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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

madeeasy 1:04 Fri Aug 18
View from the Opposition - Southampton
Up next we have Southampton. Although not the start we would have liked last week, I was always hoping that at the end of the first fixture we'd at least be on the same points as Chelsea, so as a glass half full person I'm trying to remain positive! As well as not sunburnt as it's scorching where I am. 

Although I'm going to be missing the game as I will be enjoying the streets of Havana, I hope we get our first 3 points on the board from a team that hasn't scored at home in their last 6 games.

I'd like to thank both saints fans for taking the time to answer the questions.

What do you make of your summer transfer dealings as well as ours?

C: Lemina looks exactly what we need, despite him not actually to have got on the pitch yet, but we’ve had that gap in our team since Wanyama left for Spurs, so happy with that one. Bednarek seems like a pretty pointless signing to me, we already have 3 average CB’s in Yoshida, Stephens and Gardos, IMO we still need to replace Fonte alongside the inevitably leaving Van Dick.

West Ham seem to have done some decent (ish) business. Not quite sure about the love in for Hernandez as he was always a “fox in the box” type striker for Man Utd who obviously were in their peak creating an awful lot of chances. Not sure he is good enough to play up top on his own.  Zabaleta seems like a great signing for you despite his age, obviously been a troublesome position for you for a few seasons now.  Was hoping we’d get Carvalho at the start of the summer, think he’ll be a real asset for you. Anautovic…. meh. Always seems like an ego waiting to blow up when I’ve seen him play, but a decent player if you can get him playing.

R: Still hoping for more activity from Saints before the window closes. The whole Van Dijk saga has been frustrating (as I’m sure you’ll understand after Payet) but I agree with the club’s strong stance and finally standing up to Liverpool. Chicharito was actually one of the players I was hoping we’d sign, he went straight in my fantasy team he’s a lethal finisher. Also impressed with the Hart signing, think he’s been really over-criticized and is still a top keeper.

How do you feel this season is looking for you?

C : I think we had a lot more to give last season, so looking to build on that.  The only concern I have is that if we don’t strengthen the defence, I’m not sure we have the goals in us for a 3-2 or a 4-3!  Happily, take top half and a decent run the cup again.

R: Worried it could fade into nothing if our attackers don’t start clicking and getting their shooting boots on. Scoring goals hasn’t been an issue until last season and we’ve just broken the record for most home games without scoring. Fucking 6 games!! West Ham are like Southampton though, always happy to help break a club’s bad streak :) 

How bad was Puel last year? As an outsider looking in, it didn’t look a bad season. Rossai

C: Ergh…league position and cup final papered over the cracks. 17 league goals at home and 6 points above 17th is not good enough given the squad.  Do think he was given a hard time given the fact we were a ST short at the start of the season.  He came across as a very decent bloke, but the football was dire to watch and the fans had turned against him. However, got to thank him for the best away day in my life, knocking Liverpool out in that semi-final with a last minute winner, scenes.

R: We get this question a lot, on paper it looks good, but the style of football, lack of goals and ability to motivate the players was a killer. For the last 6 years we’ve played pretty fluid attacking football and it was just crap last year. We were close to relegation than Everton 1 place above us. My mate is an Everton fan and I had a 100 quid bet we’d finish above them so Puel had to go!

As the club that developed Bale, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, & found half the Liverpool team, why do you think you get little respect for that? Sven Roeder

C: Wasn’t aware we didn’t get the respect for it, when I speak to a lot of fans, we get a huge amount of admiration for the players we bring through and how we bounce back from being picked off every summer…

R: Ithink our academy is pretty renowned for it’s ability to produce quality, what’s more concerning is the fact we’ve just turned into a shop for the top 4 and as soon as someone looks half decent, Sky have basically sold them before they’ve finished a full season

Is Southampton’s remit to bring in players with high potential and sell them for huge profit? If so, how do you feel about that?

C: Don’t mind it. Rather have players that the top clubs want than ones that they don’t.  Obviously, it’s frustrating seeing them leave, but unfortunately, it’s just the football hierarchy.  Only way we get around it would be regularly getting into Europe / Champions League, or paying big wages, which we won’t do.  It’s the business model and means we make money whilst watching players improve alongside our own academy boys. No problem with that.

R: I appreciate that it’s a good structure for the club but as a fan it feels pretty shit knowing that you’re probably a stepping stone into the prem and bigger clubs for most players that join. It’s just the way it is though there’s not much you can do about it

Does it piss you off that Southampton are still mostly known for being duped by African Con men convincing Graeme Souness to play Ali Dia? Pub Bigot

C: Still makes me laugh to this day, hilarious.

R: hahahahaha I’m actually proud of this

Fans of other teams generally have no strong feelings whatsoever about Southampton and care even less. Does this bother you that most people wouldn’t notice if you ceased to exist? Fifth Column

C: Doesn’t bother me.  Quite enjoy it when teams come to us ad think they’re going to roll us over and end up getting soundly beaten – probably more under the Pochettino era than currently though…!

R: Haha we’ve got our rivalry with Portsmouth and things have got a bit bitter with Liverpool now we stopped letting them bend us over, but yeah we’re not really hated by anyone. It’s kind of like West Ham trying to be rivals with top London clubs, it always matters more to you guys than it does to them! 

Based on today’s transfer values. How much would peak Le Tissier cost in today’s market? Alex G

C: Who knows…given that Kyle Walker went to City for £55m and he can’t even defend, it would probably be £100m+

R: Skilful midfielder that scores 30 goals a season, never misses a pen and can score from anywhere, easily worth 2 Pogbas

Given all of the publicity Bournemouth get, do you now feel like the 2nd team on the South coast, or have you relinquished that to Brighton and happy with being the 3rd team down there? Alwaysaniron

C: You seem to have forgotten the Skates – I heard they’re on the way back…

R: Bournemouth are like our retarded little brother that tries to fight with us but we just give them a little slap and a reminder that we saved their little club a few years ago, then they quieten down. Actually don’t mind Bournemouth, they want to make it a rivalry but it’s not. They’re cute. Also think they’ll go down with Brighton this season

You have one of the dullest songs in football. What is your favourite chant your fans have come up with? Pee Wee

R: Don’t mind the Les Reed went to Europe to buy a lamborghini, instead he bought a striker his name was Gabbiadini

Obviously it’s hard to beat a song about bubbles so we don’t really try that hard haha

Do you long for the Dell or does St Mary’s feel like home? If so how long did it take?

C: Well – I was 11 when we moved to the Dell so feel like I missed out by us moving, however had some amazing memories as a kid down there.  All part of football, we could have never moved forward without moving stadiums.  Be interesting to see what happens with St Marys with the new takeover.

R: It definitely took a while to settle in, The Dell was hard for clubs to come to and it took a couple of years to make St Mary’s a fortress. Well more than a couple of years, 2 relegations, a 10 point deduction and almost going out of business, but THEN we turned it into a right old fortress

What are your thoughts on West Ham and our fans?

C: Owners seem to be an interesting twosome, piping up on social media / TV regularly, although that seems to have cooled this year a bit.  Seem to have a completely different business model to us, concentrating on players who will come and do a job now rather than in 2/3 years’ time.

Fans normally relatively loud although always seem to be quite impatient and happy to turn if something isn’t going well. 

R:  I’ve got a lot of mates that are West Ham fans and they’re always a good laugh. Don’t mind slating their own team (and especially owners) which is important, got to be able to laugh at your own team. Very different on Twitter though, so many deluded fans but every club has them. Not quite as bad as Arsenal! The fans just want to see good football but the club don’t seem to sign the right players to be attractive anymore. When you play West Ham you still expect it to be a more physical Sam Allardyce type fixture

What West Ham player/s would you like to see in your team? Who is too good for you and will be sold to us or one of the other top teams next year?

C: Would probably take Reid as we have a gap at CB still and he seems pretty decent. Quite like Cresswell, but given we have someone better in Bertrand wouldn’t bother. Lanzini could certainly add something to our squad, and dare I say Carroll if he could stay fit.  Don’t like him or particularly rate him, but we have no one with any height in our team.

Fully expect Bertrand / Cedric to be linked with moves away for the next season.  If VVD stays this summer then I’d fully expect him to go next summer. Other potential leavers in Boufal (if he shows his potential. Unbelievably skilful, just needs to learn to do it in the right places) or Stephens if he can carry on as he is, just think he needs a stronger partner than Yoshida.  Looks a superb footballer, so depending on his season he could go for big money next year.

R:  ‘other’ top teams hahaha, classic West Ham

Chicharito and Cresswell are probably the only players I’d take at Saints, maybe Lanzini. You can keep Fonte!!

What are your favourite crisps?

C: REAL: Ham and mustard – massively underrated.

R: Frazzles

Win the FA Cup or come 4th?

C: FA Cup obviously.

R: FA Cup

Your question from last week’s Manchester United Fan

C: Why do all of your players leave?

Probably already touched on that one, but business model, pretty sure we tell players when we sign them (which is why some sign for us) that if they come and do well for a few seasons, we’ll let them go for a profit. We have a wage cap of about £65k as far as I am aware, and players want to further their careers / get paid more money…. football hierarchy.

R:  Ask Van Dijk in September when he’s still playing for us

Up next, we have Newcastle, what question would you like us to ask their fan?

C: Why have you always got your shirt off?

R: You can have Shearer back in his prime reincarnated for 10 seasons and Mike Ashley stays forever, or Mike Ashley sells the club tomorrow and you don’t get Shearer back, what do you do?

And finally, your prediction for the game?

C: Would be nice to score a goal, given the fact we haven’t scored for the last 6 home games…going to go for 1-0 to the mighty Saints.  Hard to make a prediction so early in the season, especially based on last week as Swansea were pretty awful.

R: 3-1 Saints, Chicharito scores for my fantasy team, 3 Fonte own goals

Many thanks for both fans to take their time answering this weeks questions.

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mallard 3:07 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Excellent work madeasy, them type of fans are exactly which keeps this wonderful feature going

icwhs 2:13 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Enjoyed that, i like more cuntish questions and answers tbh

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:42 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Can't believe you didn't accept my amendment to AAI's question, but other than that a good read. Also try and get cuntier opposition fans to respond next time. It's more fun.

young woody 1:20 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Good read cheers all

El Scorchio 1:12 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Cheers! Enjoyed that- good read and they seem alright.

penners28 1:09 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton

Dont get it

madeeasy 1:06 Fri Aug 18
Re: View from the Opposition. Southampton
Coukd a nod kindky change the icon to the who logo and put southamptom in red in the title.

Then could you please either colour or bold the questions.

Many thanks and enjoy

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