateries". We have to assume that he would have used the singular "eatery". I guess that still won't satisfy you, but having just visited New Zealand where there were wineries, dineries as well as eateries, I think your murderous campaign won't get further than these shores.

Nurse Ratched 9:54 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos

If I ever see you use the execrable word 'eaterie' again, I will come down to Cornwall and stab you in the eye (whichever one is your favourite, assuming you have at least two). You're on your first and final warning.

one iron 9:26 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Done loads of the islands,Thassos we went twice, great place stayed at golden beach.

w4hammer 7:57 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
my gay hairdresser told me that he saw six ( or possibly) seven gaylords "pulling a train" ......In the street when he was there last year.


cornish 7:39 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Just on the way back from Crete,actually in the airport,could tell you a few nice eateries in iraklion.

Darby_ 6:14 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Let's be honest, this is a coming out thread. REALGSA doesn't even remember how many kids he's supposed to have.

Fivetide 3:25 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
All about the history. Go to Delos? Also Cynthos.

REALGSA 3:22 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Gay place is the south east side, I checked already

Swiss. 3:20 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
its the Gay place. Ask mashed or after8

REALGSA 3:06 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Sorry kid and a bump!

CasualKen 3:01 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
kids?? you didn't hang about!

Far Cough 2:59 Thu Aug 17
Re: Mykonos
Gay city, enjoy

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