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Thames Ironworks 11:47 Sun Aug 20
West Ham United - Who are we?
I have been a fan of the Hammer all my life, like the majority of you on here, but it seems to me West Ham have lost their identity.

Throughout my support and love of the club I was happy to see a team, which played hard working, creative and battling football. A club which did not have the riches that some of their opponents possessed but we still produced gifted, grass roots footballer who loved the game and fought hard for this club. From time to time we would bring in a player who made a difference, and dazzle us with their skills being rewarded with the love of the fans. Those players left but went on to be icons and show a continuing love of their time at West Ham.

We were unlikely to be league champions, but clubs feared playing against the unknown, what team would West Ham be today, on our day we could beat anyone and that was the excitement that came with being a West Ham fan.

For me it seems this has all changed. We were never one of the richest clubs, but with our fans, our history, the atmosphere and the fluidity in our play where from strikers to defenders anyone could score, it seems this is all gone.

The last time I felt we were still an exciting club to watch was when Pardew was manager, that FA cup final against Liverpool showed what we were made of. It took sheer genius to beat us yet tactically we were the better team. After this the club changed.

Now I see a club that is supposedly the 9th richest club in the PL (may be wrong). Although we have broken transfer records our spending is no where near where our financial position seems to be and where we want to claim to challenge the elite. We have lost identity where I feel conversations with neutrals and other fans now seem to see us more as a joke than a club that were at least admirable.

This thread is about where our identity has been lost. The owners have satisfied their own personal narcissism but clearly do not have a footballing brain. I cannot look at the club any more and see an Ashton, Di Canio, Bonds, Brooking or Joe Cole type of player amongst our squad. I see no generals, I see little creativity and I see confusion in the squad and the manager. I cannot blame Bilic or the players, I can only look to the owners for removing the core of the club. Maybe you can call this a period of transition to greatness, but yesterday we lost to Southampton with expectation that we would. There was a time when Southampton were pushovers for us, yet they grew as a club from almost obscurity to be better than West Ham. They did this through investment in their youth system, something we seem to have gradually destroyed. Southampton have built, to the point they can attract managers like Koeman and Pellegrino now. Other clubs are gradually improving, but we seem to start, stop and start again.

Until the club finds itself again I feel we will continue to struggle. It is time our owners stopped nurturing their egos and started returning this club to the point where it has an identity again. A new stadium only increases the money coming from our pockets, it doesn't attract quality players or make us elite.

For me this is where we have driven the last nail in our coffin. Do you feel the same, where do you see it has gone wrong, or do you see this as a move to something better?

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Willtell 9:42 Tue Aug 22
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
The only thing I don't like about modern football is Arsenal & Man City's playing style. Technically it might be brilliant but I do like a bit of 'up and at 'em' about the game.

Wenger and Guardiola are the ones ruining English football afaic...

Far East Hammer 9:29 Tue Aug 22
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Yes, I know it's better to win than lose and all that, but...

Given a choice between loads of trophies with an international super-star line-up and a team that remains rooted in the East End with a squad comprising largely of home-growns, risking being a yoyo club but playing for the shirt rather than the pay-cheque, I know which one I'd feel more comfortable with.

(Hint; it ain't the aping Chelsea/ Man City/ Man U option)

Gentile 9:24 Tue Aug 22
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Modern football is rubbish.

I don't recognise West Ham anymore. Last season killed it all for me.

Sky has killed the game and turned it into American Football but the youthful masses that know little different lap that up.

Rusta 1:05 Tue Aug 22
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
JonWHUFC 4.10
Couldn't agree more I was born the year after you and feel exactly the same way about it all. I once had hoped the sky bubble would burst and we would get our game back but I don't think it ever will now

Lily Hammer 9:48 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Bayern Munich showing the way forward to escape the modern day financial madness, and it's to make a real go at doing one of the things that vintage West Ham were all about......all about the Academy, of course.


Too Much Too Young 9:21 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?

Its just early onset of dementia, he just need reminding.

Nurse Ratched 8:40 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this all a bit self-indulgent and navel gazey?

Too Much Too Young 8:34 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Thames old chap.

Have a look at the following picture to remind yourself.

Choose West Ham, Choose Claret n Blue Rizla, Choose to rub your tent peg to the hammerettes etc.


RM10 6:45 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
bit of a silly thread, life changes, lots of things change over the years, you sound like Grandad in the corner, in my day........ its what you make it.

Worst Case Ontario 6:19 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
You and I both, pal. But then again we are more cultivated minds.

Pub Bigot 5:45 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
I see your point, but as long as I'm entertained I'm generally happy.

Worst Case Ontario 5:24 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
It's more that the better players will leave if the club doesn't seem to have some ambition at least. That's why I have loyalty to the players. Some of the players, anyway.

I didn't much care that Payet wanted out, because in that instance it was the player who was the problem. He could've been Diego Maradona, but if he won't play, he's of no use.

zico 5:18 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
I don't blame the owners per se but generally I would prefer it if they (especially Sullivan) just kept their mouths shut. I think that's half the problem. I have read that the Cearns bar one of them I think could be fairly unlikeable and obviously Brown wasn't particularly popular but in general they kept themselves in the background so nothing much was expected of them.

I remember when we got Hartson and Kitson when the pot was meant to be empty and that was brilliant, a real shot in the arm for the Club, but if that had been Sullivan he probably would have preceded those signings by claiming we were after Ronaldo and Ronaldinho so Hartson and Kitson would have been slightly underwhelming.

So IMO that's the problem, Sullivan especially has been promising this, that and the other and when it doesn't happen the supporters get frustrated.

Pub Bigot 5:06 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
I think people are silly caring about players now, mate. Loyalty to a club died a long, long time ago.

I was one of the very few who didn't give to fucks once Payet wanted out. I just didn't care.

Worst Case Ontario 5:03 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
No, you and I won't be trading our support. But the better players will be wanting more - and fair play to them, it's their career.

Pub Bigot 4:49 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
But you can't always win. Not all clubs can be Manchester United and the odd time they reach that feat (Leicester/Blackburn), it ends up once a generation.

Do you accept your lot? No. I think we should be looking at a cup and respectable league finish with the odd scalp. If it doesn't happen, I won't be trading my support for Chelsea.

Worst Case Ontario 4:46 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
The problem with this is, though, the elite players don't just want to be dancing bears. They want to win.

Why do you think Bobby Moore wanted to sign for Spurs?

Pub Bigot 4:43 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
"The crowds at West Ham haven't been rewarded by results," he observed in 1977, "but they keep turning up because of the good football they see. Other clubs will suffer from the old bugbear that results count more than anything. This has been the ruination of English soccer."

As relevant then as it is today. No longer is the game just about being entertained, but instant success.

I get caught up in the results business from time to time, but usually because the team fail to work for anything and we get steamrolled like we saw recently in Manchester, which I think supporters have every right to be upset by.

Generally though, Greenwood's sentiments stand true, because West Ham fans still travel to home and away games on mass, despite the modern day incessant moaning.

Worst Case Ontario 4:38 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
I just think that perhaps all the non-English players haven't helped, but the rot there started long ago. Anyway that's beside the point, you're right. We're talking about West Ham, not England.

I'm not sure about focusing only on English youth, but I certainly agree we could focus on being an academy club for players of many nationalities, rather like Ajax is.

JonWHUFC 4:34 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?
Worse Case - don't agree but you are entitled to you opinion of course. My point is that there are very few clubs nurturing home grown talent these days. At least West Ham used to bring players through. I know Declan Rice got his chance on Saturday (albeit he is Irish granted) but Reece Oxford looked decent against Arsenal in the opening game two years ago but we have now loaded him out. My point is if most clubs get a key injury they won't bring a youngster in they will simply spend what they can to bring in an alternative and mainly they seem to be foreign. It is just an observation but I always ask people how many world class players we have playing for England and the answer is zero. Until we change our policy we won't ever improve.

Worst Case Ontario 4:27 Mon Aug 21
Re: West Ham United - Who are we?

Very good, until you go off the rails blaming the increase in foreign players as limiting the England national side.

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